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Masked man: Don’t do anything stupid and you might live through this!

Sonny: Okay. You know what? Everything’s fine. Take what you want, and we’ll stay out of your way.

Masked man: Shut up. You stay right there.

Sonny: Nothing has happened. Nothing needs to happen. You turn around and go, and this will all be over.

Dante: What are you doing?

Sam: Um… I was forwarding your forensic file to my e-mail.

Dante: F-forwarding the — the PCPD confidential forensics file? That file?

Sam: Yeah. And you’re mad.

Dante: What the hell, Sam? Of course I’m mad. What were you thinking?

Sam: I don’t know. I-I did it for the right reasons.

Dante: What? What reasons?

Sam: Trina and — and Joss. You’re the one who said that Trina didn’t do it.

Dante: Yeah, I don’t think Trina did it, but I still have to do a legal investigation. And I don’t remember hiring you for your PI services on this one.

Sam: Well, I wasn’t doing it as a PI.

Dante: Then in what capacity were you taking a private work e-mail from my phone?

Carly: Oh, no, no, no, no. Carly —

Sam: This is my fault.

Carly: It is my fault. I’m the one who —

Drew: And we’re leaving!

Carly: What are you doing? Excuse me. What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Drew: You know exactly what I’m doing. I’m — I’m saving you from yourself.

Austin: Need me to hold the bag for you?

Chase: No, I’m good, thanks.

Spinelli: As it happens, you’d be wise to keep your hands free.

Austin: Why’s that?

Spinelli: Because insulting a woman’s honor does not go unnoticed. Not by me.

[ Laughter ]

Brook Lynn: We had champagne this morning, and now we’re working out. We’re doing this day backwards.

Maxie: Trust me, you’ll feel so much better after you get your sweat on.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

Maxie: Then again, adrenaline is way overrated.

Josslyn: Are you okay?

Trina: Oh, my gosh. You didn’t have to come.

Josslyn: Um, yes, I did. I could tell that you were upset.

Trina: Through my text?

Josslyn: That’s how well I know you.

Trina: But weren’t you just hanging out with Cam?

Josslyn: Yeah, but I had already left. I was on my way home. Stop asking me questions. What happened?

Trina: Spencer happened.

Cameron: What do you want?

Spencer: Wow. Welcomes don’t come warmer than that.

Cameron: Expecting something different?

Spencer: Look, I know that you’re pissed at me.

Cameron: That’s an understatement.

Spencer: But I could really use a friend right now.

Cameron: Then you’ve come to the wrong place.

Sasha: I can’t believe you forgot to invite Sonny to our reception.

Brando: I meant to and then… call the police.

Sasha: Okay.

Brando: Get out of the line of fire. Now. Go.

Sasha: You’re coming with me, right? Right?!

Brook Lynn: You invited your boyfriend, your baby dad, and Chase?

Maxie: To a dance cardio class? I most certainly did not.

Spinelli: It’s an ancient custom that lasted well into the 19th Century, even the 20th in some remote areas —

Maxie: well, this is quite the trio.

Austin: Hi.

Brook Lynn: Hi.

Chase: Hi.

Spinelli: Uh, had I known you were here, I-I would have… taken this elsewhere.

Maxie: Taken what? What are you doing, Spinelli?

Austin: Defending your honor, apparently.

Spinelli: The doctor has to answer for his transgressions.

Maxie: Okay. Let’s have a little chat. Come on.

Chase: I heard the deception IPO launch was a success. Social media went crazy and the stock price went through the roof?

Brook Lynn: Yeah. Thanks.

Chase: How are you?

Brook Lynn: I’m good. You?

Chase: Not so great.

Brook Lynn: W-what’s wrong? A-are you feeling okay?

Chase: No, I feel terrible. I feel terrible that I let you down.

Carly: I was just trying to explain that I was the one who put Sam up to it and Dante was getting twitchy —

Drew: Twitchy? Is that, like, the technical term for it?

Carly: I just want him to know that it was my fault, that Sam didn’t do anything.

Drew: I understand.

Carly: Great.

Drew: Wait, wait. Where are you going?

Carly: I’m going back out there to talk to them!

Drew: No, no, you’re not, actually. You know what you’re doing? You’re gonna sit right here like that. Here’s the deal. Dante and Sam are in a relationship.

