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Update written by Dustin

Carly invited Sam into her office at Metro Court. They spoke about the video and the fact that there was no way Trina hadn’t committed the offense. Carly wanted proof that Esme had been responsible. She was hoping that Sam would be able to find out about the police department’s evidence, since she was currently in a relationship with a cop. Carly apologized for being blunt. Sam clarified that they were in a relationship and that Dante wasn’t the lead detective on the case, and he didn’t discuss it with her. She did know that the evidence had pointed to Trina. Carly replied that the evidence was wrong. She had known Trina for a long time, and Trina was loving, smart, and kind. She considered Esme to be smart but overconfident. Sam agreed that Esme was a manipulator, and Carly wondered who Esme would go after next. She knew that Esme had made the video and planted the phone. Sam maintained that she couldn’t ask Dante about privileged information, and Carly understood. Carly said she thought that Esme was dangerous. Sam said she suspected that Victor had been thinking that Esme could prove to be useful. Carly told Sam she appreciated Sam allowing her to vent. Sam reassured Carly that Josslyn and Cameron would be okay, and that Esme would get what she had coming.

Out in the restaurant area, Nina argued with Michael and Willow. She informed them that she would be exercising her rights as a grandparent. She would prove that she loved Wiley. Willow thought that Nina had something to prove, and Nina continued to plead with Willow to compromise. Nina said that Wiley would win, and that was all that mattered. She said she preferred to settle matters without lawyers and court. 

Alexis finds Harmony sitting on a bench alone in the dark at Pier 5. Harmony claimed that she enjoyed sitting and looking at the boats in order to reflect. Alexis brought up the fact that Harmony had gone to Carly for a job, and Harmony replied that she had to get out of Alexis’ house, since it contained bad memories. She continues to have flashbacks of her late-night injection of drugs into Neil. Alexis made it clear that she and Harmony had to put their pasts behind them. Harmony said that in her experience the past had a way of catching up. Alexis could tell that something was wrong and offered to help. Harmony stressed that no one could do anything. She urged Alexis to visit Nikolas as they heard the launch arriving.

At the P.C.P.D., Dante urged Rory, to “light a fire” under forensics in order to receive the report the case against Trina hinges on. The assistant district attorney, Arden, approached them and asked if there was any new evidence in Trina’s case. She needed more, since her case was only based on circumstantial evidence. She wanted to prosecute to the “fullest extent of the law.” After telling her there was nothing new, Jordan and Dante headed to the interrogation room to talk.  Jordan and Dante agree that they both believe in Trina’s innocence. They agree that they need to find something in order to exonerate Trina.

Rory returned with the report for Dante, who immediately handed it to Jordan to open. The new evidence indicated that the phone in question had been used to make an online purchase with Trina’s credit card. It was used to purchase images by the artist Richard Molyneaux.

Dante indicated that credit card information could easily be stolen, and Trina had been framed. Jordan believed that Arden would have enough evidence to convict Trina. 

Sam arrived and asked Rory to tell Dante that she was there, however Dante and Jordan emerged from the interrogation room. Dante asked Rory to email the latest evidence to Arden. Sam eyed the envelope as everyone said goodbye.

As Ava finished up a phone call at the art gallery, she was excited and surprised to see Trina. She explained that she had been spending time with family, and had been getting advice from Marshall. Trina offered to take over, and she suggested that Ava go home. Ava replied that she wanted to stay because Nikolas wasn’t alone.

Trina was appalled to learn that Spencer and Esme had moved back to Wyndemere, and she acknowledged that she had expected them to get back together. Ava informed her that Esme was not pregnant, and it didn’t appear that Esme and Spencer were back together, due to separate bedrooms. Ava admitted that she was responsible for their presence, although it hadn’t been her idea. She disclosed that she had gone to Sonny, and asked him to take care of Esme. It had backfired, and Nikolas and Victor had rescued her. Ava admitted that with Spencer and Esme living at Wyndemere, she was able to keep an eye on Esme.

Trina was upset over the fact that Ava and Nikolas had broken up because of her, although Ava assured her that it was just an “difference of opinion.” Trina thought that Ava should show Esme that she wouldn’t win, and Ava’s marriage was stronger than ever. Ava thought there was an issue of trust with Nikolas, as he hadn’t bothered to even mention that he had given Esme and Spencer permission to move back into their home. Ava mentioned that if Trina was uncomfortable with Spencer working at the gallery, she would speak to the judge about having Spencer’s restitution done elsewhere. 

At Wyndemere, Spencer answered the door when Alexis arrived, and he told her that things were tense. In the library, Nikolas and Esme wondered who was at the door. Spencer and Alexis entered the room, and Esme noted that Alexis had made the Invader a “must-read” with the latest story.

Suddenly, Spencer announced that he needed air. Esme chased after Spencer. Spencer said he planned on taking the launch to the gallery to see Ava because he needed to get out. In the library, Alexis wanted to know why Esme was there. Nikolas explained that Esme had been terrified after Sonny had threatened her and had been staying at Wyndemere as a guest, but Alexis was amused. Nikolas thought that Esme deserved a second chance, but Ava disagreed.

Back at the Metro Court, Brendan interrupted Nina, Willow, and Michael. Nina informed him they were in the middle of a conversation. Harmony walked off the elevator and spotted them. Brendan wanted to do business, but Michael exclaimed that he didn’t do business with strangers.

Just then, Brendan received a text message from Harmony, which read, “You win.” 

Carly and Willow approached Nina and Michael. Nina announced that she had hired a lawyer because of a lack of compromise. She wanted to see Wiley as much as Carly did. “So much for Wiley’s best interests, huh?” Carly asked. Nina snapped that Wiley having his grandmother was in his best interest, but Carly noted that Wiley didn’t miss Nina. She thought that Nina’s move was all about her own selfish interests, and Michael and Willow would defend their rights. Nina was sure that a judge would have sympathy for her after she’d been excluded from her daughter’s life. Michael shouted that a judge would get to know the real Nina.

Harmony met Brendan at the pier. She begged him to stay away from her daughter. Brendan replied that Willow wasn’t her daughter, and he ordered her to “pay up.” “You’ll get what’s coming to you,” Harmony replied.

Spencer arrived at the gallery and called out for Ava. Instead, he came face to face with Trina.

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