Y&R Short Recap Monday, April 11 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Diane almost called Kyle. Allie told Jack and Phyllis that she met with Diane again and asked her about the Abbotts. Allie thought Diane changed, and she encouraged Jack and Phyllis to give her another chance. Phyllis and Jack made it clear that they didn’t trust Diane, and they warned Allie about her. Allie expressed interest in going to Genoa City for a visit, but she wasn’t sure when she’d be ready to go. Allie declined when Diane asked to see her again. Allie asked Jack and Phyllis if they were a couple. Jack blasted Diane for reaching out to Allie again. Jack informed Diane that he was going to meet Kyle in Genoa City and tell him about her. Diane secretly booked her own flight to Genoa City. Sharon and Faith were a bit unnerved that Mariah and Tessa planned to get married on Friday, May 13th. Mariah and Tessa loved Noah’s idea for a 70s themed wedding. Rey felt left out when Sharon and Nick reminisced about a 70s party they attended when they were young. Chelsea arrived, and Rey seized the opportunity to talk to her. Chelsea could take Connor to the hockey game in Chicago after all, but Connor still wanted Rey to go, so she bought an extra ticket. Rey saw Nick and Sharon laughing and talking. He accepted the offer to go to the game. Sharon assured Mariah that she supported the wedding, even though it was going to be unconventional.

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