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[ Knock on door ]

Sally: Well, I was going to tell you what I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of hours, but…

Adam: I have been thinking about the same thing.

Sally: I’ll bet. I mean, you could point your mind towards the project that you pitched to victor and got approved, but…

Adam: But…this.

Sally: This is a big deal.

Adam: Yeah, it is potentially my birthday and christmas and a stock invested in splitting all rolled into one. If only the phone would ring. I could be getting a call from ashland right now saying he accepts my offer. Or he’s rejecting it.

Sally: Anticipation could be exciting, depending on who you’re waiting with.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] I mean, ashland is a smart guy. He had to do the math and realize that my deal was his best offer. It’s the only way that he can escape the mayhem with his dignity and his reputation intact. Right?

Sally: Clean slate, full bank account, can’t lose. I mean, I would take the offer.

Adam: Well, then why isn’t he jumping on it?

Sally: Because he’s toying with you. That’s what he does. He’s played this game 100 times.

Adam: I was — was flying blind. I just — I was totally going on impulse when I offered to give him that money to walk away from newman/locke. Telling that I was representing the newman family? What the hell was I thinking?

Sally: You were thinking like a leader.

Adam: [ Sighs ] It felt like the right move to make at the time. But maybe I just gave him another card to play.

Victoria: You went behind my back, daddy, to bribe ashland into leaving me?

[ Scoffs ] I don’t know what part is more offensive.

Victor: [ Chuckles ] It seems an offer was made, right, ashland? And you’re kind of considering it seriously?

Ashland: I don’t know what other option I have at this point. I want this turmoil to end, for your sake.

Nikki: The best way to end it is to admit to your lies and leave of your own volition.

Ashland: Tell your errand boy, adam, I will meet him at the grand phoenix to discuss the terms.

[ Sighs ]

Victoria: Does somebody want to tell me what’s going on here? Why the hell did you two do that?

Nick: No signs of a fight. I guess it was okay to leave you and ashland in the same room.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] How is a person supposed to believe anything that man says after what he did to victoria? You know, he started talking about how he’s gonna exonerate himself and that he’s innocent of all charges.

Nick: Thought we said we weren’t gonna engage.

Sharon: Well, I had to say something. I wasn’t in any danger. There were witnesses. Then adam came in.

Nick: What’d they say to each other?

Sharon: I don’t know. I didn’t want to get involved, so I made up some excuse and i ducked into the back, but i popped my head out now and then and watched them talking.

Nick: How’d they seem, like enemies, friends? Was it loud? Was it not?

Sharon: Mm, they were too far away for me to hear.

Nick: Well, what about, like, body language? You pick up on anything?

Sharon: I don’t know, seemed serious. High-key. They went out into the patio, so they obviously wanted privacy.

Nick: Okay.

Sharon: It was intense. I mean, nothing hostile, but they were both determined and very focused, like whatever they were talking about, their lives depended on it.

Victor: I got to come clean with you. I’m not the one who offered ashland money.

Victoria: Adam just took it upon himself? Why didn’t you just tell him, “ashland, no, I did not authorize adam to offer him money to go away”?

Victor: I’m going to discuss many things with adam, but i would not contradict him to ashland. We need to work on this whole thing as a family, stick together, okay? However, it was kind of interesting to watch ashland’s reaction to the offer. He seemed kind of interested, didn’t he?

Victoria: Do not take that at face value. It was never gonna be that simple to get rid of him. He was testing you, just like you were testing him.

Nikki: If ashland was testing anybody, it was you.

Victoria: Oh, he was not, mother.

Nikki: Oh, yes, he was. He was watching you. Every time you moved or looked his way.

Victor: Well, he can sense that you’re torn. You know he’s trying to drive a wedge between you and our family.

Victoria: I am well aware of that. Look, maybe adam’s obnoxious interference will make it easier for me to pretend that I am completely fed up with adam and blame him for setting up ashland.

Victor: But you said that ashland doesn’t like your plan of planting false evidence against adam.

Victoria: I am not giving up. I’m gonna do everything that i can to get him out of our lives and out of this company. And I’m gonna do it without spending tens of millions of dollars. Wait a minute. How much did adam offer ashland?