Carly: I’m aware of that. I was just trying to explain to them —

Drew: Whatever’s happening out there, Dante getting twitchy or angry or — or — or whatever it is, that’s between them. I mean, I-I realize that you were just trying to explain, and that’s — that’s very well-intentioned, but…

Carly: Ill-advised.

Drew: Yeah. When has inserting yourself into another couple’s problems ever worked out?

Carly: Never.

Drew: Hmm.

Carly: Okay. You’re right. I made things worse, didn’t I?

Drew: Well…I mean. [ Laughs ] It kind of surprised me, I got to say, that you wanted to get involved at all.

Carly: Really? After the whole victor bridge debacle?

Drew: Huh. Yeah, well, this was a little bit different. Sam’s not in danger, so…

Carly: Yeah. Right. Oh, I feel like I’m losing my mind, you know? With the whole Josslyn videotape scandal, Trina getting arrested. It’s just…

Drew: Yeah. Hey, w-what’s happening with that?

Carly: Oh [Scoffs] You don’t want to know.

Drew: Yeah, Carly, I do.

Josslyn: Spencer said he was worried about you. Really? After all he did was accuse you of being guilty?

Trina: It was kind of like whiplash. One minute he was, like, concerned, and then the next, he was talking about how I can’t blame Esme for everything.

Josslyn: Like hell we can’t.

Trina: Go on and say it. You tried to warn me about him. Said Spencer is sincere in the moment, but at the core, he’s shallow and an easily manipulated person. The only thing that he has mileage for is being a lost, little rich boy, and… when it matters, there’s no “there” there.

Josslyn: Well, if I said that, I didn’t say it nearly as well. I probably just called Spencer a tool.

Trina: You said that, too.

Josslyn: I don’t want to be right.

Trina: And I don’t want to care about Spencer.

Josslyn: But you do.

Trina: If I didn’t, it wouldn’t hurt this much.

Cameron: Trina’s already having a hard time as it is, and then you go and accuse her of Esme’s crimes.

Spencer: How did you hear about that?

Cameron: About your little trip to the PCPD? Trina’s my friend — the real kind. The kind that share stuff and have each other’s backs.

Spencer: It’s not what you think.

Cameron: No?

Spencer: Can I just come inside, please? I hate that Trina thinks the worst of me. That’s why I’m here. Thanks.

Cameron: Well, I hope you’re not expecting any sympathy.

Spencer: I’m not.

Cameron: ‘Cause it’s not my fault you turned your back on Trina and spawned this baby with the devil.

Spencer: Esme isn’t pregnant.

Cameron: Well, too bad. You deserve to be tied down to that nightmare for life.

Spencer: Yeah. Okay, fine. So, no baby. But the other thing that you said is true. I let Trina down.

Cameron: Big time.

Sonny: Leaving is — is still an option. We c– we can’t id you even if we tried.

Masked man: Shut up and open the till! Add your wallets and jewelry.

Sonny: O-okay. Tonight’s profits have already been deposited, so it’s just gonna be petty cash.

Masked man: Get it.

Sonny: All right, I’m gonna grab it right —

Masked man: No, no, no, no, no. Not alone, you’re not.

Sonny: What are you —

Masked man: check for anything locked and loaded.

Nina: [ Gasps ]

Masked man: Hey! What are you doing?

Sonny: Hey! You don’t want to touch her.

Masked man: And if I do?

Sonny: You don’t want to find out.

Sonny: Take what you came for and get the hell out.

Masked man: Your watch.

Sonny: You’re not taking my watch. That belonged to my dad.

Masked man: Can you believe this guy?

Sonny: If you want to take my watch, you’re gonna rip it off me.

[ Door opens ]

[ Men fighting ]

Nina: [ Breathing hard ]

Sonny: Nina, you okay?

Nina: I think so.

Sonny: Brando, you did good.

Chase: I really regret the way I responded when you asked me to sing your song.

Brook Lynn: It’s fine. I understand you wanting to get off suspension is — is your priority, and I don’t want to jeopardize that.

Chase: Okay, you say it’s fine, but I’m really getting a vibe that it’s not.

Brook Lynn: Well, your future as a detective is bright. Excuse me.

Dante: I never thought I’d have to… guard my phone from you.

Sam: Dante, come on.

Dante: Sam, that’s a document, an official document meant for a police officer. For me, for work. It’s not for a civilian. Y-y-you see that, right?

