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Ridge: I can’t believe this. You could’ve died tonight.

Taylor: Yes. I…I was on the roof of the hospital, and–

Ridge: And she saved your life.

Taylor: Yeah. She did. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for sheila.

[Birds chirping]

Eric: [Sighs]

Quinn: You know, we didn’t have to come in to work today. Could’ve stayed home.

Eric: No, I wanted to come in to feel like we were doing something instead of just sitting around waiting.


Quinn: Hey.

Eric: Thank god steffy’s regained consciousness.

Quinn: Yeah. Steffy and finn being shot– it’S…surreal.

Eric: Yeah. It’s hard to believe finn’s gone.

Quinn: [Sighs]

Eric: We just have to rally around steffy and the children. We have to do that. We have to help them get past this as a family. We’ve overcome so much before. We’ll overcome this, too.

Carter: Hey.

Zende: Hey. What’s up, man?

Carter: Thanks again for keeping me updated till I can get here.

Zende: Hey, man, we appreciate you holding down the fort at forrester with everything going on here.

[Cellphone chimes]

Carter: Uh, liam and hope stopped by the cafeteria. They wanna know if you want anything.

Zende: I’m good.

Paris: Yeah, me, too. I just–I can’t imagine how scared steffy and finn must have been. They didn’t deserve this, and ah–I just can’t believe finn is gone.

Carter: Can’t imagine what taylor and ridge are going through, seeing steffy in that hospital bed. They already lost one daughter. I just–I hate this is happening to them.

Zende: And to all of us. You’re not just a best friend to ridge. You’re like a brother to him. You’re a part of this family.

Carter: Yeah, you guys are like family to me, too.

Zende: Believe me, we know. Your love and loyalty is felt. Thank you for being a great friend to all of us.

Zende: Here.

Carter: Oh, thanks, man.

Zende: Yeah.

Carter: Paris took off?

Zende: Yeah, she didn’t want to, but she had to go meet up with her mom. I did get to speak to bridget, though.

Carter: Any updates?

Zende: Not yet. Steffy’s still resting.

Carter: That’s good.

Zende: Yeah. Yeah. Um…now’s probably not the right time.

Carter: For?

Zende: I wanted to talk to you, maybe get some advice.

Carter: Okay. Well, we have some time before we should head back to the office. You know, steffy wouldn’t want us holding vigil when there’s work to be done.

Zende: Yeah.

Carter: What’s up?

Zende: Well, I know I told paris that we’d take things slow, and I have been dating other women.

Carter: Plural? Not just sequoyah?

Zende: Yeah, listen, I’ve been doing what I can to keep paris off of my mind, but I can’T. I’m in love with her. And this whole experience– it proves that life is too short. I’m ready to make paris my wife, and I hope that she’s ready, too. I…I know I can make her happy. I would treat her like a queen.

Carter: Yeah. Yeah, of course you would.

Zende: So? What do you think? I mean, you know paris really well.

Carter: Follow your heart. Propose to her.

Ridge: I’m grateful that you saved taylor’s life. I am, and I’m grateful that there was no more tragedy. But we have to focus on steffy now. She needs us. And what happened to you is horrible. You need to mourn your son, but what are you doing, jumping off a building? That’s not gonna bring finn back.

Baker: Unfortunately, nothing is going to bring him back. But I can and I will do everything in my power to make sure that the trash that shot finn and steffy is found and brought to justice.

Sheila: Excuse me.

Taylor: Sheila–

Sheila: No, it’s all right. I’m gonna be all right. You just talk to the deputy chief.

Woman over P.A.: Dr. Forrest, dial 118, please. Dr. Forrest, please dial 118.

Sheila: [Exhales deeply] I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Zende: Hey, quinn.

Quinn: Hey, zende.

Zende: Granddad.

Ridge: Hi. Hi, son.

Zende: [Sighs]

Ridge: Any updates on steffy?

Zende: Just that she’s stable and still resting.

Quinn: How are ridge and taylor doing?

