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Ridge: This is not how this is supposed to be. You’re supposed to be home with finn. Reading a book to kelly, maybe giving hayes a bath. Just an ordinary end to an ordinary day. Instead, we’re in here.

[ Machine beeping ] Why? How– someone pulled a gun on you? Who would do something so horrible?

Sheila: Li, we’re both hurting. Finn, was our son.

Li: I’m not telling you again, sheila. Stop calling him that. You were never a mother to him. You can never be a mother to him.

Sheila: Oh, would you please just talk to her, taylor?

Li: That’s not going to make a difference. I’m not changing my mind.

Sheila: I loved finn. Would you just have some compassion here? He– he’s gone. I want to see him one last time.

Li: No, absolutely not.

Thomas: Steffy’s condition is extremely serious.

Liam: Okay. Ridge. What about ridge– does that mean– is he–

Thomas: Yeah, he and my mom have been by steffy’s side pretty much the whole time. This can’t end up the way it did with phoebe. I can’t imagine what it would be like for my mom–

Liam: Hey, stop thomas. Thomas? It’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen. They’re not gonna lose another daughter because steffy is tough and she’s resilient, and she would never leave those kids without a mother. She loves them too much.

Thomas: And I love her. Why? Why did this happen?

Liam: I think maybe we should just focus on steffy right now, just being there for her.

Thomas: What if it’s not enough? What if she doesn’t make–

Liam: You– you can’T. You can’t do that. Thomas, you’ve got to stop that. She’s gonna pull through. She’s going to. And– and if we think anything else, it’s not helping anyone.

Sheila: You can’t do this. You can’t keep me from finn.

Li: Oh, I can. I will.

Taylor: Li, sheila, everybody is experiencing so much pain and loss right now. Both of you–

Sheila: You know what? I didn’t get to be a part of his life. I didn’t get to watch him grow up. Don’t I deserve at least one last moment, one final goodbye?

Li: You said your goodbyes when you gave him away. You chose not to be in finn’s life.

Sheila: Not entirely. Those weren’t the circumstances–

Li: I don’t wanna hear about the circumstances. I just want you to respect my wishes. Let me be to finn who I’ve always been. The mother who loved him, supported him, who’s always been there for him. You wouldn’t know anything about that?

Ridge: You got to keep fighting. Can’t give up. Why would I even say that? That’s a weird thing to say to you, you’ve never given up on anything in your life. You’re not going to start now. You’re gonna pull through this. And in just a little while, you’re gonna open your eyes and you gonna make me very, very happy. But for now, just rest, okay? Just get better. Know that I’m here. I’m right here.

And it’s easier than ever to get

your projects done right .

[ Machines beeping ]

[ Beeping continues ]

Liam: How– how is she?

Ridge: She’s here, with us.

[ Machines beeping ]

[ Breath hitching ]

Taylor: …Very difficult time for all of us… ridge, they–

Li: What’s wrong? My son was shot and this woman keeps pressuring me.

Taylor: Please don’t do this to–

Li: Don’t tell me how to feel, taylor. I realize you’re a psychiatrist, but that does–

Ridge: Okay, I realize you’re in pain, li, I realize that. We’re all trying to help.

Li: You can’t help. There’s nothing you or any of the forresters can do. My only child is dead. He’s dead. He’s dead to all of you.

Thomas: Whoa, whoa, what– what’s going on?

Ridge: Baker, tell me something. Tell me you found the animal who did this.

[ Machines beeping ]

[ Sighing ]

Liam: Hey, steffy, it’s me. It’s your favorite pain in the ass. Uh, I don’t– you know, they didn’t tell me one way or another, so I don’t know if you can hear me, but– I’m just going to assume you can, because I want to. In fact, I’d like to assume you’re seconds away from opening your eyes and coming back to all of us. “Why are you here, liam? We’re not married anymore. We don’t live together.” I know. Doesn’t mean we’re not a part of each other. And always will be. Through kelly. Our perfect daughter, through our experiences, things we’ve shared, the joy, the laughter, bob hope marathons. And the struggles we’ve had, lots of struggles, plenty of struggles, more struggles than we– we can, but we beat them all, didn’t we? Every single one. Beat them all. And you know how I know that? Because we still care about each other. And support each other. And… love each other. I got to tell you, I’m ha– I’m having a hard time imagining my life without you. I– I just can’t seem to– so I think I’m just gonna stop trying and I’m gonna say, “no, I won’t accept that. I won’t accept a world without you with it.” So, um, you know. Come on back. Come on. Because we– we can’t lose you. With downy infusions, let the scent set the mood.

Baker: I think we should probably have this conversation in private.

