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Steffy: Do not take another step, sheila. Not one more. If you think you’re walking out of here, think again.

Zende: Why are you joking around? If you don’t wanna tell me who this other guy is, you don’t have to, but I would hope, by now you’d be comfortable enough with me to–

Paris: Zende. It’s not a joke.

Zende: What? Y– you’re serious? You have feelings for carter?

Carter: Look, quinn, I don’t know why I got caught up with paris.

Quinn: Well, it’s not too hard to figure out. I mean, she’S… cute. And likable enough, to most people.

Carter: [ Laughing ] Okay. I just feel bad for going down that path with her. It’s never fun telling someone it’s over, especially when they don’t want to hear it.

Quinn: Look, I understand why paris is having such a hard time getting over you. I’m just glad that the feeling isn’t mutual.

Zende: Whoa, this is like, uh… okay, when you told me that I knew the guy, I wasn’t expecting carter.

Paris: I– I wasn’t expecting it either. Especially because i really enjoyed dating you. Of course I did. You’re a great guy. But… yeah. I’ve developed feelings for carter.

Zende: When? Have you been seeing carter this entire time?

Quinn: I realize paris probably has a lot of fine qualities, and maybe in another life she would have been your perfect match. But in this one, when you’ve almost lost everything because you were involved with me, not to mention she’s involved with a forrester, which is already a big deterrent.

Carter: Yeah. Yeah, that’s one of the many cons outweighing the pros.

Quinn: Mm hm, exactly. Wait, there are pros? I’m just saying… there’s a better match out there for you. Much better than paris.

Sheila: The– the last thing that I want to do is upset you, especially… while you’re still trying to heal.

Steffy: Yet you decided to show up uninvited.

Sheila: I did and that was my mistake. But why are you telling me I can’t go? Is that what you want to tell me? You– you want me to know?

Sheila: Because I– I swear I’m not going to do anything that-

Steffy: Yes, that–that’s exactly it, that is exactly it. I’m not letting you waltz on out of here thinking it’s no big deal to just show up any time you want. It is a big deal. A very big deal. And I’m not having it.

Sheila: Understood. And I apologize. I guess I was just hoping, knowing that we both lost finn and that you’re in as much pain as I am, I- I really just want to hold my grandson. I want to bond with him. And you know what? Like it or not, steffy, we are always going to be connected because of finn and hayes.

Steffy: You can go.

Sheila: I am sorry. And don’t even think about me, steffy. Please, don’t think about me at all.

[ Taylor sighing ]

Taylor: Honey, I shouldn’t— I shouldn’t have let her in. I am so sorry. Are you okay?

Steffy: I mean, am I ever okay when sheila is around?

Taylor: No.

Ridge: Hey. So, I’m in the guest house… what? What’s goingon?

Taylor: Sheila was here. She just left.

Ridge: Sheila was here?

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: Why? What’d she want? Are you one of the millions of americans

Zende: I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but this seems really weird to me. I mean, I have been completely upfront with you about all the dates I’ve been on. To think that you could have been hiding something like this from me, it’s–

Paris: That’s why… that’s why I’m telling you now. Because it’s not like carter and I have been dating. But I’d like to.

Zende: Ah, so, you should.

Paris: Yeah?

Zende: Yeah. I want you to be happy, paris. You know, I wish you could be with me, but if you think your happiness is elsewhere, then you’ve got to give it a shot.

Zende: Go ahead. Go where your heart is telling you to go. Even if it leads you to carter.

Carter: Okay, quinn. I know you have your reasons for keeping your guard up with paris.

Quinn: Legitimate reasons. I still can’t believe that you can get past what paris did and want to be involved with her. Oh, wait, not to mention that, huh, she is zoe’s sister.

Carter: I know. No, and… look, I can’t describe how it happened, okay? I just went with it and it felt good to have a woman look at me like that again. But I also know that it couldn’t go anywhere, so whatever happened between me and paris, it’s over.

[ Sighing ]

Quinn: Wise choice. Look, there are a lot of beautiful, intelligent women out there who come with a lot less baggage into a relationship than paris does.-Don’t worry, you will find the one.

Ridge: Sheila knows she’s still not welcome here, right?

Steffy: No, she isn’T.

Taylor: Well, if she didn’t know before, she knows now.

Ridge: Good. Hey, I know you’re feeling sympathetic towards her and I get it. Her son’s gone. But that doesn’t mean she can show up here whenever she wants.

Taylor: No, I know. I agree. I do. I– it was a mistake for her to come here–

Ridge: It was a mistake.

Taylor: Hey. Sweetheart, where’d you go?

Steffy: What?

Taylor: Honey, what is it?

Ridge: You know what it is. Sheila was just here.

Taylor: No, but sheila just left. What…

Steffy: No. No, it’s not just that.

[ Eerie whooshing ]

Steffy: I never feel good when sheila’s around, but this…

[ Eerie buzzing ]

Steffy: Something’s wrong.

Steffy: Something’s very wrong.

Deacon: Ah, you must be coming from steffy’S. How’d that work out for you?

Sheila: All right, you know what? Enough out of you. Things didn’t go quite as planned.

Deacon: Planned? Hah! You did not have a plan– just show up at steffy’s unannounced-

Sheila: All right, fine. You know what? It was a bad idea. A very bad idea. And way too risky.

Deacon: Risky? What– what do you mean, risky? If you’re washing with the bargain brand,

Quinn: I have an idea. It’s unconventional, but hear me out.

