Days Short Recap Thursday, April 14, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava and Rafe ran into each other. He warned her that he would arrest her. She asked how Nicole. She said Nicole was treating him the way she treated all the men in her life. Nicole and Jake ran into each other. She wanted to know why Ava was staying with him. He said he asked her to. He said money was tight right now so he couldn’t afford to live on his own. She thought Ava was making him food in exchange for her living with him. Nicole wanted to give him some advice about Ava. She said Ava was dangerous. She said for him to watch his back. He said it sounded dangerous. She said it was because Ava framed Rafe for a crime he didn’t commit. Gwen and Leo reunited with each other. They wanted to caught up with each other. She told him she wasn’t with Jake anymore. Leo asked if they were going to get back together. She said no because she had zero interest and he was with someone else. Jake said Ava wasn’t arrested for what she did to Rafe because she didn’t do it. Nicole said there wasn’t any proof. Jake reminded her that Rafe cheated on her with Nicole. Rafe told Ava to leave Nicole alone. Ava said Nicole slapped her. He said she slapped Nicole first. He said he would go after her if she went after Nicole. Ava said she didn’t give him her address. He said she knew where she lived. Xander called Jack to be his best man. Jack asked him about Sarah. Xander told him Sarah thought she was a little girl. He said Maggie told him Sarah’s doctors said there was no way she would get her memory back. He said he tried to spark her memory, but nothing worked. Jack asked if he was moving on with Gwen. Xander said Gwen was kind to her. He said all she wanted him to do was marry her if the serum didn’t work. Jack asked if he was marrying Gwen for the right reasons.

Gabi went to see the guy who helped Ava. She pretended to be a D.A. He told her he didn’t want to talk to her. She said she was there because Ava framed Rafe. She said he helped her do it. She said she could help him get out of trouble. Ava said Rafe didn’t like her living with Jake. Rafe said he couldn’t care less. Ava said Gabi didn’t like the idea of her living with Jake. She kept taunting him about living with Jake. She told Rafe to tell Gabi that the changes were coming sooner up. Nicole told Jake that Ava took matters in her own hands with Rafe. Jake said there was no proof. Nicole told him Ava wasn’t innocent. Jake said she didn’t have a nerve to talk after what she did to Ava. Nicole said she was trying to warn him. She told him not to let Ava suck him back into his old life. She said he would go down with her. Gwen told Leo that she had a new guy. He said he has a new man too. He told her he was getting married. She told him she was getting married too. Xander asked what Jack meant if he was marrying Gwen for the right reasons. Jack said he sounds sad. Xander said Sarah was amazing and now she is a child. Jack wanted to know if he was with Gwen because he couldn’t have Sarah. He said he was looking out for Gwen. Xander understood what he was saying. He said he was marrying Gwen for the right reasons. The guy wanted to know how Gabi could make his charges go away. Gabi said she would be able to do it. He said Trask dropped the charges against him. Gabi said if he gave her Ava, Trask would make his case go away. He gave her a phone. He said it was an insurance policy that he took out. Ava asked Jake if he was sure he wanted her to stay with him because people think she’s a threat. He said he wasn’t afraid. Gwen told Leo that she was pregnant, but it didn’t work out. She said she was with the right person now. They talked about wanting a big wedding. Jack told Xander that he appreciated what he said about Gwen. He said he was glad that he wanted to make his daughter happy. Xander asked if he was going to make it to the wedding. Jack said he would.

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