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Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: I don’t understand. How long are we talking?

[ Door closes ] Really? Well, that seems excessive.

Ashland: What’s going on?

Victoria: Uh, hold on one second. Our flight to tuscany has been delayed.

Ashland: It’s a private jet. How can it be delayed?

Victoria: Weather. There are storms in the flight path.

Ashland: Well, why don’t we just fly around them?

Victoria: I don’t know. Something about barometric pressure. I’m talking to the pilot right now.

Ashland: Let me talk to him. Yeah, tell me about this weather thing. Well, how long will it take to re-route then?

[ Scoffs ] Wait. You’re saying that storms are coming in from both the east and the west? I didn’t even know that was possible.

Victoria: I didn’t either.

Ashland: Well, he’s claiming it’s some kind of meteorological anomaly. What do you want to do? Should we press him and just have him take off anyway?

Victoria: He’s the expert. I think we need to trust him.

Ashland: Right. Uh, listen, um, we appreciate your concern, but we would really like to get to italy as quickly as possible. Sure. Thank you very much. We will await your call. Yeah.

Victoria: So? How long do we have to wait?

Ashland: He assured me that he will get in touch with us as soon as it’s safe to fly. So, for now, we wait.

Nikki: I don’t know how you can be so calm.

[ Door closes ] Knowing that victoria is leaving for tuscany with ashland any minute, I’m a nervous wreck.

Victor: Wait a minute. You’re the one who has been assuring me that victoria knows how to handle herself.

Nikki: I know. I know. I’ve been trying to remind myself of the same thing. But the thought of her traveling alone with that man after everything he has done — I’m worried.

Victor: Trust me. It’ll all work out. She has a plan, okay?

Nikki: Yes, I know about the plan, but for her to pretend that she still believes him and still loves him — a whole lot could go wrong with that ruse.

Victor: Sweetheart, if it makes you feel any better, they won’t leave for any time soon, okay? Ostensibly, there’s some kind of a storm in the area.

Nikki: What do you mean, “ostensibly”?

Victor: Well, there’s a storm somewhere, right? That’s what I told the pilot to tell them.

Sally: Thank you. What a gentleman. Opening the door for me, pulling out my chair. You really know how to make a girl feel special. Are you gonna make me breakfast in bed in the morning?

Adam: Oh, wait. Slow down, now. We’re just, uh, having a drink.

Sally: Yeah, a very special drink. A very special night. You are now in charge of newman/locke.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Sally: Are you gonna tell me all about your plans for the company now?

Adam: Oh, well, if you let me, I will talk to you about them all night.

Sally: How can you have so many? Your father just put you in charge this afternoon.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] I’ve run the company before. Successfully.

Sally: Well, I imagine that after victor named victoria ceo and installed you at newman media, you’ve probably kept an eye on every move that your sister made and compared it to what you would have done in her place.

Adam: It’s a little unnerving how well you read me, but it is, uh, very impressive.

Sally: It’s not that hard. We have similar very mind-sets. When I ran my business back in L.A., I always kept an eye on the competition. It got to the point where i could have run their companies way better than they could.

Adam: Well, now you’re about to run one big entity. Newman media.

Sally: Did that really happen? You really offered me a job?

Adam: Oh, yes. That happened.

Sally: And you meant it?

Adam: Of course. What did you think?

Sally: It just hasn’t sunk in yet. I am running newman media.

Adam: Now, I-I don’t know how long you will be in charge, but —

Sally: It doesn’t matter. I just appreciate you having that kind of faith in me. It’s been a really long time.

Jack: You ran away. You didn’t take responsibility. You didn’t face the people that you abused.

Diane: Everybody wanted me gone, jack. I mean, I was truly hated, and — and, in time, I hated myself. I mean, all the self-loathing and — and the guilt and the shame. And [Exhales sharply] I thought, “why not? You know, the whole world thinks you’re dead. Why don’t you just give them what they want?” Kyle is my son.

Jack: He has built a wonderful life with his family. You think I’m gonna let you destroy that? Poison his life in italy? No. Never. So you go back to your new and improved life. I’ll go back to genoa city and forget this ever happened.

Diane: But you won’T. You can’T. That’s not the man you are, jack. You love kyle with your whole heart. And half of him is me.

Jack: His mother died. She was killed. He was lost, confused. Heartbroken. He had his mother ripped from his life. I know this because I was there. I held him. I tried to comfort him by telling him it wouldn’t always hurt so much, that I would always be there to protect him. Why would I stop doing that now?!

