Days Short Recap Monday, May 9, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli told Lani that T.R. was the one who shot him. She didn’t believe him. She said T.R. was there for her while he was in a coma. He gave her proof that T.R. was the one who shot him. She couldn’t believe T. R. would do that. She wanted to warn Paulina because she went off with him. She tried calling Paulina, but she wouldn’t answer the phone. Evan wanted to know what Allidevil was going to do with Ciara’s baby. She said she was tired of people asking her what she was going to do. She said she wanted to be asked about other things she was responsible for. He said they were supposed to be partners. She said they were. She said he was the only human being that she actually trusted. She said she had big plans for little Bo Weston. Lani wanted to deal with T.R. herself. Eli told her she needed back up. She said she was going to deal with him herself. She said he was her problem. She had to find her mother. She ran into Julie. Julie said she heard the wonderful news about Eli. She said she had to go. Julie told her about her father. Lani said he was with Paulina. Julie said she was talking about her real father Abe. Lani wanted to know where he was. Julie said she sent him to go after Paulina so they could get back together.

Paulina told T.R. that she noticed a noise in her apartment. T.R. said it was noting. She ended up seeing Abe on the floor in a pool of blood. Julie went to see Eli. She was so glad to see him. She asked how he was. He said he was getting better. He asked her about Doug. He said he had bad news for her. He told her T.R. shot him. Paulina wanted to get help for Abe. T.R. said she couldn’t do that. She said she was going to get help. She noticed that there was a missed call on the phone. He took the phone out of her hands. Ciara wanted to go on the search to find Bo. She said she was only able to see him for a few minutes. Ben told her they were going to find him. She said she was so scared. Evan wanted to know Allidevil’s plan. She said she possessed Marlena and members of her family, she decided it was time to take residence in a more permanent body. Evan asked if he was going to do that with Bo. She said it was hard to do that with the others because the other person fights her. She said it would be easier with Bo because he wouldn’t be able to fight her. He wanted to know if she was planning on letting Ben and Ciara raise her. She said no. She said she wanted him to kill Ben and Ciara. Ben told Ciara that they were going to find their son. She told him to leave and join the search party. She wanted him to find their son. He said he was going to find their son. Paulina told T.R. that she had to get help. He told her she wasn’t. He raised his hand as if he was going to hit her. She said she wasn’t afraid of him. Lani showed up and saw Abe on the floor. She ended up shooting T.R.

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