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Steffy: No…

Taylor: What is it, sweetheart?

Steffy: Shei… la…

Liam: Nobody’s here. Why is nobody here?

Hope: I’m sure they’re all in with steffy.

Liam: Yeah, okay. Yeah. I just can’t– I can’t even believe this is happening, like the fact that steffy’s even laying in a hospital bed right now, like why– who would do this? Who would do this to steffy and finn, of all people?

Hope: Oh, bridget, is there any word on steffy?

Bridget: You haven’t heard yet? It’s good news! She regained consciousness!

Liam: Wha– what? Really? Oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god.

Hope: She’s going to be okay!

Liam: Yes. Yes.

Thomas: You had us all scared, sis.

Taylor: Yeah. But we need you to come back to the people that love you and need you.

Ridge: She was guided.

Taylor: What does that mean?

Ridge: Well, I had a word with the big man and he answered. It’s a long story.

Steffy: What… what happened?

Liam: Oh, my god, this is amazing. I– I can’t believe it. So, so what, so what exactly– what does this mean? Is– is steffy out of danger now, or–

Bridget: No, no, no, she still has a fight ahead of her, but regaining consciousness is a step in the right direction for sure. I am cautiously optimistic.

Hope: All right, well, we’ll take iT.

Liam: Yeah, totally. Thank you for telling us. Di– I assume the team knows about steffy’s history with opioids and all that– okay, all right. Thank you.

Bridget: Uh, I will keep you guys in the loop. But I’m gonna check on her condition.

Liam: Yeah, no, no, yeah, go do your thing. Do your thing. Oh, my god!

Zende: We came to check on steffy.

Hope: Gosh!

Paris: Any updates?

Hope: Uh, you actually got here just in time.

Liam: Uh, so get this, bridget just told us steffy regained consciousness.

Zende: Man, what a relief. What’s the prognosis?

Liam: Uh, it’s just well, still some obstacles ahead, but– but it is a major improvement.

Steffy: Hos… a hospital?

Ridge: That’s right.

Taylor: Don’t– don’t try to talk, sweetheart, please. Save your strength, your body has been through a tremendous shock.

Thomas: Uh, you don’t remember why you’re here, huh?

Ridge: You were shot.

Steffy: Shot?

Zende: You can imagine how shocked we were when we heard what happened.

Hope: Oh my gosh, no one told the office. I feel so bad, I should have called. I’m sorry.

Paris: No, wait. You’re literally going through a tragedy.

Zende: It’s a double tragedy. But what the hell happened?

Paris: Yeah, is– is finn really dead?

Hope: It’s horrible, and it hasn’t really sunken in yet because we’ve all been so focused on steffy.

Paris: I was hoping that that was some kind of mistake through word getting around. Like, yeah, he’s been shot, but he’s still alive. How can it be any other way?

Zende: Thank god we didn’t lose both of them. Steffy, she’s gonna make it, right?

Hope: No, she has to.

Liam: I mean, it’s steffy, right? She’s not about to abandon her kids.

Hope: Poor hayes has lost his father now.

Zende: Finn was a good man.

Paris: So… what are the circumstances?

Liam: I mean, they don’t know exactly. They– they think it’s a robbery gone wrong.

Paris: What was taken?

Liam: Okay, so: Steffy’s purse, finn’s wallet and cell phone, and then, just, just their rings.

Paris: Anyone else find it strange why steffy and finn would even be there?

Zende: It’s a long valet line, maybe? They could have had dinner and parked out back.

Paris: I mean, I– I suppose. I don’t know, maybe it was a wrong place, wrong time thing? Does– does steffy know that finn is gone?

Liam: Yeah, see I– see, that’s a good question, and we don’T… I don’t know, I mean, I guess it would just depend on like, the timing. Right? ‘Cause if– oh, god, if, you know, finn was shot first…

Zende: Either way, this is awful. Steffy lost a husband and– and hayes lost his father.

Paris: Who would do something like this? Anyone who knew steffy and finn, how incredible and extraordinary they were– I mean, it had to be a stranger.