Diane: Our son needs me in his life. He deserves his mother.

Jack: A real mother. Not you. And you sure as hell don’t deserve him.

Jack: [ Breathes deeply ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Phyllis: Jack.

Jack: What are you — what are you doing here?

Phyllis: I didn’t want to press you on the phone. So I came here instead.

Jack: Well, I’m glad you did. In 15 years you drink about 15,000 cups of coffee.

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Adam: To us. In charge. Finally.

[ Glasses clink ]

Sally: I feel like you’re jinxing it.

Adam: What do you mean?

Sally: You said that ashland wasn’t too thrilled about victor’s decision to put you in charge. And even though you said she didn’t have much of a reaction, I’m sure victoria is not thrilled about it, either. I don’t know. It just feels like they could throw a wrench in it whenever they wanted.

Adam: I really don’t think you need to worry about that.

Sally: What happens if she runs off to daddy to complain?

Adam: My father already knows that she hates the idea of me sitting in that chair while she’s gone. And, honestly, that might be why he put me there — to provoke her into staying in town. But it didn’t work. That’s how determined she is to go along with this plan and get him out of her life. She’s willing to let me run the company. Her least favorite person.

Sally: Ashland is probably her least favorite at the moment. Finding out the person who professes to love you has been manipulating you and playing on your sympathies is the ultimate betrayal. I really don’t know how she’s even holding in all that emotion.

Adam: I don’t know, but she can’t do it forever. And she’s not gonna be able to keep up the charade. Ashland will catch on soon. He’s a smart and perceptive guy.

Sally: He’s also a very vindictive guy. What happens when he finds out his wife has been playing him?

Ashland: You know, I still have trouble believing that victor was okay with putting adam in charge. He’s so toxic. This might a good time for you to convince your father to change his mind, huh?

Victoria: No. Look, I’ve told you this. I’m not happy about adam being put in charge in our absence, but I like to choose my own battles, and this is not a fight that I want to focus too much of my energy on.

Ashland: Right. It’s just that, victor could keep adam in check, but now that victor’s no longer an ally, adam is free to run amuck.

Victoria: Have you talked to adam recently?

Ashland: Yeah. Very recently. Let’s just say he made it clear that we should not stay in tuscany for too long. The more time we give him, the better the chance he’ll turn the company upside down.

Victoria: I think that this problem will be fixed once we clear your name. And then my family will have to apologize to you for thinking the worst of you. And that should be our main priority right now. Don’t you think?

Ashland: [ Sighs ] You’re right. Of course you’re right.

[ Laughs ] First things first. And then everything else will fall into place. Thank you.

Victoria: For what?

Ashland: For reminding me to stay focused on what’s important.

Phyllis: What’s wrong?

Jack: Wow, you’re getting right to it, huh?

Phyllis: Yeah, well, okay. I had a nice flight. Uh, traci’s worried. Um… uh, let’s see. I ordered some shoes. Why were you so strange on the phone?

Jack: I don’t suppose you’d buy that it’s just jet lag?

Phyllis: Well, I thought it had to do with allie. Maybe she got cold feet, i thought, but then you said you were connecting with her.

Jack: No, no, no. Things are great with allie. She’s lovely. She’s a very serious young woman. She’s very focused and determined. But she has this twinkle in her eye when she laughs.

Phyllis: That’s lovely. I know where she gets that. Jack… why were you dodging on the phone? Come on. I was worried. I talked to lauren about it. She backed me. Here I am.

Jack: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you know me so well.

Phyllis: So something is wrong. What is it?

Jack: It’s shocking. Frankly, it’s turned everything upside down. And, yes, my first instinct was to keep it to myself. But seeing you here now… I know I can’t handle this on my own. I have to share the insanity with someone. And I trust no one more than you. Hi, I’m karen.

Nikki: Well, I’m glad you came up with a way to keep victoria and ashland from leaving right away, but eventually they’re going to realize there is no storm.

Victor: [ Sighs ] Thank you, my sweet love.

Nikki: You’re welcome.

Victor: It was a stalling tactic. I have to give michael baldwin enough time to look at ashland locke’s contract line by line and find some clause that allows us to throw that bastard out on his ear.

Nikki: Oh, I would love for him to find a loophole, anything to get that man out of our lives.

Victor: Wait a minute. I remember not too long ago you were hoping that all the allegations against him were false.

Nikki: Yeah, well, I have no illusions about him now. I’ve seen who really he is. To have michael held captive in a foreign country — how can he do that to someone?

