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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander told Maggie that he and Gwen didn’t get married. She wanted to know what happened. He said he couldn’t go through with it because there were things about Gwen he didn’t know. Maggie wanted to know what the things were. He said he it had to do with Sarah. Jack went to see Gwen. She was shocked to see him. She said she didn’t realize how much it would affect him. He said he wasn’t proud of what she did. He said he was done with her. He said Jennifer told him there was nothing he could do about her being his daughter. He said he couldn’t be done with her. She said her mother was able to do it. He said he couldn’t believe what she did to Sarah. He said it was unfathomable. Gwen said the reason she did it was the devil made her do it. Leo went to confront Chad and Sonny for shattering his dreams. Leo thought Sonny wanted him back which was why he went to all of this trouble to destroy his marriage. Nancy went to check on Craig. He wanted her to rub it in that she was right about Leo. She said she was there to apologize. Gwen told Jack that she would be justifying what she did if she tried to explain it. She said she hurt him and her family to get what she wanted, but she had nothing she wanted. She said she had an epiphany about the things she did. She said she gave in to Kristen like her mother did with her drug dealer. She said she put the spike in her own arm.

Sonny told Leo that he wanted him back like he wanted IBS. Leo said he was paid to be with him. He said Sonny wasn’t that great in bed. Sonny didn’t believe him. Nancy told Craig that she knew what it was like to love someone so much that you ignore the evidence that is in front of you. She said it happened to her and now it happened to her best friend. Maggie told Xander that he left Sarah behind when he found out she wasn’t going to recover. She said she wasn’t being fair. He said she was being fair and accurate. She said she shouldn’t be taking her anger on Gwen out on him. She said she had to figure out what to do next about Sarah. She said there was a chance that the antidote might work. Jack wanted to know why Gwen didn’t tell Xander or Maggie when Kristen blackmailed her. Gwen tried to make an excuse for what she did. He said she shouldn’t have helped her after what Kristen did. He said helping a person escape from prison carried on a big sentence. She said so did murder. Abby went to see Jennifer. She told Jennifer that Gwen admitted to killing Laura. Leo told Sonny that he was only after him because of money. Sonny said that was the same reason why he was with Craig. Leo said it was at first and then he fell for him. Leo said they would have been married if it weren’t for them. Sonny said he wouldn’t have been able to marry Craig anyway. He said Leo should have been honest with Craig. While they were talking, Leo told them that he was going to get revenge on them. Jack wanted to know what Gwen meant about murder. She said she could have killed Sarah with the dose she gave her. He asked her how she could give that dose to Sarah. She said he couldn’t stand to look at her. He said it wasn’t true. She said Xander felt that way. She said Xander said he loved her, but he kept wanting Sarah to recover. She said she kept telling herself that she couldn’t lose Xander, but she did. While she was talking, Xander showed up. He wanted to know what she did with the real antidote. She said he wanted to get Sarah back. He said he wanted her to prove that she was a human being. She said why should she be one now. She said she still had the antidote. He wanted to know what it would take to tell him where it was. Jennifer and Abby debated on whether or not Gwen killing Laura was true. Jack told Gwen to tell Xander where the antidote was. Gwen said she thought it was interesting the way Xander put it. She said it never occurred to him to just ask her to do it. He just assumed that there wasn’t one good bone left in her body. She said there wasn’t. She said she wanted him back. He said it wasn’t a deal. She asked if he hated her. He said he did. She said she would always love him despite everything. She said she would do whatever she could to help him.

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