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Update written by Shane

At Wyndemere, Nikolas told Esme that his vow renewal had been postponed indefinitely.  Nikolas also pointed out that Ava and Sonny weren’t the only ones who believed Esme was guilty. Esme worried Nikolas was changing his mind about her, but he clarified that Jordan came there with questions and was turned away. That left Esme frustrated as she argued that Jordan would love to make her a scapegoat in Trina Robinson’s case. Esme couldn’t bear the thought of Jordan turning Nikolas and Spencer against her. Nikolas insisted that wouldn’t happen, so Esme took his hand and placed it on her own cheek. After Esme talked about Spencer still being a child in many ways, she acted like she could deal with Spencer’s emotions swinging like a pendulum. It was Nikolas’ opinion that concerned Esme, so he admitted he wasn’t naïve and could tell a lonely heart from a wicked one. Esme was curious which one she had. Nikolas didn’t want to hear any more talk about Esme leaving while she was on Sonny’s radar. Nikolas gently gripped Esme’s shoulders as she smiled and touched him on his arm.

At the Metro Court, Harmony argued that one drink wouldn’t kill Alexis, but Alexis cut Harmony off and told the bartender to put all of the drinks on her tab. Alexis tried to get Harmony to open up to her about what had happened to put her in this condition, but Harmony wouldn’t speak of it. Carly appeared and found out Harmony had been overserved, so she took Harmony’s keys and offered to call Willow. Harmony begged Carly not to tell Willow and became protective of her bag with the incriminating file. Harmony also told Carly she guessed she wasn’t getting that job at the Metro Court now.

Sam witnessed the drunken display and complained to Carly after Alexis took Harmony home. Although Carly was sorry for encouraging Sam to snoop and causing problems with Dante, she wondered if Sam found anything.

Sam admitted she didn’t have time to look through the forensics report, but she knew there was more evidence against Trina.

That left Carly fuming at the thought of the wrong person going to prison.

Carly vented to Sam about Sonny and Nina as well before they took Harmony’s car over to Alexis’ place.

In the meantime, Harmony entered the living room with Alexis and admitted she was terrified of herself.

Alexis could not understand what had gotten Harmony so worked up, she said multiple times that she had never seen her like this before.  Alexis told Harmony about finding Brendan floating in the pier while she waited for the launch to Spoon Island.  She told Harmony that the cops believe his death to be a suicide.

Carly and Sam eventually showed up, so Carly put Harmony’s keys down for her. Harmony stumbled into Carly, who thought maybe she should get some fresh air.

Harmony asked why Carly was being so nice to her and Carly said that Willow was family and she (Harmony was therefore an extension of that family).

“I wish she was mine,” Harmony said leaving Carly reeling.

At Kelly’s, Spencer pretended he was going to tell the truth after Cameron backed him into a corner. Instead, Spencer acted like maybe Trina filmed the video and was part of Josslyn’s plan to set Esme up. Cameron called Spencer a “son of a bitch” and punched him hard. Officer Cabrera witnessed it and arrested Cameron, but Spencer suggested Rory should just let them settle their differences outside.  Spencer accidentally hit Rory in the face as he was gesturing. It was clearly an accident, but the young cop immediately took him into custody as well.  He also refused to listen to Trina’s plea to cut them both some slack.

At the Port Charles Grill, Ava talked to Nina about her petition for custody rights.There was also talk about Nina’s interest in both “Mike” the bartender and “Sonny” the mobster.

Ava suggested that she and Nina weren’t so different after all since neither of them could resist a bad boy!

After Sonny talked to Laura about all the Jennifer and Victor drama, she brought up Esme moving into Wyndemere because of the “chat” that he had with her, which Esme then used as the perfect excuse to get sympathy from Nikolas and Victor. Sonny assured Laura that he wouldn’t hurt Esme, even if she turned out to be guilty.

Once Phyllis called Nina about the gunmen from the robbery being out on the streets again, Nina spoke to Sonny about it.

Sonny was obviously handling it in his own way, but he didn’t want Nina to know the details. Nina assured Sonny that he didn’t have to hide anything from her, but he still took off without sharing what he was up to. Sonny then approached a parked car that had one of the gunmen tied up in the trunk. Sonny said the thug would be joining his friend real soon and laughed before the trunk was shut. Once Sonny rejoined Nina, she worried about the gunmen causing more trouble. Sonny told Nina that the guys got the message and seemed satisfied. Ava let Laura know the vow renewal ceremony was no longer happening.

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