Victor: It was an act of desperation. He’ll do anything to hide what he is all about and what he has done, but he’s not gonna get away with it.

Nikki: [ Scoffs ] Well, I’ll believe that when i see it. He has never had to suffer any consequences for his crimes.

Victor: How long have you known me? Do you think I’m gonna let that bastard get away with it? Do you think I allow someone to cross me like that?

Adam: Look, I would not concern myself with victoria’s well-being. She’s her father’s daughter, and she knows how to take care of herself. If anything, we should be worried about ashland’s safety.

Sally: You think she’s gonna, like, push him out of the plane on the way to italy?

Adam: Oh, she would probably have an ejection seat installed with a little red button she could press.

Sally: Well, I guess that would be more efficient.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] No. I’m kidding. She, um, did not divulge what her plan is, so there’s no telling what she’s up to. But if I had to bet, I would put my money on her to come out on top.

Sally: That surprises me, knowing how you feel about her.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Look, my sister and I — we might not always see eye to eye. But she’s a formidable opponent. She’s tenacious and resourceful and smart.

Sally: It almost sounds like you’re rooting for her.

Adam: No, I just know better than to underestimate her.

Sally: Yeah, there may be some truth to that, but maybe it is in your best interest if she wins this battle.

Adam: What do you mean?

Sally: Well, if she can’t get rid of ashland, then he’s gonna try and take newman/locke away from all of you.

Victoria: Where did you see adam?

Ashland: His office.

Victoria: Oh. So he was one of the loose ends that you needed to tie up before we left.

Ashland: Yeah. Yeah. I just wanted to remind him that he was babysitting the company, not taking it over. His response, of course, was, predictably, insolence. I mean, he even had the nerve to “congratulate” me for pulling the wool over your eyes. Can you believe that?

Victoria: Yeah. I believe it.

Ashland: Yeah, he said he was impressed that I was able to pull it off. It was insulting. It was offensive, even.

Victoria: I guess it just goes to show you that adam hasn’t really turned over a new leaf the way that he wants everyone to believe. Oh, my gosh.

Ashland: What?

Victoria: What if the answer that we’ve been looking for has been staring us right in the face the entire time?

Phyllis: Okay, that’s quite a build-up. Lay it on me. I’m ready for it.

Jack: It’s about our mystery texter.

Phyllis: Of course. Ah. Of course. Did you find out who it was?

Jack: More like they found me.

Phyllis: Who was it?

Jack: This is where the insanity kicks in. Phyllis, the woman is diane.

Phyllis: Diane who?

Jack: Diane jenkins.

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? Diane’s dead. She’s burning in hell.

Jack: I’m not kidding.

Phyllis: [ Stammers ] So, it’s someone impersonating diane.

Jack: No, no, no.

Phyllis: Why would they do that?

Jack: Diane is alive.

Phyllis: Why are you saying this to me?

Jack: Because I saw her. I talked to her. Yes, it is diane.

Phyllis: Diane is dead. Diane died on the bridge or in the water, but diane is dead.

Jack: It was all —

Phyllis: They pulled out her body.

Jack: It was all —

Phyllis: There was a service.

Jack: Listen to me! It was all a lie.

Phyllis: Come here. Come here. Jack, give me your hand. Hey, I know you’re stressed out. I know that. I’m not saying you’re losing it. I’m not saying that. But diane is very much dead. I was one of the many suspects. There were charges filed. She is dead.

Jack: She did indeed have those confrontations. As for her body… a stolen corpse took its place. Courtesy of deacon sharpe.

Phyllis: Oh, my god. No. Oh, my god. No.

Jack: She slipped out of her life in genoa city and into her new life here in L.A.

Phyllis: She’s sending the texts. It is diane? Why is she doing this? To what end? Why did she come out of hiding now?

Jack: Because she wants something.

Phyllis: What does she want? Money? How much?

Jack: No. She wants a trade. According to her, she led me to allie, and now it’s only fair that I lead her back into kyle’s life. I brought in ensure max protein,

Adam: Intuitively, it would seem like it’s in my best interests for victoria to stay away a long time because I’m in charge while she’s gone. Then if she fails, we could all lose. You’re taking the long view.

Sally: I-I just know if ashland has the opportunity, he will take over. So maybe it is in our best interest to root for victoria to send him packing.