Ridge: Oh, I’m– I’m sorry. This is li finnegan. Finn’s mom. Deputy chief baker is a friend of the family.

Baker: I’m very sorry for your loss, ma’am.

Li: Thank you.

Baker: Although when I was saying we should speak in–

Sheila: I’m sure it has something to do with me. Deputy chief is probably wondering why I’m here. I happen to be finn’s birth mother.

Baker: You are?

Ridge: We’re trying to figure out what happened, here. Why finn? Why, steffy?

Baker: This whole thing seems to be a random act of robbery and violence. Finn’s wallet was missing from the scene. So was steffy’s purse. But what’s unclear is why they were in that alley behind the restaurant. There’s no parking there. There’s no reason why they should be in the alley that we’ve been able to determine.

Thomas: Uh, were there eyewitnesses? I mean, are there cameras in the area, what?

Baker: All the evidence leads towards a robbery. So I need to ask, can any of you think of anyone who might have had a vendetta against steffy or finn, or someone in their personal life?

Ridge: No, nothing like that

Baker: Can you, ma’am? Anyone?

Li: My son was beloved. Everyone who knew finn loved him.

Baker: This perpetrator will be found and brought to justice. You have my word on that.

Li: Thank you.

Liam: Okay, so, uh, I know you know I know this. But I’m going to say it anyway, because I think, um, I just think maybe you need to hear it right now. There’s no one like you in the world, steffy. You’re strong and you’re clever. You accomplish anything you set your mind to. You’re not intimidated by anything or anyone. It’s impossible to win an argument with you, and I should know because I don’t think I’ve won once– uhm…

[ Sniffling ] But there’s this other side to you. The mom. Loving and kind. Always going to be there for her kids, no matter what. Super mom, and steffy, I am so– I am so grateful that I got to have kelly with you. I’m so grateful that you and I get to watch her become the woman that she’s going to be, together. And we have that to look forward to, but, steffy, you’ve got to get better first. So you just– you just– you fight. You fight and you fight and you fight and you keep fighting until it just happens. And when it does, you’re going to make so many people so happy. But no one more than me. Hi, I’m karen.

Taylor: Li, is there– is there anything that I can getfor you? Coffee? Tea?

Li: No. No, thank you. I should get going. I just came by to check on steffy.

Taylor: We appreciate that so much. I know that finn was your world.

Li: Yes. My world. My dear son. A doctor. Just like me.

Ridgee: We know how proud you were of him.

Li: How proud I am of him. I’ll always be proud of finn. So decent. So kind. So concerned for others. No mother could ask for a more loving and caring son. No little boy could ask for a better, more loving father–

Taylor: We’re going to make sure that hayes knows what a wonderful father he had. If there’s anything that we can do every–

Ridge: Anything at all.

Li: You and taylor should focus on steffy. I will take care of everything for my son.

Sheila: Finn was our son.

Li: I’m not telling

you again, sheila.

Stop calling him that.

You were never a mother to him.

Sheila: I loved finn.

He’s gone.

I want to see my son.

Li: No, absolutely not.

Thomas: There you are.

Sheila: This is not the time, or the place.

Thomas: Yeah, it is. I want to talk to you.

Sheila: Is li still here?

Thomas: You should leave. She doesn’t want you anywhere near finn.

Sheila: No, you know what? I am not going to allow her to deny me access to say good bye to my son. I am not going to allow that.

Thomas: She’s grieving, sheila.

Sheila: Oh and, and I’m not?

Thomas: You think I’m on your side, sheila? What? Because I haven’t told the secret about brooke? Yet? I know you. I know what you’re capable of. And I think about that. I think about the fact that you could do something like that, something so awful. And I wonder, could you have something to do with this? Are you involved at all with what happened to my sister?

Liam: We’ve, uh, hit a lot of milestones, you and I, haven’t we? Weddings, holidays. Kelly.

Notes on a page

have all been arranged

trying to find the words

to say

what I’ve been thinking

I spent all night

working so hard to write

but by the time

I got it right

I looked, you were gone

well the melody was perfect

all the while I was blind

without someone to listen

there’s no reason to rhyme

and now I write here alone

so you’ll finally know

how you and I


a song that never played

notes on a page

have all been arranged

trying to find

the words to say

what I’ve been thinking

Liam: You see the problem? The problem with you being in here is that we have so many more milestones to hit. So many more memories left to make. Beautiful, beautiful memories. And you– you need to be there. For all of them. [ Sniffling ] You will not be taken from us, steffy. If you hear anything I’m saying right now, hear that you will not be taken from us. I won’t let you. Kelly and hayes, they need– they need their mother. And I need my– I need you too. So… so, come back. Come back. I will always… love you. Always.

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