Days Short Recap Tuesday, April 5, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen was waiting at the Bistro for Xander. Gabi arrived and sat at her table. Gwen didn’t want her there. Gabi reminded her how she saved her from what Abby wanted to do to her. She said she sealed Sarah’s fate with that move. She caught Gabi up to speed. Gabi thought Sarah and Xander were going to get back together. She wanted Gabi to gloat somewhere else. Gabi felt bad for her. She told her that her relationship ended. Gwen knew she made Jake happy so she felt sorry for her. Anna stabbed Sarah with the syringe. Sarah wanted to have her arrested for it. Xander followed her. Maggie wanted tl know if Anna lost her mind. She reminded Maggie that the hospital said the drug was safe. Maggie wanted to make sure the drug was fully vetted before Sarah got it. She called Anna selfish and walked away from her to talk to the people in the lab. Tony was disappointed in Anna and wanted to know how she could do that to Sarah. They argued over what Anna did. He told her that she was probably in trouble. Rafe and Shawn talked about what the devil did to people. He told Rafe that the devil set up EJ and almost ruined his anniversary with Belle. Rafe told him that he had to be relieved that Belle walked in before anything happened. Rafe asked him if she walked in the room on time. Shawn had a guilty look on his face and was about to answer when Sarah walked in the room. She wanted to report a crime. She talked as if she were Renee. Xander walked in the room to explain what happened to Sarah.

Later, Rafe, Xander, Sarah and Shawn went to the hospital to look for Anna. Anna was arrested for what she did to Sarah. Anna was taken away with Rafe and Shawn. Sarah wanted to get back to the blood test for her wedding. Tony said he would meet her in the exam room. She kissed his cheek and walked off. Xander told Tony they had to pray the drug worked. Maggie came back so Tony walked off. Belle was at Statesville and noticed Jan sitting in the visitor’s room. Jan stood up and showed her baby bump. She asked Jan who the father of her baby was. Jan told her the father was Shawn. Belle didn’t believe it, but Jan told her that she had sex with Shawn while she was disguised as her. Belle said that Shawn would told her. Belle wondered if she was really pregnant. Jan took her hand and placed it on her stomach. Belle thought Shawn would be horrified to know that she was pregnant. She thought there was a chance Shawn wasn’t the father of Jan’s baby. Jan thought they should get along since she and the baby were going to be in her life for good. Later, Belle went home. Shawn came home after he took Anna to the police station. She told him that she met with Jan at the prison. She told him that she claimed she was pregnant and that he’s the father of the baby. Tony went to see Anna at the station. He told her that he hired a lawyer for her. She didn’t think she would need a lawyer because Sarah would be grateful to have her memory back. Tony told her that she better pray that’s true. Maggie met with Sarah in the exam room. Sarah was talking as if she were Renee and suddenly stopped. Maggie said her name and she responded. Maggie started crying and asked if she knew her name. She told her that she was Sarah. She knew that Maggie was her mother. Xander went home and saw Gwen. He told her about what happened at the hospital. Gwen flashed back to sneaking in the lab to switch the antidote with Rolf’s mind-altering drug that she had.

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