Adam: Eh, of course. It doesn’t actually need to be victoria that kicks locke out. But my father is giving her a chance to make things right. But make no mistake. He’s not gonna be shy about stepping in to do what’s necessary.

Sally: Well, that scenario is probably best for you because then the company stays intact — with you in charge — victoria gets knocked off her pedestal, and she’s gonna have to admit how badly she screwed up.

Adam: Oh, well, that part is inevitable. I mean, even if everything goes perfect for her — she divorces locke, she kicks him out of the co-ceo position — she is still left cleaning up her mess. All of this is her fault for falling for his scheme in the first place.

Sally: I heard you tell your dad that. He didn’t really seem to be on board.

Adam: [ Sighs ] You don’t understand him the way that I do. He will always defend victoria, especially in front of somebody that is not family. Sure, he sympathizes with her, he wants to protect her, but make no mistake, he is disappointed with her. She let him down. That is the greatest sin one of his children can commit.

Nikki: Victor, of course i know you will do whatever it takes to protect the family. And the business.

[ Sighs ] I just hate that we’re in this situation at all.

Victor: As do I.

Nikki: I mean, and I knew that ashland’s reputation was horrible. I just didn’t realize what what he was truly capable of.

Victor: That’s the problem, my darling. I had my suspicions about that man from the very beginning. I actually confronted him, asked him point-blank if he was faking his illness to garner our daughter’s sympathy.

Nikki: I remember. He denied it.

Victor: Of course he denied it. He’d do anything to hide what he had done and what he is all about. And I didn’t interfere anymore because I realized that victoria was happy, as happy as I’ve ever seen her. I was hoping this marriage would work out.

[ Sighs ]

Nikki: Well, I hope you’re not blaming victoria for what& happened. This was a well-orchestrated con by a master.

Victor: Well, if you’re asking me if my opinion of victoria’s judgment has changed… I can’t tell you that.

Nikki: Well, that’s not very fair. We all supported their marriage. We all believed that ashland loved her. I mean, we can’t now turn around and act like she’s the only one who should have seen that.

Victor: Sweetheart, I don’t think we should talk about this anymore.

Nikki: Yes, victor, we absolutely have to talk about it.

Ashland: I’m sorry. I’m not following. What is this revelation you just had?

Victoria: Well, I may be off, but we’ve been going around and around trying to figure out who might have framed you. We’ve gone through your past —

Ashland: Yeah, and we haven’t found anybody yet who could have been responsible for this.

Victoria: Exactly and we’ve even tossed out the idea that my dad might be behind it, but that doesn’t make any sense to me because if he wanted you out, he would have come at you with a bold power move. This scam was sneaky, like a snake.

Ashland: Adam.

Victoria: It clicked when you told me that he said he admired you for pulling off such a huge scam. And then I thought, “of course he would say that — because this is what he would do.” And then it hit me. This is exactly what he would do, and he’s done so before. He once even pulled off his own medical scam. He pretended to be blind.

Ashland: Why?

Victoria: Because he’s deceitful and narcissistic and power-hungry. And if he saw the opportunity to take you down and advance himself, he wouldn’t think twice about it. Do you think that maybe adam might be the one who framed you?

Phyllis: So diane is bargaining with you? Your granddaughter for your son? Oh, my god, this is exactly something that she would do.

Jack: I know. The whole thing is surreal. Once the shock faded, the anger kicked in. And poor allie — she — she’s stuck in the middle like a chess piece.

Phyllis: So, diane been here hiding the whole time? And she knew your granddaughter?

Jack: I don’t know any of the logistics, what she knew, when she knew, how she knew it. All I know is I stood in the home that keemo lived in and listened to her tell me about the past and how she’d changed. And how, after everything she did to kyle, she wanted back in his life again.

Phyllis: What’d you say?

Jack: I told her the only thing I could say. No way. I told her I intend to forget she exists. She was dead to kyle before. She can be dead to him now. I will not let her break his heart again.

Phyllis: Okay.

Jack: What does that mean?

Phyllis: It means… you don’t want to hear what i have to say.

I’m jimmy dean and uh,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Nikki: Of course victoria made a mistake in trusting ashland, but that certainly doesn’t diminish her accomplishments at newman.

Victor: No, baby. She is running the company very well. I’ve told her that many times.

Nikki: Well, then why are you making her think that you’ve lost faith in her abilities?

Victor: In what way am i doing that?

Nikki: Victor, you know exactly what I mean. You appointed adam to be in charge of the company while she sorted out through crisis. That was a warning that you might have her replaced as ceo.