Nikki: $500 million. Nothing like a weekend in the woods.

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Victoria: Where the hell does adam get off making an offer like that? We had a plan. We all agreed.

Victor: I will be speaking with adam. I don’t know what he was thinking when he made this plan, but he’s gonna hear from me, okay? Having said that, it’s irrelevant because we’re all trying to get rid of this bastard.

Victoria: Yes, I know, by moving forward with my plan.

Victor: But your plan has not come to fruition.

Victoria: And adam doesn’t want it to. I warned you over and over again that he would do anything that he could to try to undermine me and to try to make me look bad. This is really incredible. It’s all your fault.

Victor: Oh, yeah, what did i do?

Victoria: You should have put a stop to it before it started by letting adam know that you expected his full cooperation.

Nikki: Alright, alright. Victoria, there is nothing stopping you from executing your plan if ashland doesn’t take the money.

Victoria: “If”? Of course he won’t take the money.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Why? Because he’s eternally in love with you?

Victoria: I think you’re missing my point. I am never going to fall for ashland’s lies again. I know his mind far better than you.

Victor: Well, then kindly educate us.

Victoria: He would never accept a bribe, and he never backs down from a fight.

Nikki: If he doesn’t want the money, then why did he agree to consider adam’s offer?

Victoria: I don’t know. Maybe it was a part of his plan.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Maybe he doesn’t have any plans. Maybe this is the best option left.

Victoria: Well, I guess time will tell which one of us is right.

Nick: You know, I guess it could’ve been a business meeting. Adam is the temporary ceo.

Sharon: Of newman/locke? How did that happen?

Nick: Yeah, it was dad’s idea. He thought if he put adam in that role, it might convince ashland and victoria to not go to italy and stay in town.

Sharon: Well, I guess that worked. They stuck around.

Nick: Yeah, but adam resented it so much, he refused to go along with victoria’s plan to oust ashland unless dad decided to keep him in the big chair.

Sharon: Wow, that just sounds so —

Nick: Self-serving? Like the old adam? Imagine that. I actually tried to talk to him about it, you know, just to remind him how much progress he’s made and to let him know that it would be a real mistake to use this situation with victoria to his advantage or to allow ambition or sibling rivalry to get the better of him.

Sharon: Do you think he listened to you?

Nick: I don’t know. It was worth a shot.

Sharon: How’s victoria handling all this?

Nick: It’s hard to say. I mean, she’s pretty distant. She’s not listening to us. We’re trying to get her to come up with a plan “b,” just in case plan “a” doesn’t work. You know, I don’t think ashland is buying this at all, but she’s just so scared and defensive.

Sharon: Well, of course she is. She just had her heart broken by a man who one swept her off her feet. She’s probably feeling used and exposed.

Nick: Unfortunately, she’s still in love with him.

Sharon: Oh, no.

Nick: But she also knows that she can’t trust him completely, so when you add it all up, there’s no way in telling where she’s headed with all this or what to expect. In fact, I don’t even think victoria knows at this point.

Sally: You need to find some way to let this go. You did what you could. Seized the moment. You took bold, decisive action.

Adam: [ Exhales sharply ] That could fail miserably.

Sally: If this thing with ashland doesn’t work out, you’re gonna come up with something else. And do you know why?

Adam: Tell me.

Sally: Because you’re brilliant and relentless — a combination that is sexy as hell.

Adam: Well, that’s probably why we get along so well.

Sally: I read your mind.

Adam: Oh, you don’t say.

Sally: Do you know what I’m thinking right now?

Adam: Something like this?

Victor: Son, we have some serious business to discuss.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] I’m steve, I lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo

Adam: [ Clears throat ] Well, I’d love to hear more about what you’re here to say, but sally stays. I’m sure this is about ashland, and she is up to speed on everything.

Victor: Is she also aware of the reckless move you made offering this criminal millions of dollars to get out of the company?

Adam: I mean, I’m the one who made the deal, so why did he run to you?

Victor: Because he doesn’t trust you because he knows you were lying when you said you had the backing of your family.