Carter: Okay.

Quinn: Okay. What if, just if, you expand your dating pool outside of forrester creations.

[ Laughing ]

Carter: Mind blown.

Quinn: What?

[ Exploding noise ]

Carter: No. No, no.

Quinn: No? It works.

Carter: Because all the awkwardness and anxiety of a workplace romance would go away, and I’ve grown quite addicted to it.

Quinn: You are an addict.

Carter: I am.

Quinn: Like a junkie.

Carter: I need help!

Quinn: You need to go to drama rehab. We need to get you into one. We’ll find you a space.

Paris: Am I interrupting?

Carter: No, no. We were just sharing a much-needed laugh.

Paris: That– that’s always a good thing.

Quinn: Yeah. Well, I need to get back to frowning because I have a reputation to uphold.

[ Quinn humming softly ]

Carter: So, what’s up?

Paris: Well, I did something that you should know about.

Carter: Okay.

Paris: Something that I should have done from the very beginning, from the moment we started seeing each other.

Carter: Paris.

Paris: Zende knows now. I told him about us.

Sheila: You know what I mean by risky. You said it was a bad idea, that I shouldn’t delude myself.

Deacon: And what do you know? I was right. Yet again. Hey, you look freaked out. I mean, more than you usually do. What’s going on? Come on.

Sheila: All I wanted was a chance. An opportunity to be a mother to finn. Steffy refused, and now he’s gone. He’s gone. I’m never going to see my son again. And that’s all steffy’s fault.

Steffy: I think I need to sit down.

Ridge: Come on. Here. Should I call bridget? Are you in pain? What’s going on?

Steffy: No. No, no, it’s not that.

[ Eerie whooshing ]

Steffy: I have this feeling of dread, and I can’T…

[ Eerie buzzing ]

Steffy: I don’t understand what I’m seeing.

Ridge: What are you– what are you saying? That you’re seeing something? You’re seeing someone?

Steffy: See il giardino. In the alley.

[ Eerie whooshing ]

Steffy: I can see finn.

Taylor: Okay. Breathe, baby, breathe.

Ridge: What else? Who do you see? Whatever gives you life

Carter: You told zende about us?

Paris: Okay, not everything.

Carter: What does that even mean, paris?

Paris: I was feeling guilty, okay? About keeping things from him. I just… I couldn’t take it anymore. When he asked me to be honest, if there was someone in my life, I felt like I owed him the truth. Or at least, partially the truth. But don’t freak out. I didn’t throw you under the bus, I just told him that I was interested in you and that I think it’s worth exploring. But this is a good thing! Now we don’t have to hide our relationship–

Carter: Paris. We’re friends, okay, paris? We’re just friends. That’s our relationship. Anything beyond that is over.

Paris: You’ve known me long enough to know that when I set my sights on something–

Carter: Paris, it’s-it’s not happening for us.

Paris: Why is that?

Carter: I told you.

Paris: You told me excuses about zende, excuses about my mom. But I think I know the real reason. You’re still hung up on quinn.

Deacon: What is going on with you? Steffy was a victim, too. None of this was her fault. What? Do– do you think somehow she could have saved finn?

Sheila: No. Just don’t pay attention to me, okay? Because I’m hurting.

Deacon: I understand.

Sheila: No. No. I don’t think you could possibly. I just think it’s time.

Deacon: Time?

Sheila: I can’t be here.

Deacon: Sheila, I’m not going to let you hurt yourself, if that’s what you’re thinking of doing–

Sheila: I can’t be in L.A. I came here because of finn. And now he’s gone, and steffy won’t let me have anything to do with hayes. So, there’s nothing left for me here.

Sheila: I have to go. I just have to go.

Steffy: I… I can picture the alley. And there was a– there was a– there was a dumpster.

Ridge: And there was you and finn. Anyone else? Other people?

Steffy: Finn.

[ Eerie whooshing ]

Steffy: Oh, finn. I can see finn.

Taylor: It’s okay, baby. We’re right here. Tell us what you see.

Steffy: I see a door. A door… a– bah– a– a back door. And then he came toward me, but we didn’t come together.

Ridge: You– you didn’t? What are you…

Steffy: No, no, I went… I went alone.

Ridge: To– to the alley?

Steffy: No, to the– to the restaurant.

Steffy: The whole drive over

here I was thinking about what

I wanted to say to you.

Steffy: I went there to see someone. No. No, no. No, I went there to… to confront them. It was… I was– I was angry.

Steffy: I know what you did.

Taylor: Okay, do you know… do you know what you were angry about?

Steffy: No. Someone…

[ Groaning ] Someone… someone did something. And it’s why I went there. I was– I was upset, so I tried to…

[ Eerie ringing ]

Steffy: I tried to stop– no. I followed them, I followed them, I followed… to the alley, and I– I grabbed them. I grabbed them and I…

Steffy: Everyone is going

to know what you did.


And you will never have

a place in our lives.

Not ever.

[ Gasping ] Oh, my god.

Taylor: It’s okay, baby. Breathe. Breathe. We are right here.

Steffy: You don’t

have a relationship.

Not with finn, not with hayes.

You’re never going

to see them again.

Steffy: Oh, my god. [ Gasping ]

Ridge: You know who did this? You know who did this to you and finn?

[ Gasping ]

[ Heartbeat intensifying ]

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