Victor: Sweetheart, that’s a temporary solution, okay? Our daughter’s off to italy. I don’t know what her plans are. We have a huge company to run. So I thought putting adam in the position of temporary ceo was a good decision.

Nikki: Yeah, but I’m coo. If you wanted a temporary plan, I’m the logical choice.

Victor: Sweetheart, it doesn’t have the same impact.

Nikki: Exactly. You were sending her a message. And now she may be putting her life at risk because she can sense your judgment and your disappointment. She will do anything to earn back your respect. It breaks my heart, victor, because right now she should just know that her family will stand by her, no matter what. Can you please tell me that you’ll do that?

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ]

Victoria: Well, what do you think? You think that the idea that adam may have framed you — you think it’s totally crazy?

Ashland: It’s not something I’ve ever considered.

Victoria: I just keep seeing his face light up when dad told him that he was gonna be temporarily in charge. He was thrilled. Well, maybe that was his goal from the very beginning — to make dad lose faith in you and me and that would clear the way for him to be in charge.

Ashland: Yeah, but these — these accusations against me — they’re horrific. Do we really think that adam is that devious? That vicious?

Victoria: That is child’s play for him.

Ashland: But he’s trying to destroy a man’s reputation, his marriage, his c– and for what? To satisfy his own ambitions? That’s what you’re saying?

Victoria: Think about what he had to do to get that story published about your past. He had to hack into chanccomm servers. And, yes, I know, sure, adam claims he did that to discredit billy, but it made you look bad, too, didn’t it? Maybe he could do that elsewhere, try to make you look guilty.

Ashland: Maybe.

Victoria: Just think about it. He could have the one to remove or replace those medical records at the hospital. Maybe it was adam who bribed those doctors in peru. Maybe he’s the one who figured out how to have michael baldwin kidnapped. I wouldn’t put any of this past him.

Ashland: Yeah. You may be onto something. In a sick, twisted way, it all makes sense, but —

Victoria: But what?

Ashland: But victor will never believe it.

Victoria: He might… if we can find the proof.

Jack: You came all this way to tell me something I don’t want to hear?

Phyllis: Listen, I’m not defending diane at all. You know that. What she’s did is beyond disgusting.

Jack: Exactly. Exactly. Get to the part I’m gonna hate.

Phyllis: Kyle was a little boy when his mom “exited.” Now he’s a man with a family —

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, careful. You’re sounding dangerously like what diane said.

Phyllis: You want to protect your son, and I absolutely understand. I do that with summer all the time. I admit that.

Jack: Okay, you and summer have survived a lot — nothing like this.

Phyllis: Kyle was devastated when he learned his mom died.

Jack: You think you have to tell me that? Kyle was crushed when he lost his mother. Everyone in town was accused of her murder. He didn’t know who to trust. And I knew my mission was to get him through the pain. And, yes, it took time, but he got through it. He’s suffered enough. She can’t do any more to him. To lose your mother and then find out later that’s what she meant to have happen? She consciously meant to leave you? No. No. He is not going to learn that about her.

Phyllis: You’ve forgotten one thing. It’s diane. Look what she’s already done. She is a wrecking ball. You think she’s just gonna say, “okay,” and slither away? No. She’s gonna come back into his life. You cannot stop kyle from knowing the truth. You can’T.

Jack: I disagree with that. Diane came to me for help because she knows she needs it. She’s not gonna confront him on her own. She’s a coward. She’d rather fake her death than face what she did. No, she needs someone to help her in, someone to do her dirty work for her, and if it doesn’t work out that way, she will slither off and lick her wounds and ruin someone else’s life.

Phyllis: You believe that?

Jack: Yes. I believe that.

Phyllis: I think it’s wishful thinking on your part because you’re trying to protect your son.

[Sfx: Chicken clucking]

Ashland: If your suspicions are true, that puts my conversation with adam into a whole new light.

Victoria: What do you mean?

Ashland: Well, the way he was goading me on. He kept going on about how clever, how lucky I was to be getting away with it.

Victoria: Well, it’s projection on his part. His bragging about what he thinks he’s getting away with. It makes sense. I mean, who is benefiting more than adam than your falling out of favor with my family?

Ashland: I think this is worth investigating. But the first step is for me to call the pilot and tell him the trip to italy is off.

Victoria: What? Why?

Ashland: It’s obvious, isn’t it? We need to stay here. We need to do a deep dive into everything adam has been doing.