Zende: Staying strong. I don’t know how they’re doing it.

Eric: They’re forresters. That’s how they do it. Son, what’s up? How you feeling? Everything okay?

Zende: Yeah. Yeah, I’ve just been thinking about family and how important it is and to never let go of what makes you happy. I can’t wait anymore, granddad. I can’T.

Eric: Can’t wait for what?

Zende: Ask paris to be my wife.

Carter: [Sighs]

[Knock on door] Hey, uh, paris, I’m in the middle–

Paris: Don’t do that. I know you’ve been avoiding me.

Carter: You’re right. It sucks, but it’s the right thing to do for the both of us.

Paris: Why is that something you get to decide?

Carter: Because I’ve been down this road, and I know how it ends.

Paris: You think you–

Carter: Paris, stop. We’re not doing this. This is never gonna happen. I’m wrong for you. You should be with zende, not me.

Baker: Okay, let me know if anything goes down.

Ridge: New leads?

Baker: Well, not yet. I was just talking with our cyber team. The restaurant’s cameras have been down. The only other camera that might be able to help was on an atm, but somebody put a decal across it.

Ridge: So we’re nowhere closer to finding out who shot finn or steffy.

Baker: We’re on it. In the meantime, I understand that steffy’s regained consciousness? That’s what I’m here for. I’d like to speak with her.

Taylor: No, I don’t– I don’t think that’s gonna happen right now. She’s really in no position to be questioned.

Baker: Dr. Hayes, your concern about your daughter is understandable, but steffy is my only witness. Anything she says could be helpful.

Taylor: Right.

Ridge: We tried talking to her when she woke up.

Baker: What did she say?

Ridge: She was disoriented. She didn’t remember anything about the shooting. Not yet, anyway.

Steffy: You shot your son! You’re a monster!

[Sobs] You’re going to prison for the rest of your life.

Sheila: I didn’t even know he was here!

Steffy: Oh, you’re sick. You’re sick!

Deacon: Sheila. I came to check on you. You shouldn’t be alone.

Sheila: I deserve to be. Oh, somehow I really don’t think I am. After ever–everything that’s been happening and what I’ve been going through, something really amazing happened today, too.

Deacon: Amazing?

Sheila: I saved taylor’s life. (Nathan m) secondhand smoke

Eric: Well, I have to say, with everything that’s going on, it’s very nice to hear some good news for a change.

Zende: Thank you, granddad. And I know we’re young, but she makes me happy.

Eric: I can see the joy she brings to you.

Quinn: Okay, I don’t mean to be a downer here. I don’T. Uh, but are you sure that paris feels the same way? ‘Cause I remember her telling you that she wanted to keep things casual?

Zende: She did, but it’s a gut thing, you know? I feel it in my heart, I mean, I know that paris is my future.

Paris: So you’re saying that we can’t be together? That could never happen?

Carter: We can’T.

Paris: I thought you said you loved me. Was that true? Because if you love me, and I love you, why can’t we figure out a way to make it work? And if this is about my mother–

Carter: Yes, paris, of course this is about your mother. Her–her reaction is the same exact reaction everyone else will have if they found out. I’ve been forgiven for my involvement with quinn, but I’m pretty much on probation around here. That nice guy with the moral compass is gone to them, probably forever, and I won’t let the same thing happen to you.

Paris: Carter…

Carter: No! Look, paris, as much as I care about you, I can’t give you what zende can. I spoke to him. He loves you. He wants to make a life with you. Zende is your future.

Taylor: I can’t believe this is happening.

Ridge: Steffy’s gonna be fine.

Taylor: Yeah. I know. Just…seeing her in there like that, it just reminds me of phoebe. I can’t lose her.

Ridge: Oh, don’t do that. You’re not losing steffy. She’s way too stubborn to go anywhere.

Taylor: [Chuckles] You always know the right things to say.

Ridge: Mm. You know why, right?

Taylor: Mnh-mnh.