Zende: I mean– I don’t know, if you’re trying to piece this together, they– I mean, clearly, they had dinner, right? And I guess maybe they just– they left the restaurant out of the back for whatever reason and I suppose they just walked into something they couldn’t have anticipated.

Liam: I guess, I–

Paris: Oh how’s– how’s ridge?

Liam: Uh, you know, I mean he’s– he’s hanging in there, he’s– it’s ridge, he’s trying to be strong for his family, but, uh, it’s– it’s tough.

Zende: I’m sure. Steffy, she’s the light of uncle ridge’s life. I don’t even want to imagine what losing her would do to him.

Liam: Well, unfortunately she’s not– you know, we’re not in the clear yet. Bridget said there still might be complications.

Paris: But she did sound optimistic.

Liam: Cautiously, she said.

Hope: Yeah, but I mean, we can’t count steffy out. She’s a fighter.

Liam: Well, that much is true.

Hope: Yeah, I mean, she’s made it this far. I can only imagine that she’ll– she’ll find her way back.

Paris: Yeah, I mean there’s no way she’s leaving those kids. Hayes and kelly, they mean everything to her.

Zende: How you holding up, liam? This whole thing must be a nightmare for you.

Liam: Uh, thank you, thanks for asking. I, um– okay, I, it’s just– it’s, it’s steffy, so that, you know, there’s a lot of history there. We share a child together, we– we went through great pains to, you know, blend our families so that we could co-parent kelly. The thought of her not being around to see kelly grow up, I– I don’t know, it’s just, it’s not– it’s not something I was mentally prepared for facing.

Hope: Well, you don’t have to, okay? Steffy’s not going anywhere.

Liam: Yeah.

Paris: No way, but it goes to show how you have to cherish every moment. It can be gone just like that.

Hope: Something we shouldn’t take for granted.

Zende: Yeah, but I keep coming back to the same place in my mind. I mean, steffy and finn are good people. They don’t make them any better. Who– who would just shoot them and then just disappear into the night?

Steffy: You shot your son.

We need to get help!

You’re sick.

You’re sick. You’re going

to prison for the rest

of your life!

Taylor: This is too much right now. You just woke up.

Sheila: Yeah, taylor is right. You wanna take things slowly. You don’t wanna jeopardize steffy’s recovery. Her condition is still very fragile.

Ridge: Hey, sheila. Thank you. I think we got it.

Taylor: Okay. She’s just trying to help.

Ridge: We don’t need her help. If anyone knows what to do for steffy, it’s us, the three of us. Her family.

Sheila: I– I wasn’t trying to imply anything other than that. It– it’s just… there’s plenty of time for– for her remembering what had to be an incredibly traumatic event.

Ridge: You know what. That surprises me. I thought you want to find the shooter. Make sure they go to jail for what they did.

Steffy: Shot…

Taylor: Yes, baby, it was awful.

Steffy: Why? And there it is.

Hope: You hanging in there?

Liam: Yeah. I’m– you know, I’m just beyond grateful that steffy’s awake, but I guess I’m still processing.

Hope: I know.

Paris: I just don’t understand how this is real. Finn is gone. Like, he’ll never be able to teach hayes how to throw a football or save another patient’s life. How can that be?

Zende: I can’t imagine steffy without him.

Liam: You know something? I don’t think I ever told finn how much I appreciated him just loving my child. No questions asked.

Hope: Sweetie, I’m sure finn knew how grateful you were.

Liam: I don’t know how to tell kelly she’s never gonna see him again.

Hope: Well, when steffy feels up to it, we will find a way to tell her together as a family.

Paris: But for now, she’s just gotta keep fighting.

Hope: And she will. For the kids. Especially hayes, because he needs her more now than ever.

[ Liam groaning ]

Liam: It’s just, I don’t– I don’t understand how– I mean, it’s just the way that we lost finn. It’s like, it’s so senseless, it’s–

Paris: Over money or credit cards?

Liam: Yeah.

