Days Short Recap Monday, March 28, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Orpheus told EJ that Clyde didn’t trust him. EJ sarcastically said he was shocked. Orpheus said he doesn’t trust people. EJ asked if he was his enforcer. Orpheus said he could use Clyde’s help on the outside. He said he was going to watch EJ. EJ got smart with him. Orpheus threatened him. Clyde wanted to stay with Ciara and Ben. She didn’t want him to stay with them. Ben said Clyde would go back to prison. Ben wanted to give him a chance. Craig was upset with Chloe for not giving Leo a chance. Chad told Leo that he hasn’t been able to get him out of his head since Phoenix. Leo was shocked when he told him. Chad said all of the attention he gave him. The way he looked at him like he wanted him. Leo asked if he was an ego boost he could throw in Abby’s face if she turned him down. Chad said it was more than that. He said when someone is so into you and wants you so much, it almost makes you want them back. Leo said he would have been all over him if he knew that he liked him. Chad asked if he was interested.

Clyde was grateful that Ben and Ciara let him stay with them. Ben told him not to screw up because he would be back at Statesville. EJ told Orpheus that he was Stefano’s son. He thought Orpheus was going to have people kill him. He said he would tow the line. He thought it would be better to listen because he didn’t want to get hurt. Chloe told Craig that she didn’t mean to hurt him. Craig said he knew he hurt her when he came out. He said he needed her support now more than ever. He said he needed her to support him or get out of his life. She was upset with his terms. Leo told Chad that he would want to be with him, but he didn’t want to hurt Craig. Chad said he didn’t want to hurt Abby. Leo said Brady and Chloe were after him. Chad said he didn’t want to come between him and Craig. When Chad was about to leave, Leo stopped him. He said Craig would get hurt if he got caught. Leo asked if he really wanted to do this. Chad said he did. Leo said Craig would be working late. Chad said he would do it. Leo wanted to slip into something more comfortable.

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