Adam: So what’d he say?

[ Clears throat ] Is he gonna take the deal?

Victor: What difference does it make what he says or said? You’re trying to buy some time, trying to figure out where the hell to get that amount of money from?

Adam: Come on, nobody has that kind of cash laying around.

Victor: This is your first move as an executive, as a temporary executive of newman/locke? What are you gonna do, draw the funds from newman/locke?

Adam: No, it wouldn’t be appropriate to use company funds for a personal family, matter.

Victor: Then where the hell were you gonna get the money from?

Adam: Victoria’s the one who brought ashland into this family, so she should be the one responsible for getting him out.

Victor: Your lack of sympathy for your sister is appalling. As a family, we don’t do this.

Sharon: I remember how worried nikki and victor were about victoria when she split with billy. After she was attacked. Nikki even asked me to help. I mean, I imagine in some ways this feels even worse for them.

Nick: Oh, yeah, they were all in on the wedding, and I was sent to the doghouse for even daring to doubt the guy.

Sharon: And now it’s all falling apart anyway.

Nick: The scary part is if it doesn’t fall apart completely and victoria tries to salvage her relationship with ashland.

Sharon: You mean if she chooses him over the entire family?

Nick: If she does that, it could cause a rift in the family that may never repair.

Sharon: Oh, nikki.

Nikki: Hi, sharon.

Sharon: You know what? Why don’t I get you your usual? Are you gonna stick around or do you want it to go?

Nikki: Make it to go, and we’ll play it by ear. Thank you.

Nick: What have I missed?

Nikki: You’re never gonna believe it.

Nick: Let me guess, something to do with adam.

Nikki: Oh, how did you know?

Nick: Sharon said she saw adam and ashland in here talking earlier, and from the looks of it, it was a pretty intense conversation.

Nikki: Apparently adam has decided that he’s going to handle this ashland situation all on his own.

Nick: Nobody asked for his help.

Nikki: No, no, we did not. However, he told ashland that the family had authorized him to make an offer of an ungodly amount of money to terminate his contract at newman/locke and to walk away from victoria.

Nick: Let me guess how ashland reacted — he went whining and crying to victoria, saying there was no amount of money that will ever replace her and that their love will last forever and ever.

Nikki: Actually, no, he went to your father first.

Nick: Why would he do that?

Nikki: To make sure it was a bona fide offer. It was the first your father heard of it, but he played along and pretended that the offer was authentic.

Nick: Are you telling me that ashland’s considering taking this deal from adam?

Nikki: I don’t know. Victoria says he’s just pretending to be interested.

Nick: Well, it’s probably hard for her to accept that she meant so little to him.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] She begged us to trust her to handle this, and god knows I am trying my best, but the more time she spends with him, the more opportunity he has to charm his way back into her heart.

Victoria: We should talk.

Ashland: I’ll do anything you want, but not here. We need privacy.

Victoria: That would be ideal, yes. I’ll grab us a suite.

Wait, oh, yes

Nick: $500 million?

Nikki: Can you believe that?

Nick: It’s the exact figure that victoria, abby, and I won in that lawsuit with dad.

Nikki: Coincidence?

Nick: Doesn’t feel like it.

Nikki: Have you ever heard of a golden parachute that large for a ceo that has barely spent any time in that position? Now, mind you, adam is asking him to do more than just walk away from his job, he has to say goodbye to victoria, too.

Nick: Look, he’s probably just flexing his muscles. You know, he gets rid of ashland, he impresses dad. He proves that he can handle things on all fronts, unlike victoria.

Nikki: Yes, that’s exactly the message he was sending — that he thought her plan was doomed to fail. And she saw that for what it was. She’s furious.

Nick: And she has every right to be. If adam was this convinced that victoria’s plan was gonna be so ineffective, then he should’ve come to us, and together we could’ve come up with an alternative option. Instead, he just goes off freelancing.

Nikki: I really don’t know that he has it in him to be a team player.

Nick: How’s dad reacting to this?

Nikki: Well, he’s not happy.