Sam: Yes, o-of course I see that. But it’s a report, right? Everything in it eventually is gonna come out. It just — that’s the deal. It moves forward.

Dante: Yeah, it does. You’re right. But — but y-y-you don’t see where this is a problem?

Sam: I mean… it’s not like I was stealing government secrets or tampering with evidence.

Dante: No, no, you’re right. In this case, it’s not. You getting eyes on this is not a game-changer.

Sam: Okay. Then…

Dante: Come on, you — you — you went into my phone. You accessed private files without asking me. I thought — I thought we had gotten to a-a place of mutual trust.

Sam: We have.

Dante: Okay. It just doesn’t seem like it to me. Or maybe you’ve got a different definition of it than I do have.

Sam: Okay. I, um…

Dante: Look…I’m gonna get privileged information. Stuff you’re not allowed to see. It’s that simple. It has nothing to do with how I feel about you.

Sam: I understand that.

Dante: Do you? Just…

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Dante: [ Sighs ] I need to know I can trust you for this to work. Falconeri. Yeah. Okay. I’ll be right there.

Sam: You have to go?

Dante: Yeah.

Sam: [ Sighs ]

Drew: I don’t know if you got my message.

Carly: I did. I’m sorry I didn’t call you back.

Drew: Mnh-mnh. What are you talking about? You don’t have to apologize. I know things have been crazy.

Carly: You have no idea.

Drew: So tell me.

Carly: [ Sighs ] Okay. Well, so this tape gets out and — and Josslyn is utterly humiliated. And I know that Cam is, too. I do.

Drew: But — but it’s not the same. I mean, both were — were victimized. Absolutely. For sure. No doubt about it. But at the end of the day, the guy ends up looking like kind of a sex god and the girl gets labeled a slut.

Carly: Yeah. Pretty much.

Drew: I’m sorry. But I do give Joss and Cam credit for doing that article.

Carly: Yeah. Well, you’ve got to throw some credit Alexis’ way, too.

Drew: Wow.

Carly: [ Laughs ]

Drew: Praising Alexis.

Carly: I know. Wonders never cease. But she really got the story, and the way we wanted the story to be told.

Drew: Yeah. Focusing on the victimization and how much of that lands on the girl, right? Yeah. Part of me wanted to get in there with Aurora, pick up the story, give it more steam. But then I worried about piling on. I don’t know. Maybe it was stupid.

Carly: I’m glad you stayed on the sideline.

Drew: You are?

Carly: Yeah, I mean… Alexis was far enough removed that I could handle her doing the story, but with you, things could get tricky, and — and you’re just, um, too close.

Drew: In that case, I’m gonna take advantage of that closeness.

Carly: Okay? [ Laughs ]

Drew: How are you? You. How are you dealing with all this?

Spencer: I know I said hurtful things to Trina. I don’t deny that, Cameron. But it is complicated.

Cameron: Oh, cry me a river. You know, I miss the times when you were just an annoying snob and just pretentious. But now you’re a full-blown ass.

Spencer: Can you please hear me out?

Cameron: Why? So you can just bombard me with lies and excuses.

Spencer: No excuses. But I’m allowed to have problems, aren’t I?

Cameron: You want to talk about problems? I just lost my summer job that I’ve worked years to get. And now there’s people on the internet critiquing my performance in bed. And I’m in a weird space with my girlfriend.

Spencer: I’m sorry. You and Joss, you don’t deserve what’s happening to you.

Cameron: It didn’t just happen to us, okay? A crime was committed against us!

Spencer: I know. I —

Cameron: No, you don’t know, because you are not my friend! In fact, I want nothing to do with you! The way you have jerked Trina around, got her to lie for you and begged her to save you, and then the second your disgusting girlfriend —

Spencer: I know that Esme did it, okay?! And I know that she framed Trina! And now it is my turn to try to save her.

Maxie: Austin is a good man, Spinelli, and you would know that if you just gave him a chance.

Spinelli: He’s not worthy of you.

Maxie: You don’t think anyone’s worthy of me. I really like him, and I’d like to see where this goes. Can you accept that?

Spinelli: I suppose I’ll have to.

Maxie: That’s the spirit.

Spencer: Trina’s innocent. I’ve always believed that.

Cameron: Really?

Spencer: Really.

Cameron: Or are you just telling yourself that?

Spencer: Come on.

