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Sheila: I’m coming. I– I’m coming, Finn. [ Sobbing ]

Taylor: Sheila! Don’t do it. Don’t jump. Don’t!

[ Footsteps ]

Ridge: You said Sheila ran off?

Thomas: Uh, yeah. Yeah, um, she was talking to Mom. Mom was trying to help her. Sheila said that she couldn’t, because of everything. What happened with Finn. And uh, anyway, Mom’s concerned about her.

[ Ridge sighing ]

Liam: Hey.

Ridge: Um, hey.

Liam: Anything? Any news?

Ridge: No, nothing.

Hope: I’m so sorry this is happening.

Thomas: Thanks. Can’t even, uh, comprehend, why– I– I’m gonna go try to spend some time with her. Hey, is she–

Bridget: Hey, Thomas. No change. Let’s give him a little time. Thomas?

Thomas: Yeah.

Bridget: Tell her to fight. Tell her how much she means to all of us.

[ Machines beeping ]

Thomas: Only so much Bridget can do. The hospital, these machines. You gotta pull through, okay? So let’s draw up some courage, some strength. You got to pull through.

[ Machines beeping ]

Wish I knew if you could hear me. Do you hear me, Steff? Hear everything we’re saying to you? You need to wake up. [ Sighing ] Now, what if you’re, uh, what if you’re playing with me, right? That seems like you. You wait until that moment where I get all emotional, and then you open your eyes and make fun of me for it. Could you do that? Please, Steff? Oh, what I wouldn’t give for that. [ Sniffling ]

Ridge: Excuse me. Do you know when Dr. Forrester’s’ coming back? I really need to see her.

Nurse: I’m sure she’ll be by soon. She has several patients.

Ridge: I’m sure she does, but I need to talk to her.

Nurse: Of course. This is beyond frustrating.

Hope: Well, I’m sure Bridget is doing the best that she can–

Ridge: Oh, I’m sure she is. She is– what are we supposed to do? Just sit here? I want Steffy to be okay.

Hope: I just can’t believe that it was just some random robbery.

Liam: We need her to wake up, so that we can ask her what happened.

Taylor: Don’t jump. Sheila, I know you’re hurting.

Sheila: Finn is gone.

Taylor: I’m so sorry.

Sheila: It was so hard, giving him up. I just wanted him to have a better life, than he could with me.

Taylor: Sheila, no.

Sheila: Oh, he’s gone, Taylor. And it’s all my fault.

Taylor: No, Sheila. It’s not your fault. How– how is it your fault? You didn’t do any of this. Please don’t blame yourself for this.

Ridge: No, Dad. I– I’ll call you, as soon as I find out something, all right? Just hang in there now. Here she is now, I’ll call you back.

Bridget: I heard you wanted to see me.

Ridge: Yeah, just, do you– have anything? Anything at all? Please.

Bridget: You know I’ll tell you as soon as we have any news. It’s just a waiting game at this point. But Steffy’s receiving excellent care. We are monitoring everything. I promise. Just pray she wakes up soon.

Thomas: I almost didn’t recognize you right now. Being so still. Come on, Steff, you’re a fighter. Let me see that fighter. Just– it’s just been us. You and I. Ever since Phoebe left. You– I can’t leave you like Phoebe did, because you’re all I got. So many people need you, okay? Our parents, me? Your kids. Kelly and Hayes. They need you, Steff. They need their mom. Do you know? Did you see it? Do you know? Do you know that Finn’s gone? God, I’m so sorry. So sorry, Steff. [ Sobbing ] We’re going to be there, all right? We’re going to find the person who did this and we’re going to make them pay.

Sheila: If– if I just would have stayed away, stayed out of Finn’s life.

Taylor: Sheila, that wouldn’t have prevented a robbery. I– I know you want to blame yourself. I know what it feels like– when Phoebe died–

Sheila: And I didn’t want this to happen, Taylor.

Taylor: I know, of course, you didn’t. I know.

Sheila: I was just getting to know him. Barely after all these years, of just watching and waiting. And now he’s gone. My son is gone.

Taylor: But you don’t have to be, Sheila. You can stay here.

Sheila: No, it’s better this way.

Taylor: Sheila, please step down off the ledge. Just talk to me.

Sheila: I don’t want to talk! I don’t want to feel. It’s just– it’s too much.

Taylor: I know, just– just keep talking to me.