Paris: It’s j– that doesn’t make sense, and I know steffy and finn would have given whatever the person wanted, so why shoot them?

Zende: We’re trying to make sense out of something that’s totally random.

Paris: I just hope the police are close to catching the person who did this.

Hope: Well, I mean maybe steffy will be able to shed some light on the situation now that she’s awake.

Liam: With any luck. Identify the son of a bitch who did it.

Sheila: Why? You mean, why were you shot?

Ridge: It appears to have been a robbery.

Thomas: Yeah, stef, um, whenever we find out who did this to you–

Taylor: You know, I think we should– I think we should give her some– some time here. You know, she just– she just woke up. She’s still very fragile.

Steffy: What happened?

Ridge: What happened, the police is trying to put together now. What do you think happened? Do you remember anything? Do you remember someone’s face, maybe, or a car pulling away, anything like that?

Steffy: I…

Taylor: Okay, okay, let’s– let’s not push her. Okay, she needs to rest. The police are gonna be questioning her.

Ridge: I get it, I get all that. There’s a lunatic running around with a gun.

Taylor: I know.

Ridge: I don’t want somebody else’s kid being shot.

Taylor: I know, but–

Sheila: You know, as– as a trained nurse, though, it’s my professional opinion that you don’t want to– you don’t want overstress her. You don’t want to cause anything that might have her regress. What’s most important right now is– is her complete recovery.

Ridge: Steffy, try to remember. Restaurant. The alley. Is there anything– who do you think put you here?

Zende: How you doing over here?

Paris: Um, I’m just trying to imagine moving on without finn and I can’T. I can’t quite get there.

Zende: Yeah, I, um, I know you guys were close.

Paris: I mean, he was so alive. So full of love and laughter, and– and goofiness. Finn was so fun, and a great dad and and amazing partner and husband to steffy. Kind and warm, a healer, and now he’s just gone because of some random robbery?

Zende: It’s crazy.

Paris: I mean, I got to know him when I moved in to steffy’s, and he’s a wonderful guy. And he didn’t deserve this. Being shot dead in an alley and just left there. He didn’t deserve this.

Hope: You know what really hurts? This was the happiest I had ever seen steffy in all her life. With her husband, and her family, and now that’s broken.

Liam: Yeah, she’S… she’s gonna need all of us when she realizes.

Zende: And we’ll be right there for her.

Paris: Yeah. Whatever she needs.

Liam: I guess I just hope that everything that happened to her, you know, getting shot and losing her husband… she’s such a– steffy’s such a fearless person, I just don’t want it to change her, you know?

Paris: It won’T.

Hope: She’s got so many people who love and support her, and we will all be there for her.

Liam: Yeah. And then there’s kelly.

Hope: I know. We got kelly too.

Liam: Put me in a room with the guy who did this, I swear to god.

Paris: Seriously.

Hope: You know what, I think we should focus on the positives. Steffy has regained consciousness. That’s amazing. And now we just need to concentrate on getting her all the way back.

Paris: And for us to pick up the slack in the meantime.

Zende: It’s crazy that we even have to. I mean, steffy should be out there being the boss lady everyone knows and loves. Who would want to shut her down like this?

Ridge: Honey, I know it’s hard but you gotta try. There’s a lunatic out there with a gun. I don’t want anyone else getting hurt. Why were you at il giardino’s?

Steffy: I do not remember.

Ridge: Okay, you have to try to remember, please.

Sheila: Ridge, you know what, this really isn’t–

Ridge: Sheila! This is between me and my daughter. Please, be quiet.

Steffy: Uh…

Ridge: What? Are you remembering something?

Steffy: Uh…

Thomas: Yeah, stef. Anything. You remember what they look like, hair color…

Steffy: Her…

Ridge: Honey? Who did this to you?

Taylor: We’re all here, baby.

Ridge: Say it one more time. Just try to say it one more time.

[ Steffy mumbling and groaning ] HeR…

Taylor: If you can tell us, please tell us. We won’t let anyone or anything ever hurt you again.

[ Steffy mumbling and groaning ]

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