GH Short Recap Thursday, May 12, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Franco’s spirit goes into Chelsea’s, the medium, body and he tells Elizabeth to be strong and not look away before Finn and Laura interrupt the session. Elizabeth tells Chelsea she will call her again to do another session to see if Franco has another message for her.

Spencer takes the pills he found in Esme’s room to Britt and she tells him that the pills are highly addictive opiates that when mixed with alcohol can cause headaches and memory loss. Esme sneaks into Ryan’s room at Spring Ridge to tell him that she and Spencer have not been intimate in a long time and she also tells him that she found Spencer in her room reading the letters from her nanny Maggie. Ryan tells Esme Spencer figured out she filmed the video and he is trying to exonerate Trina.

Ryan tells Esme she must seduce Nickolas in order to break up him and Ava.

Willow wants Michael to mend his relationship with Sonny but Michael tells Willow that as long as Sonny refuses to acknowledge the hurt Nina caused his family, their relationship can never be repaired. Michael tells Willow that the most important thing to him are her and Wiley.

Carly tells Drew that if she finds out Willow is Nina’s daughter, she will tell Willow the truth. Carly goes to the hospital and asks Britt to run a DNA test on the two samples she collected from Nina and Willow.

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