Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 9 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Nikki and Victor thought that their kids needed to know Diane was back in town. Nikki wanted to make sure Nick wasn’t blindsided with the news. Victoria confronted Billy about his new podcast on Ashland. She didn’t believe it when he denied being the host. She accused Billy of exploiting her pain. Victoria took off the necklace Ashland gave her for Valentine’s day. Victoria let her parents know that Ashland wasn’t going to be able to buy her forgiveness. Victor made it clear that he supported Nikki being co-CEO, which pleased Victoria. Steps were being put in place to change Newman Locke’s name back to Newman Enterprises. Diane was interrogated by the Abbotts about her life since she faked her death. She told them about her years in therapy. Traci and Billy were cautiously optimistic that Diane had changed. Abby didn’t feel she could be objective, but she thought Diane had been calculating, just like her old self. Ashley did not think Diane should get another chance. Jack would not share his view, because this was Kyle’s decision. Kyle wasn’t sure what to do. Allie showed up, out of the blue, delighting Jack. Back to the Daytime Recaps Page

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