Victor: I assume your coo encouraged you to take this path. And you thought it was a good idea based on what, based on her extensive experience in corporate deal-making?

Adam: No, dad, this was my idea. And it was mine alone.

Sally: But once I did hear about it, I thought it was wonderful. Simple, clear, and direct.

Adam: Look, I wanted to provide ashland with the incentive to do what you’ve been telling him to do ever since you discovered he’s a fraud — to get out of our lives.

Victor: Are you forgetting that victoria already had a plan?

Adam: Can I get a show of hands of anyone who actually thought that plan could work? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?!

Victor: Stop it!

Adam: Okay? I am coming at the problem from a different angle.

Victor: Really? Hell of an angle. You slack off, you listen to her advice, and you agree to pay this bastard hundreds of millions of dollars. Are you serious?!

Sally: If I may, adam’s plan is only expensive if it works, but you haven’t even told us how ashland responded to adam’s deal. If he wasn’t interested or he just blew it off, then this whole conversation is moot, right? There’s nothing to argue about.

Adam: He didn’t reject it, did he?

Victoria: Tell me that you never took that offer seriously. Tell me that you were just trying to make adam feel self-satisfied so that he would let his guard down.

Ashland: I’m sorry to say that adam has every reason to feel confident right now. He’s finally on track to getting everything he’s ever wanted. He’ll be victor’s shining star. Respected, admired, and, yes, he will take over for me once I’m gone.

Victoria: “Gone”?

Ashland: Yes. I told you already I want to get the hell out of this place. Start someplace fresh.

Victoria: You were tired. I — I just thought you were fantasizing or that you felt discouraged.

Ashland: All of the above.

Victoria: You know there is still time to hold adam accountable for all that he’s done. Clearly you can see by now that he is trying to set you up, now that he’s made this final push to shove you out of the company, now he’s demanding that we end our marriage. Tell me that you’re not gonna give in to these demands. You’re gonna fight this, right?

Ashland: I know that you want me to plant evidence to incriminate adam.

Victoria: It’s the least that he deserves.

Ashland: I care more about what you deserve. Victoria, I can’t give it all to you anymore. We can no longer continue the life that we’d planned and loved and built, running newman/locke side-by-side and trusting each other implicitly. That life is not gonna happen. But I can still be the man that I promised you I would be on the day we got married.

[ Sighs ] The thing is…I’m a selfish man. Greedy and selfish. I don’t just want your love. I want your respect. And I know if I do this thing that you’re asking me to do, that’s what I’ll lose.

Victoria: And that’s your final answer. You’re not gonna do what’s necessary to bring adam down.

Ashland: No. The answer to lies is not more lies.

Victoria: But it’s all been lies, hasn’t it? From the very beginning.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Victor: I will tell you about my conversation with ashland after you assure that I’ve been heard and understood.

Adam: [ Clears throat ] Loud and clear. You want me to work for the good of the family, and honestly, that’s what I thought that I was doing.

Victor: Don’t ever go off on your own and make a deal of this magnitude without me knowing about it.

Adam: Listen, I was trying to help. Sometimes you got to think outside the boardroom. I made a judgment call.

Victor: You had no right to take the situation into your own hands — none!

Adam: Okay, look, I should’ve come to you before I made the offer, definitely, yes, but i wasn’t trying to get away with anything. I saw locke, the idea came to me, and I just ran with it.

Sally: It’s true. I was there. It was not something we had discussed. He was just inspired.

Victor: I don’t care if you were there or not! It was an impulsive decision. You shouldn’t have made it without consulting me and the family. Don’t you ever do that again! Isn’t that what you accused your sister of, having rushed into a plan?

Adam: Look, there were plenty of problems with victoria’s plan. Most importantly, he didn’t bite on the bait, which was me. And when I gave him my offer, i actually saw a big, beautiful light turn on behind his dead eyes, okay? He was intrigued. So what did the guy say?

Victor: He said he’s at the grand phoenix, waiting for you.

Adam: When? Right now?

Victor: Maybe he’s still there now.

Adam: Okay, uh, well, it’s past the point of no return. Unless you want me to kill this deal. Tell me now. Just say the word, and I’ll drop it.