Cameron: So then why are you pretending to be on team Esme?

Spencer: Because I am trying to get Esme to lower her guard so that she can lead me to something, anything, that will exonerate Trina.

Cameron: That sounds really shady.

Spencer: I’m sorry, Cam. Do you have a better idea?

Cameron: No, but is it really worth hurting Trina?

Spencer: You should’ve seen the look in Trina’s eyes when I just left her at the gallery. It gutted me. And I haven’t been able to lose that feeling since I stupidly left with Esme the night of our ski trip.

Cameron: You mean that? You do have feelings for Trina. Okay. Well, uh, looks like we both have problems.

Josslyn: Hey. Are you okay?

Trina: This sounded like a good idea, but now that I’m here —

Josslyn: Spencer’s not working.

Trina: It’s not that.

Josslyn: I get it. I mean, when the video came out, I didn’t want to go anywhere. I didn’t want to come here. I didn’t want to go to the metro court. Especially not class. But then I realized hiding… it really doesn’t help. In fact, it actually makes things worse.

Trina: I’m not hiding, per se. I just don’t want to feel like I’m put under a microscope.

Josslyn: Well, the microscope, it’s not real.

Trina: You sure about that?

Josslyn: Besides, it’ll be good for us to be seen together. Would I really be hanging out with the person who made a sex tape of me and my boyfriend?

Trina: Probably not, no.

Josslyn: No, probably not. So let’s go inside, heads held high, let’s order dessert.

Trina: Well, speak for yourself, because I’m ordering potato wedges.

Josslyn: Oh, you rebel!

Trina: Right?

Josslyn: After you.

Carly: How am I?

Drew: Bit of a loaded question, I see.

Carly: [ Laughs ] I just want to come out swinging and fix everything. But it’s Josslyn’s fight, not mine.

Drew: Hmm. Still, feel pretty good to get out there and lay into somebody.

Carly: Not somebody. Esme Prince.

Drew: Spencer’s girlfriend, right?

Carly: That’s right. She made and sent that video, and then she framed Trina.

Drew: Now, are we trusting your instincts on this? Which I-I absolutely do — or — or is this based on fact?

Carly: A little bit of both.

Drew: Okay. Fair enough.

Carly: I mean, this girl has a history of deviant behavior way beyond sneakiness or manipulation.

Drew: Straight-up evil?

Carly: Yeah. And this so-called evidence against Trina, it’s all circumstantial, not to mention ridiculously convenient. I know Trina. She would never do something like this. So that’s where I’m at. You know, I just want all this to be over. I-I want Josslyn, Trina, and Cameron to move on with their lives, and I want Esme to go down.

Drew: Meaning you want to take her down?

Carly: Hell yeah.

Drew: I get that. I do. That’s how I felt about Peter August. You know, I wanted it to be me to get the evidence, me to put him away, me… after he escaped yet another conviction, to be the guy to shoot him.

Carly: Yeah.

Drew: And end that miserable life. But… that’s not how it panned out.

[ Police radio chatter ]

Brando: It’s okay. I’m fine. Okay?

Sasha: That was so dangerous.

Brando: And sexy, though, right? Don’t forget sexy.

Sasha: You could’ve been killed, Brando.

Brando: Yeah. Look, I had to do something.

Sasha: Just promise not to make it a habit.

Brando: Promise. I’m not going anywhere.

Nina: Geez. I’m just glad Phyllis wasn’t here for all of this.

Sonny: I’m sorry you were.

Nina: [ Sighs ] Thank you for protecting me.

Sonny: You know what? You — you protect me from Baldwin… I’ll always protect you.

[ Both chuckle ]

Dante: [ Clears throat ] Hey. You, uh, up to answering a few questions, or do you think you need a minute?

Dante: Uh, so Phyllis and the bodyguard, they’re outside being questioned. They — they were at the bank when these perps arrived?

Sonny: That’s right.

Dante: You think these guys knew that you owned Charlie’s? Because if they did… and they hit the place anyway, that’s a pretty bold move.

Brando: I should, uh, go talk to Dante so we can get out of here and go home.

Nina: Sasha. I think you know what I’m gonna say.

Spinelli: Most gracious of greetings. Oh. Has — has something undesirable transpired?

Sam: Yeah. You could say that.

Spinelli: Well, I-I c-certainly don’t want to push, but… if you’re inclined to share.

