Days Short Recap Wednesday, April 6, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi caught Ava in Jake’s bed. Gabi thought they were together. Ava made her think they got together because of what she and Rafe did to them. Belle told Shawn that Jan said she was pregnant. Belle said the baby couldn’t be his because he said he didn’t sleep with Jan. Shawn confessed that he slept with Jan. He said he thought Jan was her. He didn’t realize it was Jan until it was too late. She wanted to know why he didn’t tell her months ago. Ava made Gabi think she and Jake slept together. He told Gabi nothing happened. Kate wanted Roman to fire Clyde. She said he kidnapped their great grandson. Clyde said he learned the error of his ways. Jake told Gabi that he invited Ava to stay with him. Gabi wanted to know why. Ava said Rafe broke up with her. Belle wanted to know why Shawn lied to her. He said he was afraid because if he aid It out loud it would have happened. He said he wanted to forget it happened. She said they couldn’t do that now with a baby on the way.

Belle told Shawn that Jan gloated to her that they slept together. He said he wanted to tell her. Belle said they were on the same page when it came to Jan. She said they have this secret between them. He said she could be lying about being pregnant. She said Jan made her touch her stomach. She said Jan was definitely pregnant. He said he was going to make her take a dna test. Jake told Gabi that Ava was an invited guest. He told her they broke up so she didn’t have a right to be there. She wanted to talk to him. She said she wanted another chance with him. Jake asked Gabi if she thought he would be crazy enough to get back together with her. She said she talked to Gwen about him and her breaking up and getting back together again. He told her they were done. Gabi said she would leave as soon as Ava admitted to what she did to her brother. Belle wanted to know what was going to happen if Jan didn’t take a dna test. Shawn said they would know she was lying about the baby. He suggested they go to bed. She said she wasn’t sharing a bed with him. He said it wasn’t his fault. She said she knew that Jan forced herself on him, but he lied to her. She said she was sorry that he was going to be a father again with Jan. Ava asked Gabi why she would frame her brother. Gabi said she was a hateful snake. Ava said Rafe cheated on her with Nicole and cheated on Hope with Sami. Gabi wanted to go after her, but Jake stopped her. Gabi said she was going to go.

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