GH Short Recap Friday, May 6, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

TJ shows Curtis the clarinet and the letter Marshall sent to him and after Curtis reads the letter he thinks his father left town because of him.

The photographer continues to follow Sasha and he catches her putting pills from one of the hospital exam room in her purse. The photographer tells Sasha that if she returns his memory card to him he will get her all the pills she needs. Sasha tries to persuade Gladys to return the memory card to the photographer.

Diane tries to persuade Nina to drop her petition for visitation with Wiley because she will lose the case. Nina’s talk with Diane only makes her want to fight harder and she tells Scott to dig up dirt on Willow and go after her and Michael in court.

Valentin asks Carly to make peace with Nina. Dante and Carly tell Willow that Harmony isn’t her biological mother and that she was kidnapped when she was a baby. Dante asks Willow to take a DNA test to prove Harmony wasn’t her mother. Jordan asks Dante to find out the identity of Willow’s real mother.

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