Y&R Short Recap Monday, April 18 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Kyle and Harrison would be in Genoa City next week. Jack wanted to invite Allie out next week, but Traci convinced him that it wasn’t the right time, because the family would be dealing with the fallout over Diane’s return during that time. Phyllis found out Diane was at the Grand Phoenix and confronted her. Diane revealed that she’d been keeping tabs on the lives of several people in Genoa City. Phyllis baited Diane, but couldn’t get her to blow up. Phyllis went to Jack with the news that Diane was in town. Phyllis said Diane appeared to be sincere, but Phyllis didn’t buy it. Jack sensed Diane had some ulterior motive, and he was determined to find out what it was. Diane read news articles on Nikki, Victor and Adam and Sally. Diane wondered to herself if it was a mistake to come here and if she’d be able to pull something off. Jack went to Diane’s suite.

Victor admitted he was proud of Adam for getting Ashland out of their lives. Victoria tricked Ashland into believing she’d run away with him to Tuscany where they’d start a new life together. Ashland met with Adam and Victor and signed the paperwork relinquishing his claim on Newman Locke and annulling his marriage to Victoria. In exchange, Victor transferred half a billion dollars into Ashland’s bank account. Victoria told Nikki she hated Ashland, but she still had feelings for him. Victoria wondered if Ashland had really lied about loving her. Nikki said yes, because he was a sociopath. When Ashland returned to get Victoria, she informed him that they were finished.

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