Sam: I just ruined my relationship.

Carly: You still think about it? The Peter thing?

Drew: Yeah. Yeah, but I’m learning to be okay with it, so hopefully you can benefit from that experience and prepare yourself. Esme has wronged people that you care about, and it may not be you who puts her right.

Carly: Okay, well, that’s hard.

Drew: It is. I got to remind myself not to go so far down that rabbit hole that it wrecks the things I do have.

Carly: Well, in all fairness, Peter’s dead, so you can’t Chase after him.

Drew: That’s true, but there’s always somebody, right? I mean, can go after Victor, and I will when the opportunity arises, but I’m just not gonna devote my whole life to it, because that’s not gonna get me anywhere.

Carly: I feel like that’s my problem. It’s like I’m standing here and I’m looking at the rest of my life without Sonny, and I… I don’t know what that looks like, or what it means.

Drew: But that’s okay. You’ve got time to figure that out.

Carly: But I’m not. Figuring it out? I’m not. I-I’m pouring my energy into everything and anything else. Josslyn, Trina, Esme. And like you said, I’m getting nowhere. Maybe it’s time I pour that energy into me.

Spinelli: Dante caught you with your hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

Sam: Yep.

Spinelli: How did you leave matters?

Sam: With Dante saying that… he can’t trust me, and without trust, it won’t work. I’m afraid he’s not wrong.

Austin: Do you wanna talk about that?

Chase: Not with you. Thanks.

Austin: Fair enough. Look, man, when — when I had that conversation with you about your marriage with Willow, I had an ulterior motive. And I regret that. For what it’s worth, that’s not the kind of behavior I ever want to repeat.

Chase: I said no to Brook Lynn, which I don’t often do.

Austin: I can’t imagine anybody does.

Chase: But it’s not just that. I insulted her without meaning to. And it’s not the first time. I don’t know. Maybe Brook Lynn’s decided she’s done with me.

Austin: How would you feel about that?

Brook Lynn: Good thing Spinelli didn’t take Austin out. Not that I’d care, though you seem to like the guy.

Maxie: Should we talk about the guy you like?

Brook Lynn: No. Thank you. Chase apologized not just for not singing my song, but the way he rejected me.

Maxie: That’s a start.

Brook Lynn: [ Scoffs ]

Maxie: What is it that’s really bothering you, Brook Lynn? The fact that Chase said no to your song or that he didn’t do what he normally does, come running when you call?

Spencer: Thanks. [ Clears throat ]

Cameron: You have to tell Trina that you believe her.

Spencer: I can’t.

Cameron: She knows how to keep a secret.

Spencer: It’s not Trina that I don’t trust. What if she tells her lawyer? Scott Baldwin is also Ava’s lawyer. And now with Esme living at Wyndemere, we can’t risk this getting back to her, tipping her off.

Cameron: Okay. But what if you testify at the trial? That would be a huge blow to the prosecution.

Spencer: Yeah, true, but not foolproof. We need something that will guarantee that Trina walks away from these charges.

Cameron: Even if it means that she hates you?

Spencer: Even if.

Cameron: I’m sorry… for, uh, blowing up earlier.

Spencer: Don’t worry about it. You’re right. I’ve been an ass.

Cameron: Well, that’s because you were protecting your friend.

Spencer: Just like you. Which is why Trina can’t know. And, uh, neither can Josslyn.

Trina: So, how are we gonna nail Esme?

Josslyn: Taste of her own medicine — somehow record her confessing.

Trina: To who? The only person she would admit it to is Spencer. And he’s already gone to the dark side.

Josslyn: There has to be a way.

Trina: Well, at the gallery, you said that you left Cam at his house.

Josslyn: Yeah.

Trina: That seems kinda… weird. It’s kinda early for y’all to end the night. Is everything okay with you two? Well, you know —

Josslyn: Yeah. Yeah, everything’s fine. You know, there’s been a couple bumps along the way. I mean, how could there not be? But we’ll — we’re gonna figure it out.

Trina: You better ’cause Esme cannot take one more thing from us. What’s wrong?

Josslyn: There’s this guy, he keeps staring at us. Excuse me. Hi. Which one of us are you looking at? The video star or the criminal mastermind?

Cameron: There is no way I’m keeping this from Joss.

Spencer: You have to. You know how Joss and Trina are. They talk about everything. This will be no exception.