Sheila: Oh, what do I have? What do I have left? My son is gone. He’s gone, what do I have? I have nothing. It’s– it’s just too late. All I wanted to do was to show him how much I’ve changed, and how I was becoming a better person, but for what? It didn’t do any good anyway. Now I– my son is dead. My son is dead. My son is dead. I want to be, too.

Ridge: Hey, any news?

Thomas: Uh, na, no. No, she’s, uh, she’s the same.

Hope: Is it all right if I– I, I’d like a moment with her?

Thomas: Yeah– yeah, um, prepare yourself, though. It– it’s not easy, seeing Steffy like that.

Liam: You’re right. It wasn’t easy. It– she’s your sister. She’s your daughter, she’s the mother of my child. I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know how we would live life without her, ah–

[ Machines beeping ]

Hope: Ste– Steffy? Steffy, it’s Hope. I still can’t believe that this is happening, and that you’re, uh, having to go through all this. So many people are saying prayers for you and there are so many people in your corner. And I hope you can feel that. There’s so many people that love you. I just– I don’t understand how someone could take a gun and– how somebody could be so cruel. How could they do that to you?

Taylor: Sheila, you just started making a new life for yourself. This is just the beginning for you.

Sheila: Without my son?

Taylor: It’s not going to be easy, but I think it’ll be worth it, if you stick around. Hayes needs his grandmother.

Sheila: Hayes.

Taylor: Your grandson. Our grandson. Finn is going to live on through that little boy. You don’t want to miss out on that, do you? And Steffy’s going to wake up. She’s going to pull through. I just know it. I know she is.

Sheila: I know what’s going to happen. I– I– I know how this has to end.

Taylor: Or it could end with you taking my hand. Coming back inside with me. Sheila, please.

Sheila: There’s nothing left for me here. Everything I had to live for, died with my son. You have Steffy. Your child lived. What do I have? I have– I have nothing. I have nothing but pain, and regret and guilt. No. I know how this has to end. There’s only one way.

[ Machines beeping ]

Hope: I realize that things have been a little strange for us lately. All that tension between our mothers, and– I just want you to know that when you wake up, I don’t want that anymore. I never wanted it. No, that just– it just seems so pointless now. We made a pledge that we would be united as a family for the children and, it’s the kids that have brought us together, that bond that we all share now. And I know that you would do the same for me. If anything were to even happen to me, you would be there for Beth. You would take care of her. And we’re going to be, we’re going to be here for you, to fill that void when you wake up. You know, it’s funny when I think about us and our relationship and what we mean to each other. I don’t think about the bad moments, the competitiveness, I mean, none of that. I just think about all the remarkable experiences we’ve shared together. And there’s so many more memories to make. A lifetime of them. I have always admired your strength and your courage, and your tenacity. So I’m going to need you to draw on that now, Steffy. I am going to need you to fight to stay here for your children, because we can’t lose you. We can’t.

Ridge: Thank you.

Thomas: Is, uh, Hope still with Steffy?

Liam: Thank you, yeah, she is.

Thomas: What about Mom? Is she back yet?

Ridge: No, probably still dealing with Sheila.

Taylor: Sheila, look at me. Please. Please. Take my hand.

Sheila: I want you to tell Hayes how much I love him. He’s gonna hear such horrible things about me.

Taylor: He’s not going to hear anything horrible about you, if you stay here. And you show him your love.

Sheila: No, no, Steffy is never going to allow that.

Taylor: You don’t know that, Sheila. You don’t know that. Where were you on Christmas Eve? Steffy opened up her home to you. And I’m so glad she did. I’ve been able to– to witness you becoming a different person. You’ve grown, Sheila.

Sheila: I haven’t.

Taylor: No, you have. It’s all about progress, not perfection here.

Sheila: No, I have nothing! Nothing left here. I have no future.

Taylor: You have a future with your grandson, if you take it. And I can help with that. I know that’s what Finn would want too.

Sheila: That’s all I ever wanted. All I wanted was– was a place in Finn and Hayes’ lives.

Taylor: I know. And you feel like it’s all been ripped away from you. And it is so unfair. But Sheila, I am so sorry. I’m so sorry this happened to Finn. And you, but Sheila, stay here, okay? S– stay. So that– so that we can– we can find who did this terrible thing. And together we can look that bastard in the eye, and make sure they are brought to justice.

Sheila: Justice. Justice.

Taylor: Sheila! No! Don’t drop me! [ Groaning ] Please! Pull me up! Don’t let go of me! [ Screaming ]

[ Wind whistling ]

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