Y&R Short Recap Monday, April 25 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Jack decided to visit Sharon to give her his condolences. Phyllis and Jack caught Diane leaving the hotel. They made her go back inside so that Kyle didn’t find out she was alive from anyone except Jack. Phyllis and Diane had words. Diane said she didn’t care what Phyllis thought. Phyllis said she was part of this because Kyle was her son in law. Jack told Nikki that Diane was alive, and the women came face to face. Kyle and Harrison arrived in Genoa City. Mariah and Tessa wanted to postpone the wedding, out of concern for Sharon. Noah convinced them to respect Sharon’s wishes and hold the wedding on the scheduled date. Sharon and Rey’s tragedy made Mariah fear losing Tessa. Tessa offered Mariah reassurance, promising to do everything she could to stay by her side, and Noah spoke about the importance of holding onto love when you found it. After a talk with Nick, Sharon decided that Rey would prefer to be buried in Miami near his family. Abby and Chance spent time with Sharon and reminiscing about Rey. Nick drove Sharon to the morgue for a final goodbye to Rey.

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