Cameron: Then why’d you tell me?

Spencer: Because you basically forced me into it, Cameron.

Cameron: Oh, so it’s my fault now?

Spencer: No, but Trina can’t know, and if we’re gonna keep it that way, then neither can Joss.

Cameron: She’d want to help.

Spencer: Exactly. You know the saying about too many cooks in the kitchen. Cameron, this needs to be a solo operation.

Cameron: This is unfair.

Spencer: Okay, fine. I’m sorry. Sorry I put you in a bad position.

Cameron: Yeah, well, I’m here.

Spencer: I need you to promise. Swear to me right now. This stays between us.

Cameron: You know, I can’t tell if this plan of yours is noble or idiotic. You know, it’s probably both.

Spencer: I’m just trying to redeem myself.

Cameron: Or maybe you’re trying to be Trina’s sole hero. Either way, you are in way over your head.

Josslyn: You get your money’s worth?

Trina: Joss, it’s not what you think. I know him.

Josslyn: You know him?

Rory: Um, sorry if I was staring.

Trina: I remember you… Mr. Invisible. The cop that gave me the soda.

Rory: I did bring you a soda, but I don’t recall wearing my invisibility cloak at the time.

Trina: I wanted to be alone at the courthouse, and…

Rory: And I said I would be invisible.

Trina: Yeah.

Rory: That’s right. [ Chuckles ]

Trina: Uh, um, this is my friend Josslyn. Um, Joss, this is officer…

Rory: Um, you can call me Rory.

Josslyn: Uh, it’s nice to meet you. I’m so, so, so sorry. I didn’t recognize you outside of the courthouse. And especially not in uniform.

Rory: No, it’s okay. It’s cool. Um, I get it. I’m just glad Trina has some friends that look out for her. Keep your chin up, okay? It’s good to see you.

Trina: You, too.

Rory: Josslyn, very nice to meet you as well.

Josslyn: Oh, my god. You know, I-I’ve had a really nice life, but can the floor just swallow me whole? Trina! I just reamed a cop.

Trina: You sure did.

[ Chuckles ]

Drew: You really seem to be handling your divorce pretty well. You know, you — you chose yourself.

Carly: I did. My life. What’s right for me. And of course that meant letting Sonny go. And it wasn’t easy, but it was right. You know?

Drew: A survivor in the best possible way, you know, not pushing people down and trying to climb over people, just — just resilient. Man, I want to be like that.

Carly: I’m sorry. How are you not like that? Seriously, if anyone has been dealt crappy hand after crappy hand and managed to get up and keep going, it’s you. You amaze me. You do. I mean, I would hate the whole world. I would be a horrible, vengeful person.

Drew: No, you would not.

Carly: I would.

Drew: You would not. You would be — you would — you would be who you are.

Carly: Who is that?

Drew: No, I’m not — no, no, no, no. I’m not going there. Why not? I’m not gonna try and define Carly Corinthos.

Carly: Why?

Drew: Because. You’re — you’re undefinable.

Spinelli: What may have felt harmless to you was c-certainly not harmless to Dante.

Sam: Yeah, I know. I — I get that now.

Spinelli: Right. So… so tell him. Y-you appreciate the — the stability and — and safety you have with Dante, yeah? Well, th-then it stands to reason that he would appreciate the same.

Sam: Well, I thought I was giving that to him. I mean, I want to give that to him.

Spinelli: You will. Look, you made one mistake. Mistakes can be rectified.

Sam: Okay, but…what if I don’t get another chance?

Nina: I’m so grateful that you and Brando came back. You and your husband really saved the day.

Sasha: That was all Brando.

Nina: Must be really proud of him.

Sasha: I’ll be proud once my heart stops pounding. How — what about you? That must have been terrifying.

Nina: Yeah. I am. They wanted to take my necklace.

Sasha: Hey. Even if they’d succeeded, a mother’s love can’t be stolen.

Brando: It seemed like amateur hour with those two yahoos. I mean, could be a coincidence they hit up Charlie’s.

Dante: I don’t know. I don’t think it’s any secret that Sonny’s the owner here. And if they cased the place, they’d know for sure. Hey, um, excuse me a minute. I’ll be back to take your statement, okay, Brando?

Brando: Yeah.

Sonny: Thank you.

Brando: Ah, please. You could’ve taken ’em both down.

Sonny: Maybe. Glad I didn’t have to.