Victor: Son, let me say this quietly. Once again, don’t ever make a deal without me knowing. Not a deal of that magnitude.

Nick: I mean, is there a chance adam’s plan could work, just paying him off? It’s not clever, it’s not overly complicated, but maybe that’s it’s saving grace.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] It’s easy money, if that’s what ashland is looking for.

Nick: You think he’s ready to give up control of the company?

Nikki: I don’t know. He asked your father to have adam meet him at the grand phoenix so they could go over the agreement. Although that could’ve just been a tactic.

Nick: Well, what does that buy him?

Nikki: I don’t know. More time? He’s always telling her how much he adores her and he would give up the world for her. This scheme feeds right into that. The poor thing, I mean, she must feel like we don’t support her and that we’ve given up faith in her.

Nick: And then ashland could twist things around, make it seem like it’s just the two of them versus the big, mean newman family.

Nikki: And then he can make this enormous sacrifice out of love.

Nick: When really it’s just a ploy, a way to pull her back to him.

Victoria: My god, you really are a piece of work, aren’t you?

Ashland: I don’t understand where this is coming from.

Victoria: Love really is blind, right, ashland? But guess what — my eyes have been opened.

Ashland: By your family.

Victoria: No, by you. There’s one thing I have known, that everybody knows about you, is that you are a fighter. You never surrender and you hardly ever show mercy, so there is no way in hell that you would ever let anyone set you up or sully your reputation. And then what, after that, you’re gonna take a payoff and you’re just gonna walk away from the company that you built with your wife? That wouldn’t happen.

Ashland: You’re making a lot of assumptions.

Victoria: The only reason you stopped looking for evidence against adam is because you know that there isn’t any. You know that he didn’t set you up. You’re 100% guilty. You have been faking your cancer for months. You falsified records. You bribed the doctors. You conned me into caring about you, and after I gave you my heart and my trust and after everything that you put me through, you at least owe me the truth. Can you not give me the truth?!

Ashland: You’re right. About one thing. Who I am — I am a fighter. What you may not be considering is that I’ve changed what I’m fighting for. Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches

Victoria: You want me to believe that you are fighting for me.

Ashland: I am.

Victoria: And yet you just told my parents that you would consider accepting a bribe to get me out of your life.

[ Scoffs ] I’m sorry, just pardon my confusion.

Ashland: What I consider and what I agree to are not necessarily the same things.

Victoria: Oh, right, yeah. It’s all just semantics.

Ashland: Look, I know that it doesn’t matter anymore what i say to you. It’s not likely you’re gonna believe any promises or denials that come out of my mouth right now. I understand that. I get it.

Victoria: That is so big of you.

Ashland: But I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, okay? I don’t believe you either. When you act like this — so tough and so above it all — i know what’s going on inside.

Victoria: Whatever affection I might still have for you is far outweighed by how angry I am with you.

Ashland: If the situation were reversed, if I found out that you were using me, a sick and dying man, to gain control of locke communications, I would be livid.

Victoria: Would you?

Ashland: Yes. I would feel betrayed, I would feel used, I would feel manipulated, and yet it would be impossible for me to stop loving you. Because I would know in my heart that no matter how our relationship started, no matter what kind of simplistic and grasping intentions we had at the beginning, that what it turned into was something entirely different. Something real and true and strong. And I would know that you were in love with me despite your best efforts to cover it up or pretend it away.

Victoria: It seems that you’ve decided to disregard everything that I say.

Ashland: No, I’m telling you that a love as strong and real as ours cannot be forced or faked. It cannot be an act, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Victoria: So if the shoe were on the other foot, you would forgive me.

Ashland: Without hesitation.

Victoria: Because?

Ashland: Because I love you. And I could never stop loving you.

Victoria: What is it that you want from me?

Ashland: The same thing you want from me. The truth.

Nick: Alright, you’ll let me know if you hear anything.

Nikki: Yes, of course I will.

Nick: Look, mom, don’t worry. Vick is gonna come out of this stronger and tougher than she’s ever been.

Nikki: I hope so. She’s been through so much.

