Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, April 19, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chelsea and Sharon talk and Sharon assures Chelsea she is fine with Chelsea going with Rey with her and Connor to Chicago to watch a Black Hawks game and staying in Chicago overnight. Sharon gives Rey a long kiss goodbye and Rey tells Sharon he loves her. Rey realizes that he forgot the Black Hawk tickets and he tells them he will go home to pick them up and meet them at the coffee house for their trip to Chicago.

Victoria tells Ashland that she has been lying to him the past few days so he would sign the deal to take the money and get out of her life. Victoria demands that Ashland tell her the truth and he admits that he faked his cancer diagnosis in order to get control of Newman Enterprises. Ashland tells Victoria that he was surprised that he fell in love with her and he would give up everything to be with her. Victoria tells Ashland that she doesn’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth and she wants him to leave because she doesn’t care what happens to him anymore. Ashland leaves and Victoria breaks the painting of herself that Ashland gave her and leaves her office.

Victoria gets in her car and starts to cry then she calls Nikki to tell her she is all right. Victoria tells Nikki that she is driving her car but Nikki can hear Victoria is crying and upset so she asks Victoria to pull off the road and tell her where she is, so she and Victor can pick her up but Victoria refuses to do it and continues to drive her car until she loses control of the car and crashes. Nikki hears the noise and calls Victoria’s name several times but Victoria doesn’t answer her.

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