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Update written by Shane

Willow braced herself to hear all that Carly had to say about her mother and was shocked when she heard that Harmony tried to kill Carly and Alexis and that when Alexis called 911, Harmony ran onto the road. Carly began to tell Willow the rest of the story and that Harmony was not her biological mother, but Michael and Britt showed up in the chapel.

Britt informed Willow that Harmony made it through surgery, but it was still touch and go, but she could see her. Before Willow could get there, Alexis went into Harmony’s room and told the unconscious woman exactly how she feels now that she knows Harmony only befriended Alexis to pacify her overwhelming guilt for killing Neil. Alexis told Sam her words to Harmony seemed to fall flat.

When Willow arrived in her mother’s room, she begged Harmony to wake up, saying she could forgive her because they have a lifetime of things to make up for. That is when Harmony opened her eyes. Outside the room, Michael insisted that she can tell Willow anything because she is strong and can take it. Michael obviously wanted to know the rest of the story himself.

Austin and Maxie had a date at the Savoy and things did not go well as they began to discuss the finer things in life. Spinelli then showed up and seemed to strike out with a woman so Austin offered him some advice.

Sonny also offered Spinelli advice and mentioned he heard that Spinelli was involved with a new business venture, but Spinelli said that this was not true and that if he ever commits to a new business venture that Sonny will be the first to know. 

Spinelli told Britt not to give up on the dating website because her Mr. Right could be right around the corner.

Liesl monopolized most of Nina’s time so she couldn’t be with Sonny, but when she left to be with Scott, Sonny asked her if the seat that Liesl had occupied was taken.  Nina replied, “it is now.”

At Maxie’s place, Felicia and Mac were babysitting Bailey and Felicia brought up going back in time to raise babies and the fact that Mac doesn’t have biological children. When Maxie and Austin arrived home, Maxie made up every excuse possible so that she would not have to see Austin the next day. This was obviously the result of their not so successful date at the Savoy.  

At the Metro Court, Elizabeth tried to get some sleep but Finn stopped by to say he got a room next door to keep an eye on her. As they played cards, Elizabeth told him about the patient that called looking for blankets and how she thought it was the same voice she heard in her house. She questioned her own actions and clearly pondered whether or not her mind is playing tricks on her.

When Finn told Liz how strong she was and how in awe of her he is, Elizabeth denied being that strong. They then shared a slow kiss and gazed into each other’s eyes.


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