Sally: Maybe you’re right. You could end up in a really strong position at newman/locke, no matter what happens to victoria. And, yeah, maybe it’s true that your father only promoted you to send a message to your sister, but I think there’s more to it. It really feels like a test, to see what you can do with the company.

Adam: I need to do a better job than her. I need to prove that I am more daring, more innovative, and more competent than she is — and I need to do it all before she gets back from tuscany.

Sally: Wow. That sounds like a tall order.

Adam: No. It’s a piece of cake.

Jack: I am not going to let diane break kyle’s heart again. Look at the life he has with summer right now in milan. How much they love each other, how much they love harrison. She doesn’t get to blow that up. I’m going to do everything I can to keep her away from him.

Phyllis: Okay, I hear you, again.

Jack: Good. So, how about taking my side and not playing devil’s advocate?

Phyllis: You had another son that you kept information from. And look what happened there. It kept you from him.

Jack: Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. No, no. I did not have the bond with keemo that — kyle is a different story. He knows how much I love him. He knows I would do anything for him.

Phyllis: I know. So believe in that. Trust that. Trust the bond that you have with kyle. I am telling you… you know and I know diane. We are talking about diane jenkins. She will blindside your son just like she did you.

Diane: [ Sighs ] Yes. Hello. I am hoping you can help. I need kyle abbott’s direct line in milan. Oh, of course. It’s ashley abbott, his aunt. Uh, yes, I’m ready. Mm-hmm.

[ Pen clatters ] Thank you. For copd,

Jack: You’re right. You’re right. It’s wishful thinking that diane will walk away now. I just don’t know how to tell kyle. How do I turn his life upside down? You don’t do that over a phone call.

Phyllis: No, but you know diane. I mean, how much longer until she tries to blow up his life?

Jack: I don’t know. But I got to buy some time. I got to find some way to keep her away from him until I can warn him what is coming. I just hope I’m not too late.

Victor: You know better. I love our daughter. I adore her. I will never do anything to hurt her.

Nikki: I know that. But I also know that sometimes you can be very obstinate and inflexible when it comes to the business. And that’s not what victoria needs from you right now.

Victor: I know. And I haven’t made up my mind yet as to how to handle the whole business thing.

Nikki: Well, I don’t think you should until this crisis is resolved.

Victor: But you’re right. Running my company is not my priority right now. But getting our daughter through this is. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure we get rid of that bastard husband of hers… get him out of our lives.

Adam: Victoria has grabbed a lot of headlines while running the company. But what has she actually accomplished?

Sally: [ Sighs ] Well, she almost doubled the size of newman enterprises.

Adam: [ Scoffs ] Yes, she was put in charge of a company that her father built, and then she merged it with one that locke created. And then she went on a spending spree. Chanccomm, newman media. It’s quite a impressive collection of assets, but what does she intend to do with her shiny toys? It’s never really been clear.

Sally: So you need to come out of the gate with a vision. Something unique, bold, and spectacular.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Everything depends on one perfect go-big-or-go-home idea that will grab everyone’s attention.

Sally: Like how I came up with designing victoria’s wedding dress to launch newman fashion.

Adam: Exactly. You see, because you have a knack for this sort of thing. Which is why I wanted to discuss it with you.

Sally: Well, I’m really glad you value my input.

Adam: I definitely do.

Sally: Then let’s grab another round and start brainstorming.

Ashland: You still think we should run off to tuscany?

Victoria: It seemed like the best way to get clear from all of this. But maybe our next move has already been chosen for us.

Ashland: Well, I’m just concerned about what might happen if we give our lead suspect too much room to operate.

Victoria: So…no tuscany. You know, when I was thinking about the trip, I was thinking that it would give us some much-needed space, but I think maybe you’re right. We shouldn’t give adam too much room to maneuver because if he is behind this, we need to put the pressure.

Ashland: God, I love how your mind works. I’m not sure I would have realized that adam is the one behind all these lies.

Victoria: Well, it’s not gonna be easy to prove. He’s definitely gonna try to cover his tracks.

Ashland: I’ll find a way. Count on it. And then we can get our lives back. You know, an hour ago, I didn’t think this was possible, but thanks to you, I can finally see an end to this nightmare.

Victoria: That’s right. This is the beginning of the end.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ] I’m so glad you came back.

Phyllis: Oh, my god. It’s true. You’re alive.

Diane: [ Scoffs ] So if you are heading out the door early this morning you will probably want to grab the umbrella as we deal with the hopefully they’re done and out of the way.

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