GH Short Recap Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Sonny is upset that Michael has decided not to have anything more to do with him. Sonny heads to the gym to let off some steam. Sonny talks to Brando and Dante at the gym by boxing. Brando takes Sonny’s side and advises Sonny to give Michael time to calm down while Dante doesn’t take sides in the ussue.

Sasha helps Nina throw Smoltz out of her apartment. Sasha tells Nina she thinks Liam died as a punishment for her past mistakes. Nina tells Sasha that Liam’s death was nobody’s fault. Sasha tells Nina that if she wants a relationship with Sonny she must decide how much she wants to know about his business.

Michael tells Willow that from now on he wants to make the Corinthos name stand for good things so Wiley can be proud of his last name. Willow warns¬† ¬†Michael that in his quest to redeem the Corinthos name he doesn’t become the evil from which he is trying to protect Wiley.

Elizabeth moves into the Metro Court so she can be safe until they figure out who is causing the strange incidents in her house. Elizabeth considers Lucy’s idea of having a seance to call out Franco’s spirit.

Alexis (temporarily being played by Stephanie Erb) arrives at the cliff and finds Harmony who admits to her she killed Neil and Brendan because they were going to tell Willow she
isn’t her mother. Alexis hears Carly pounding her hand on the inside of the trunk and gets her out of the trunk. Carly is weak and has a faint pulse. Harmony tells Alexis she can’t let her or Carly leave because she won’t lose Willow.

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