Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, April 20, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Adam, Nick, Nikki, and Victor are worried about Victoria since her phone call to Nikki dropped. Nikki heard a crash. Victor calls the police and also his security team to look for Victoria.

Adam tells Sally he feels guilty because he has thought about the fact that if something happened to Victoria he could have a better position at Newman Locke. Sally tells Adam the fact that he feels badly for having the thought proves that he is a good person. Sally tells Adam that she knows that he is a good person because she would not be falling in love with him if he was a bad person.

Victoria’s car catches fire and Ashland is able to get an unconscious Victoria out of her car. Ashland carries Victoria to a cabin and he waits for her to wake up.

Sharon, Chelsea, and Connor are worried about Rey who hasn’t returned to Crimson Lights to pick them up to go to Chicago for the game.

Once Victoria awakens Ashland explains to her that she swerved to avoid the oncoming car and crashed into a tree. Ashland tells Victoria that the oncoming car hit the side of his car since he was driving behind her. Ashland goes on to explain that the other car went into a ditch. Ashland says when he went back to look for her phone he checked on the other driver and the driver was dead. Ashland tells Victoria that the other driver was Rey.

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