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Spencer and Nikolas discuss the fact that Spencer’s room has been perfectly recreated, just like it used to be.  Nikolas tells Spencer that the reason it looks like it used to is that he never had his belongings put into storage.  He always held out hope that Nikolas would come home.  Nikolas explains to Spencer that a father never gives up on his child.

Ava comes home and when she enters Wyndemere she calls out for Nikolas.  She is shocked when Esme answers from the living room.  Ava tells Esme to get out before she throws her out. Esme flashes her a smug grin and tells her she might want to run that by her husband because Nikolas invited her and Spencer to stay. Ava refuses to believe it. Esme informs her that she might be a step-grandmother soon. Ava screams for Nikolas. He and Spencer arrive downstairs. Nikolas asks to speak to Ava in private. Once the doors are closed, the fighting begins.

Ava tells Nikolas she hopes he’s not falling for Esme’s act. He tells her Sonny has already grabbed her off the street. Ava admits that she urged Sonny to take care of Esme. Nikolas keeps going back to the subject of Esme’s potential pregnancy.  Ava doesn’t care, she tells Nikolas that Esme must go. Nikolas tells Ava that he has made his decision. Ava thinks that if Esme isn’t pregnant, they should let Sonny deal with her.  Ava gives Nikolas an ultimatum, either Esme goes or she does.  She is shocked when Nikolas still sides with Esme.  Ava storms out.

Laura visits with Elizabeth and the two of them speak about her parents going behind her back to speak with Jake.  She asks Laura if she is just overreacting. Laura tells her that is for her to decide.  The two also discuss the incidents that have recently happened to Elizabeth and she tells Laura that she has ruled out another suspect.  Laura asks who and Elizabeth says Jake.  Laura is shocked that Elizabeth would even consider Jake.  But, Elizabeth explains how Franco’s death has greatly affected Jake because the two were so close.  Laura leaves Elizabeth and Elizabeth turns out the lights and starts upstairs when she hears a strange noise and a man comes around the corner and says, “Don’t Forget Me.”  Elizabeth awakes suddenly, it was all a nightmare.  But when she looks at her drafting table, she finds a painting with “Don’t Forget Me” written across it.

At the Metro Court, Amy is thrilled by Brook Lynn’s song and grateful she is using local talent. Chase arrives with Violet and stares over at them. Brook Lynn tries to leave but Violet corners her and asks about Bailey. Maxie calls Violet over to look at pictures of Bailey on the phone.

Amy suggests that Chase sing the song with her. Brook Lynn insists he doesn’t want to be involved. Chase and Brook Lynn cross the room. They go over why he already refused to sing. He’s still worried about what it would do to his image. Gregory arrives and his son introduces him to Brook Lynn. Gregory already knows who she is. They rehash her role in Chase being suspended until Violet runs over to him. He leaves to get their table. Chase apologizes for her father’s rude behavior and tells her that his suspension was not her fault.

Finn arrives and Chase joins the family at a table.

When Gregory and Chase are left alone, Chase grills him about being rude to Brook Lynn. He stands up for her, what she did, and the sacrifices she made. Gregory asks if Chase has feelings for her.

Gregory crosses the room and apologizes to Brook Lynn for being rude. She’s sure he was just looking out for his son. He’s looking forward to getting to know her better. She and Chase exchange a glance from across the room.

In Terry’s office at General Hospital, Britt asks her to go into Brad’s interview with an open mind.  During his interview, Terry tells Brad she wouldn’t be comfortable allowing him to work in any other role but orderly, but allows him the chance to make his case. Brad does a better job selling his qualifications to Terry than she had anticipated and she tells him that she will have to talk to Lucas first and will then let Brad know her final decision. Once Brad leaves, Amy spots him and starts yelling for security. She is convinced that Brad was trying to steal files from Terry’s office. Terry arrives and calms Amy and tells her that the hiring of hospital personnel is her job, and Amy’s feelings about a particular candidate will be irrelevant when she makes her decision.

Selina’s associate Li arrives and instructs Britt that she needs to come with him.  Britt tells Brad that this is the night she is scheduled to meet with Selina. She assures Brad she will be fine.

Britt meets Selina at The Grill. She’s bought out the entire restaurant so they can speak privately. Britt thinks this is a bit much for a friendly dinner. “We are not friends,” Selina reminds her. Britt tells her that Brad really wants to start a new life at the hospital. Selina doesn’t think much of him doing menial labor rather than working for her. She knows Brad listens to Britt so she blackmails her, telling her she knows that Britt and Faison were working on in 2016. She’s sure it’s something the WSB would be happy to hear about. Britt accuses her of bluffing but Selina says she has proof. In exchange for her silence, Selina says Britt must get Brad to submit to her will.

Esme gloats to Spencer about getting between his father and Ava. He’s more concerned about her taking the pregnancy test. She tries delaying and worries Sonny could come after her again if she’s not pregnant. If it’s negative, she will be all alone. Spencer promises that she can stay at Wyndemere no matter what the test says. After she goes in and out of the bathroom, he insists they wait for the results together. Once the clock runs down, they check the results.

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