GH Short Recap Wednesday, April 20, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Cameron punches Spencer because he accuses Josslyn of filming the video and framing Trina for it.

Rookie cop Rory Cabrera is at Kelly’s getting coffee so he arrests Cameron. Spencer then gets mad at Rory for bringing up the fact that he just got out of Spring Ridge. Spencer punches Rory and gets arrested too.

Laura tells Sonny that if anything happens to Esme he will be the prime suspect. Sonny promises not to touch a hair Esme’s head. Nina tells Sonny the two guys that robbed Charlie’s Pub got out on bail. Sonny decides to take care of the guys himself.

Harmony gets drunk and Alexis takes her home because she is very drunk and acting strangely. Alexis tells Harmony that she found Brendan’s body in the Harbor and she was questioned by Jordan. Harmony gets really upset because she doesn’t want Alexis to be blamed for Brendan ‘s death. Alexis tells Harmony that the police thinks Brendan committed suicide.

Sam and Carly bring Harmony’s car back to Alexis house and are worried when Harmony almost faints. Sam and Alexis go get Harmony some water and Harmony wonders why Carly is being so nice to her. Carly says that Willow is her family and Harmony tells Carly she wishes Willow was her family.

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