Nick: She’s gonna be okay.

Nikki: Alright, I’m gonna take off.

Nick: Alright, I love you.

Nikki: Love you too.

Sharon: She looks really worried.

Nick: Well, everything keeps piling up. We thought adam was up to something, and we were right.

Sharon: Why, what did she say to you?

Nick: Do you remember when you saw adam and ashland in here talking?

Sharon: Yeah.

Nick: Well, I guess adam decided he didn’t trust victoria to be able to single-handedly get ashland out of our lives, so what you were watching was adam going behind the family’s back, putting his own plan in motion.

Sharon: Should I act surprised?

Nick: Now everything’s up in the air. Ashland’s gonna have a chance to play us all against each other. It’s time I have a talk with ashland, and I know right where to find him.

Sharon: Wait. Nick, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Victor: I have issues with your plan, son. What if ashland locke pretends to agree to accept the $500 million? Then he can toy with us. He can suddenly say, “I don’t like the deal.” And then what?

Adam: So what are you gonna do? Are you gonna just wait and hope that victoria’s plan works out?

Victor: Victoria’s plan was a damn good plan, son. Very good plan. All we had to do is catch him in doing something illegal. He would’ve terminated his contract with newman/locke. He would’ve been the hell out.

Sally: If he’s up to something underhanded, he’s never gonna get caught. He’s way too smart. He’s been five steps ahead of victoria since the day he made her his mark, and I am not victim-blaming because I thought he was in love with victoria just like everyone else.

Adam: Look, I’m not asking you to trust locke, because i certainly don’T. But if he agrees to walk away, i will insist that he signs ironclad legal documents. Okay? Nondisclosure, non-compete — all of it. It’ll be easy. We’ll make it clean, and we can get him out of our lives for good.

Victor: All this is contingent upon you getting ahold of $500 million. Where are you gonna get it — victoria? You know that’s out of the question. What? You think it’s gonna come from me?

Adam: What is worth to you to get this guy out of our lives?

Victor: [ Sighs ]

Give your morning a

little boost

Nick: Just give me one good reason why I shouldn’t let ashland have it.

Sharon: Well, you just got through saying how wrong it was for adam to go behind victoria’s back and take charge of the situation himself.

Nick: Yeah, I know, but it’s —

Sharon: How is that any different than you going to confront ashland right now? What is that gonna do? It’ll show victoria that you don’t trust her to handle this herself.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Well, it’ll make me feel better.

Sharon: Okay, but this isn’t about you.

Nick: I know, you’re right.

Sharon: Why are you even involved in this? Why don’t you just sit this one out?

Nick: This sick bastard has caused my sister so much pain.

Sharon: Okay, well, if you want to get involved, go to her. Just offer her your love and support. That’s what she really needs right now.

Adam: Yeah, it’s an obscene amount of money.

Victor: Hmm.

Adam: But what price can you put on freedom? Because that’s what you would be buying for victoria. My sister would never have to see this guy again. She could stop pretending to love him because it’s pretty clear that’s what’s messing with her head, no matter how much she wants to claim otherwise. And, dad, aside from that, we have to get this guy out of the family company. He gets in control, he can make major changes. Our management team — gone. His lieutenants get promoted, he could sell off entire divisions to the highest bidder. I think half a billion dollars is a small price to pay to avoid the kind of chaos that that man could unleash.

Victor: You’re not bringing up anything that I haven’t already considered.

Adam: Well, I figured as much. So what do you want me to do?

Victor: Meet with him. Make the deal.

Adam: And the money?

Victor: It’ll come from your father.

Adam: You — you won’t regret this.

Victor: See to it that i don’T.

Victoria: After everything that’s transpired, how can you expect me to forgive you?

Ashland: No, no, no, don’t go anywhere. I know it sounds mad. Just hear me out. We can start over. And thanks to adam, ironically, we will have all the capital we need to start our next venture.

Victoria: You don’t understand —

Ashland: I do understand. Think about the life we could have. No suspicions. No judgment. No family rivalries. Just the two of us…and this crazy, perfect love that we have found together. You want that…every bit as much as I do. Don’t you?

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