Y&R Short Recap Monday, April 4 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Sally and Chelsea had a civil conversation. Rey was pleased when he overheard Chelsea say she wasn’t interested in Adam and Sally’s personal life. Adam and Chelsea couldn’t take Connor to a hockey game, because they both had work obligations. Chelsea was delighted when Rey offered to take the boy. Victoria told Ashland that Adam was interim CEO. Ashland told Adam that he was just the babysitter, not the real CEO. Adam got a rise out of Ashland by mentioning Harrison. Adam told Sally that he thought Ashland was scared. Adam sensed Victoria was up to something. Adam and Sally plotted for him to take over Newman Locke for good. He told her that if his promotion was made permanent, he’d make her the head of Newman Media. Nate struggled with the Ashland situation. Billy surmised that Nate was the one who provided evidence that Ashland faked his cancer. Nick let Billy know Victoria and Ashland were leaving the country. Billy tried in vain to talk Victoria out of going. Victoria promised that when this was all over, Ashland would be out of the kids’ lives. Victoria made Ashland believe she trusted him. Nate was still bothered by his conversation with Ashland when he got home. Elena, Nate, Devon and Amanda celebrated Elena and Nate’s new home and all of their success at their jobs. Elena would miss Nate being a doctor, but she was happy he’d be working with his family.

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