Ridge: I used to be married to this really good psychiatrist.

Taylor: Was she world-renowned?

Ridge: Ha ha! Yeah, I guess she was. Steffy’s gonna be okay. We’re all gonna be okay.

Taylor: My hearts breaks for li and jack… sheila.

Ridge: Sheila. So now that she’s gone, why don’t you tell me what happened between the two of you on the roof?

Taylor: Aah! No! Don’t drop me!

[Exhales deeply] Sheila. The same woman who… destroyed my life years ago saved it.

Deacon: Taylor almost fell off the roof?

Sheila: Not almost. She did. She could’ve died.

Deacon: [Gasps] This–this is just like– it’s such a head trip.

Sheila: Tell me about it.

Deacon: Wait a minute. What were you and taylor doing on top of the roof?

Sheila: That’s where she found me. I wanted to end my life, deacon. Go with simparica trio it’s triple protection made simple!

Paris: I wish you would stop pushing me towards zende.

Carter: That’s where you would be if this never happened. And yeah, you’re not ready for commitment with him, but you love zende, and he loves you. It would have only been a matter of time if I never interfered.

Paris: Interfered? We fell for each other.

Carter: And it was wrong. And I’m sorry, paris. What we shared, it felt wonderful, but it should have never happened. We can’t be together.

Paris: Everybody thinks they have a say in how I feel. Everyone wants to tell me which way to go–you, my mother. But I need to make one thing clear. I’m a grown woman. I don’t need to be protected by you or my mom. I make my own decisions.

Carter: Paris, I–

Paris: I’m not done. I make my own decisions, and I’m deciding you. I’d risk it. For you, I’d risk my job, my standing with the forrester family, if it means I get to be with you. You’re worth the risk, carter.

Carter: Well, it’s not worth the risk to me.

Paris: You don’t mean that.

Carter: I do. I won’t ruin your life.

Paris: [Scoffs]

Carter: Whatever this is between us, it’s over. Zende wants to be your husband. If he proposes, and he will, you should accept. Make a life with zende.

Paris: [Sobs]

Carter: I just want you to be happy.

Carter: [Exhales deeply]

[Door closes]

Quinn: Really? You and paris?

Ridge: So I could have lost you? Steffy and thomas could have lost their mother because of sheila?

Taylor: Sheila was shattered by finn’s death, and, ridge, I don’t know. I could see how much she was hurting, and when I went to go find her, I…she was– she was about to jump. I didn’t know what to do. So I just–I…I… I lunged towards her, and I–

Ridge: And you fell off the roof?

Taylor: Then–but then somehow sheila just grabbed me, and she–she pulled me back up.

Ridge: And you know what? I’m very grateful for that. But let’s not forget all the things she’s done to our family.

Taylor: Well, but…I’m– I’m not forgetting that this is A…pretty good start.

Ridge: How–how is that? No. The woman shot you. One good deed doesn’t erase all the evil she’s done. Don’t–don’t tell me you’re looking at her differently.

Deacon: You were really gonna jump?

[Sighs] Sheila, I can only imagine the kind of pain that you’re in. Finn was a great man. He was a great father. And he didn’t deserve to die, but neither do you. I just didn’t realize that you were in such a dark place. I know this sounds cliché, but it will get easier.

Sheila: Oh, would you just spare me? You have no idea what I’m going through. You know, everything I touch, everyone that I love, I hurt and I destroy. I never should have come back to L.A.

Deacon: Sheila, stop.

Sheila: If only I hadn’t come back to L.A.

Deacon: You can’t blame yourself. None of this was your fault.

Steffy: You’re going to prison for the rest of your life.

Sheila: Put it down now! No!

Ridge: Doc… sheila hasn’t changed.

Taylor: She saved my life, ridge.

Ridge: The only reason you were on that roof is because of her. Wherever this woman goes, chaos follows her, and she’s at her lowest right now. Makes her more dangerous. Trying to figure out what she’s gonna do to this family next.

Sheila: [Gasps]

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