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Carly and Sam arrive at yoga class.  Carly thanks Sam for dragging her out of the house.  Sam says at least it wasn’t kicking and screaming.  Sam says maybe they will actually find some serenity there.  At that point Maxie and Nina walk in and Carly replies, “So much for that.”  Maxie asks Nina if she wants to take a different class and Nina says that she will not be scared off, not by Carly and not by anyone else.  Carly tells Sam the same, she says she is not going to let Nina run her out.  Carly also tells Sam that Alexis was a huge help with the situation with Josslyn and Cameron.  Nina, seeing an opening, tells Maxie she is going to try to talk to Carly about the visitation situation with Wiley.  Maxie counsels against making such a move and says that it will end badly.  But, Nina is undeterred and asks Carly if she can speak with her about Wiley. Carly looks at Nina like she could throttle her right there in the yoga studio. Nina makes her wishes known and Carly shuts her down, telling her it is her own fault she is in the situation she’s in.  Nina is upset and decides to leave the yoga class, Maxie follows. Sam tells Carly that at least now they will have some peace.  Carly tells Sam that she could kill Nina for having the gall to even speak to her about Wiley.

Alexis and the writer of the story about Josslyn and Cameron celebrate the fact that it has gone viral. Harmony drops by Alexis’ office and apologizes for the string of lies she has told lately.  Alexis tells her that she has got to be honest from now on. Harmony says that she is so glad that Alexis’ troubles are in her past.  Alexis says why do I have the feeling that yours are not. Harmony has another flashback about being in Alexis’ bedroom and injecting Neil.. Harmony tells Alexis that she has decided to help Nina with her visitation problems. Alexis reminds Harmony that she has strongly advised her against getting involved there. But, Harmony is determined.  

Harmony leaves the office and Diane arrives.  Diane tells Alexis her plan about getting Smoltz to drop the charges against Michael. However, Alexis doesn’t feel that this particular plan will work and tells Diane to come up with another one.  “I always do,” Diane says and she leaves Alexis’ office.

At the courthouse, Scott goes over what Trina can expect from the court proceedings.  He tells her that the Assistant District Attorney will announce the charges and whether or not they plan to seek a plea agreement.  Trina says and my plea is not guilty.  Scott agrees.  However, the ADA that Scott was hoping to be handling the case (Christina) is not lead Assistant District Attorney on this case.  It is Assistant District Attorney Arden and it is clear that Scott has a long history with the prosecutor by his reaction when she walks into the courtroom.  Assistant District Attorney Arden offers Trina a plea bargain if she pleads guilty to a misdemeanor, the prosecutor’s office will withdraw the felony charge and Trina will likely get no jail time and three years probation.  Scott points out that there is no guarantee that the judge will not sentence Trina to jail time and tells the prosecutor to shove the deal. 

At the Metro Court, Michael and Willow meet with Diane and discuss how they do not want Michael’s arrest to provide Nina with ammunition to use to her advantage.  Diane says that it definitely will play into Nina’s hands.  But, she announces that she has a plan to make it all go away.  She excuses herself to go see Alexis. Michael apologizes to Willow for all the trouble he has put their family through.  Willow says that Michael was just defending their family and that is one of the things that she finds very attractive about Michael.  Michael asks her if there are more things that she finds attractive and Willow asks him how much time he has. Michael takes Willow’s hand, holds it softly and says, “for you…….forever.”

At Charlie’s, Esme lays it on thick for Nikolas and Spencer.  She declares how scary it was being threatened and attacked mercilessly by Sonny (none of which actually happened).  Spencer tells Esme that he went to the PCPD where he told Trina that he believes Esme. Esme becomes sick and runs to the restroom.  Nikolas tells Spencer he needs to be more gentle with Trina, especially with her possibly being pregnant.  Spencer inquire how Nikolas knows that and Nikolas tells him that Victor told him.  Spencer asks Nikolas if he and Esme can both move back into Wyndemere while they figure out their issues.  Nikolas does want Spencer to find out definitively if Esme is pregnant and he likes the idea of them being under the same roof but having plenty of space.  Nikolas agrees that Spencer and Esme can move into Wyndemere.  

Trina is allowed to step outside the courtroom for some fresh air while being escorted by a bailiff.  Josslyn and Cameron arrive outside right as Trina is going to a break.  Trina asks what they are doing there.  Cameron says that nothing is more important than their friend.

The three of them are called back into the courtroom as Judge Oliver Young enters and begins reviewing the facts of the case.  He reads the charges and asks Trina how she will plead.  Trina looks uncertain what she will do.

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