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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby and Jennifer told Jack that Gwen killed Laura on purpose. He asked Gwen if that was true. She said it wasn’t. H wanted to know why they didn’t say anything sooner. Abby said he dealt with a lot already and didn’t want him to deal with that too. Gwen said she hadn’t thought about it yet. Jennifer said she saw Gwen whisper something to Abby when Rafe took her into custody. Gwen denied saying anything. Jack asked Gwen if she killed Laura. Chad was upset that Leo posted a picture of him in drag on the Intruder. Sonny said it wasn’t that big of a deal. Chad said it was. He read to Sonny why the story was upsetting. Leo told Craig that he wanted him back. Craig said he was married. Leo said he wasn’t really married. He said he didn’t love Darius. He said he loved him. Craig said he heard him say he loved him, but he was lying. He asked why should he believe Leo now. Leo said he rubbed his feet after a long day. He said when he orders a fruity drink he trades his scotch and soda. He said when he curls his hair because he knew he liked was one of the ways he showed he loved him. He said he admitted he did something wrong and apologized. He said he was sorry that he lied to him. He said he wasn’t sorry for falling in love with him. Leo said it was the best day of his life. Gwen told Jack that she was telling the truth. Jennifer said no one was going to believe her. Gwen wanted to talk to her father. Jennifer said she swore to her that her mother’s death was an accident. Jennifer said she accepted that. She said she accepted her as part of the family. She asked if she was telling the truth about Laura’s death being an accident. Gwen told Jennifer that her mother’s death was an accident. Abby said that wasn’t what she told her. Gwen said she lied to her. Gwen said they all knew Abby was wonderful and she was dirt. She said Abby agreed to be her maid of honor and her sister. She said Abby did everything she could to ruin her wedding and make her lose her father. She said she couldn’t punch her so she punched her with her words. Chad continued to read the article Leo printed about him. He wanted to sue Leo for libel. Sonny asked if he was sure about that. Craig asked Leo if he was actually gay. Leo said he of all people knew he was gay. Leo told him about the plan of taking advantage of him. He said he would have succeeded if it weren’t for Chloe, Will and Sonny.

Chad told Sonny that he was going to kill or sue Leo. Sonny said he couldn’t sue because everything in the article was true. Chad said it was his fault. He said it was his own fault, but he let him talk him into doing the idea. Leo told Craig he was a step ahead of everyone trying to break them up. Leo said being with him was fun. Craig asked if his money had anything to do with it. Leo said it had something to do with it. He said the prenup Chloe came up with was a stroke of genius. He said he thought it was over. Craig asked why he signed it. Leo said he didn’t care about anything. He said he cared about losing him. He asked if Craig believed him. Leo asked if they could start over. Abby asked Gwen why they should believe her. She said it wasn’t a stretch that she could have killed her grandmother. She reminded Gwen of what she did to her and Sarah. Jack said Gwen gave Xander the antidote so Sarah could get better. Abby asked if Gwen was supposed to be Mother Theresa. She said they should test the antidote just in case. Gwen asked if she thought she would do something to hurt Sarah. Abby said she did. Gwen wanted to speak to Jack. Jennifer told Jack that she would support him, but she would never trust Gwen again. When Jennifer and Abby left, Gwen reminded him that he said he was done with her. She said he heard worse evidence. She asked if he was going to be done with her. He said he would always be her father, but after what she did, he didn’t know what kind of a family they could be. He walked out on her. Chad told Sonny that he was going to do an interview that would ruin Leo. Sonny told him to let it go because the article would blow over. Chad said it was easy for him to say He said Sonny wasn’t mentioned in the article. He wondered if Leo was right about Sonny. Sonny said that wasn’t true. He said Leo threatened to go after everyone involved. He said Chad was the first person he started with. Craig said he loved Leo, but he didn’t trust him. He said he left the only woman he loved just to be with him. He said he loved Leo, but he couldn’t be with him. Abby went back to see Gwen. She asked if Gwen killed her grandmother. Gwen told her she would never admit it.

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