Brando: It was pure luck we came back.

Sonny: Why did you?

Brando: [ Sighs ] Well, seems trivial now, but, um, we forgot to invite you to the wedding reception that Deception’s throwing us.

Sonny: It’s not trivial, ’cause I — I can’t wait to celebrate with you and Sasha. Hey, um… you think those crooks… didn’t know that I had a connection to this place?

Brando: Um… it’s possible they just didn’t care.

Maxie: Well, Brook Lynn and i have a class to take. Dance cardio waits for no one.

Brook Lynn: Least of all us. It already started.

Maxie: What? Diamond doesn’t let anyone in late.

Austin: Well, maybe dance cardio’s loss can be our gain.

Chase: Post-workout smoothies?

Maxie: [ Gasps ] Unearned?

Brook Lynn: Best kind.

Maxie: Well, are you buying?

Austin: You know, I seem to have lost my wallet. You wanna come help me look for it?

Maxie: Sure.

Austin: Hmm.

Chase: Come on. You can tell me how it felt to hear your song performed.

Brook Lynn: Only if you’re buying.

Chase: Deal.

Trina: Thank you, Joss. I was feeling so sorry for myself. But tonight, the fresh air, the French fries, the epic freak-out — like, it just made me feel normal again. Just even for a minute.

Josslyn: Well, if that’s the case, I should berate strangers more often.

Trina: [ Chuckles ] Maybe just Spencer.

Josslyn: He does not deserve your friendship, Trina. And he can forget about ever having mine again.

Trina: You don’t have to ditch Spencer just because he ditched me.

Josslyn: Um, yes, I do. My loyalty is to you always. And I know that Cam feels the same way. Our days of enabling Spencer are over.

Spencer: So, is that a no? You’re not gonna help me? Look, I know I can be a really lame friend.

Cameron: Yeah, the lamest.

Spencer: And, yeah, I’m single-handedly trying to save the day. But I really think I can do it, Cam. It’s a lot to ask, but I need you to trust me.

Cameron: Fine. You win. I won’t tell Joss.

Spencer: Thank you.

Cameron: But you better find something on Esme that exonerates Trina.

Spencer: I will.

Cameron: This is the last time I stick my neck out for you. Don’t make me regret it.

Carly: What are we toasting to?

Drew: Resilience. Something we obviously have in common.

Carly: Okay. Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to be, though? I mean, if life could just be easy once in a while?

Drew: Who says it won’t be? I mean… we’re just getting started, right?

Carly: I guess we are.

Spinelli: Dante will come around. How do you know? Because what mere mortal could stay angry with you?

Sam: [ Chuckles ] Well, I hope you’re right.

Spinelli: Just don’t make the same mistake I made, okay? Let Dante know he comes first.

Sasha: Dante.

Dante: Yeah?

Sasha: Do you know how much longer this will take? I-I’m — I’m not feeling so hot.

Dante: Uh, y-you know what? Why don’t you tell Brando to come down to the station in the morning, he can give a statement then?

Sasha: Thank you.

Dante: Okay. Have a better rest of your night, all right?

Sasha: Yeah, you too.

Dante: Thanks.

Nina: Hey. You’re really shaken up, aren’t you?

Sasha: I could’ve lost Brando tonight. And after losing Liam, I-I — I don’t think I’d be able to survive it.

Dante: Uh, just tell Commissioner Ashford I’ll have an update for her as soon as I’m done here.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Brando: I overheard some chit-chat at the garage. Now, I didn’t think it was legit, but then tonight happened. There’s a perception that your base of power isn’t what it used to be. And with only two families covering the territories and Jason gone, up-and-comers are sensing an opening.

Sonny: My operation is stretched thin. Even with Brick stepping up, my business is — is vulnerable. And now with these two clowns… …every lowlife punk is gonna think that, you know, it’s open season.

Brando: So what are you gonna do?

Sonny: I’m gonna remind everybody… …that I’m the boss.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Chase (on phone): Relax, I’ve got this covered.

Laura (to Lucy): I know you’re still dating my brother.

Finn (to Elizabeth): You can’t possibly think that the threat is over.

Alexis: Maybe there’s something more to it than that.

Harmony (on phone): That’s what I’m hoping for.

Willow (to Michael): I just want it to be over.

Carly (to Sonny): Your enemies are smelling blood in the water.

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