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Update written by Shane

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned and Olivia welcomed their family and friends to celebrate the official adoption of Leo as Ned’s son, thus making Leo an official Quartermaine. Everyone toasted to Leo, Ned, and Olivia’s happiness.

Leo asked Brook Lynn why Chase hadn’t attended the celebration. Brook Lynn (unaware of what had happened to Chase) wondered the same thing and called Chase to leave a voice message. Olivia then mentioned that she’d encouraged Leo to enroll in theater therapy. Drew asked Olivia what theater therapy was, and Olivia explained that it was an afterschool program for kids on the spectrum to use theater to learn about speech, taking turns, and other cognitive behavior. Olivia asked Leo to recite the poem he was scheduled to read at the school production, at first Leo seemed receptive to the idea, but when it was time for him to do the reading, he screamed ‚ÄúNo‚ÄĚ, and ran out of the room. Leo told Olivia that he didn’t want to read the poem, either at the mansion or at the school production. Olivia was worried about Leo’s outburst, but Brook Lynn tried to assure Olivia that it was only a case of stage fright.

Also at the Quartermaine mansion, Carly recalled to Sam about Harmony being heavily drunk the previous night. Carly thought the situation with Nina had taken a rough toll on Harmony. Carly then confided to Sam that she felt Harmony knew more about “the Nina situation” than Harmony had let on.

Sam apologized to Dante again for going behind his back and retrieving a file from his phone. Sam told Dante that it had been a long time since she’d been with someone who “played by the rules.” Dante said that he had come down too hard on Sam. Dante told Sam he loved her; Sam told Dante that she loved him, too, and they kissed.

Elsewhere at the mansion, Ned overheard Drew and Michael discussing Aurora and ELQ and wanted to know what they were speaking about. Drew told Ned that the executive coach he’d met with the previous night had suggested a merger between ELQ and Aurora. Michael explained to Ned that merging the two companies would dilute Valentin’s shares and make it practically impossible for Valentin to continue serving with a majority of shares. Ned remarked that if the two companies merged, it would give a clear majority of shares to Drew. Ned wondered where that would leave him. Drew explained that they had not even thought about things that far ahead, the idea was just in its infancy stage.¬† But, Michael agreed it was a valid way to take power out of Valentin‚Äôs hands and put it somewhere else.

At Alexis’ house, Harmony stumbled down the stairs and was shocked at how much she’d had to drink the previous night. Harmony was appalled when she learned from Alexis that she had ordered Alexis a drink and insisted that one wouldn’t kill her. Alexis wanted to know what had upset Harmony so bad for her to get so drunk. Harmony was beyond furious when Alexis told her of Smoltz’s plan to do a five-part series on Nina’s background. Harmony not only refused to cooperate but demanded that Alexis not publish the piece at all. Harmony said that this was just opening up a can of worms that could not be closed. The more people looked into her past the more likely it would become that someone would uncover the fact that Willow was not Harmony’s biological child. Alexis encouraged Harmony to tell Willow the truth and reasoned that if anyone could understand how a person could be a mother to a child she hadn’t given birth to, it was Willow. But, Alexis assured Harmony that it was Harmony’s secret to keep. Harmony continued to push the idea of killing Smoltz’s series outright. “After everything I’ve done for you, it’s the least you can do for me!” Harmony said to a stunned Alexis. Harmony recalled that she had supported Alexis when she first arrived at Spring Ridge. Harmony added that she had stood by Alexis even after Alexis had made it clear that Harmony wasn’t worthy to be anyone’s friend. Alexis left for work and told Harmony that they needed to have a serious discussion to re-evaluate their living arrangement when she returned home. After Alexis left, a distraught Harmony smashed a vase on the floor.¬† Harmony takes her psychiatric file, which she stole from Brendan’s hotel room at the Metro Court and puts it in the fireplace.¬† She believes if she burns it, she will be set free from her racing thoughts.¬† She leaves the room to find matches and comes back to start the fire.¬† At that moment, Carly (who had been knocking while Harmony was out of ear shot), walks in the front door and sees Harmony preparing to burn the files.

At General Hospital, Chase was waiting for Portia to discharge him from his stay for observation.  Chase was found unconscious on the floor with a concussion at Elizabeth’s house the previous evening by Finn and Cameron.  

Finn and Elizabeth escorted Jordan (at her request) to Elizabeth’s house so that she could check the security feed from the security cameras Chase had installed.  When they arrived at Elizabeth’s house, Elizabeth downloaded the security app just as Chase had told her to do, but when the three of them went to review the footage it cut out right before whatever happened to Chase occurred.  Elizabeth inquired as to how that was possible.  Jordan said that the file had been corrupted.  Elizabeth looked extremely uneasy as yet another mysterious occurrence had not happened at her home.

At Pier 54, Trina found Marshall alone with his bag packed. Marshall confirmed that he was leaving town and said it would be easier on everyone involved. Trina didn’t understand Marshall’s sudden decision to leave. Trina reminded Marshall that he’d told her the truth was always worth fighting for, and she pointed out that Marshall seemed to be ignoring his own advice. Trina said that nothing could be worse than Marshall never seeing his family again. Trina added that she hoped to see Marshall again. Marshall replied that it had been a privilege getting to know Trina.

After Trina left, Marshall sat alone and waited for his ferry.

Selina dropped by the Savoy to provide Curtis with the documents he had requested. Selina placed the file on the bar and warned Curtis that while she hadn’t read the file herself, there would always be skeletons in a person’s closet if someone looked close enough. “Once you cross that line and open that file, there is no going back,” Selina cautioned.

Selina left as Curtis picked up the sealed file and started to go through its findings. Trina arrived and told Curtis that she’d just seen Marshall and that Marshall was leaving town.

Curtis headed to the Pier immediately and caught up to Marshall just as he was about to board his ferry.

“Running away again, huh?” Curtis asked Marshall.

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