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Alexis: Ohh! [ Sniffs ]

Molly: Hey! I thought I heard you come in!

Alexis: Something smells incredible! You…cooked!

Molly: [ Laughs ]

TJ: Well, we cooked. As a thank-you for being so amazing and letting us stay here so long.

Alexis: Well, I didn’t cook, but I stopped at Eckert’s, so they cooked.

TJ: Ahh.

Molly: Mmm!

Alexis: Have some dessert for you. I’m gonna miss you guys.

Molly: Oh, well, it is a good thing you have such a compelling and demanding job to throw yourself into. That way, you’ll be too busy to miss us.

Phyllis: Lorraine! Sorry. Harmony.

Harmony: Hey. Thanks for coming. Lorraine’s in the past for a reason, so hope you didn’t call to reminisce. Working in New York was a long time ago. Things are a little fuzzy.

Phyllis: This is about something in the here and now.

Harmony: Okay. What’s on your mind?

Phyllis: We need to talk about you and Nina.

Nina: Where’s my aunt?

Scott: Uh, she’s running a little behind.

Nina: [ Sighs ] Alright. I’ll be at a table.

Scott: Wait, wait. Whoa, whoa. Hang on. Hang on. Come on, now. Come. Come on. Sit down. I kept you out of prison. Can you at least sit with me while we wait for Liesl?

Nina: Fine.

Scott: Okay. Ahh. There we go. Bygones be bygones, huh?

Marshall: Why were you talking with Sonny Corinthos?

Curtis: We were talking about a run-in you two had. Care to explain?

Marshall: What exactly did he say?

Curtis: He said that you’d been hostile. And I know it’s not the first time. Why is that?

Marshall: [ Chuckles ] Told you before. I don’t trust Sonny’s type.

Curtis: Yeah, well, I have noticed that every time Sonny’s name is mentioned, you have a strong reaction. It almost feels personal.

Marshall: Well, I have a personal aversion to mob kingpins.

Curtis: Marshall, look. I know you can duck and dodge with the best of them. Hell, you’ve been doing that since you’ve arrived in Port Charles. But if bringing you into my life means bringing trouble to the doorstep of the house that Portia and I share… man, I need to know.

Esme: I have nowhere to go. Is there any way I could stay with you?

Portia: I bet you anything that that girl is the one behind the video of Joss and Cam. Ugh. I’m just so relieved that Trina is finally out of Esme’s orbit.

Taggert: Yeah, she’s a piece of work, that one. Takes every little bit of me not to give old Esme and lover-boy Spencer a piece of my mind.

Portia: If I have to bite my tongue, so can you.

Taggert: [ Sighs ]

Portia: [ Chuckles ] Besides, Trina would be mortified.

Taggert: Yeah, well, that’s the only thing stopping me.

Portia: Have I told you recently what a good father you are?

Taggert: Having a great daughter like Trina makes it easy. I got lucky.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Dante: Josslyn. Hey.

Josslyn: Hey.

Dante: What are you doing here? Are you looking for Detective Lopez?

Josslyn: No, no. Actually, I’m just waiting for Trina. Commissioner Ashford says she has a couple questions for her. Shouldn’t take long.

Dante: Right. Uh… you might want to head home because it might take longer than you think.

Jordan: Have a seat. This is just an informal chat, but it might disrupt your plans for the evening. Is there anyone you need to call?

Trina: I’m missing a lecture. But I can get the notes from my study partner. This is more important.

Jordan: I see. Well, as you’ve already figured out, I’ve called you in because we’re investigating what happened to Josslyn and Cameron. Are you comfortable answering a few questions?

Trina: Ask me anything. I want to help you find the person that set my friends up. And I hope you make them pay for it.

Nikolas: You want to stay at Wyndemere?

Esme: I know it’s an imposition, but it wouldn’t be forever. Just until I can get on my feet.

Nikolas: You have to understand — you and Spencer have broken up. Having you come and stay in his family home, it would put me in an awkward position, Esme, especially given the fragile state of Spencer and my relationship.

Esme: I understand.

Nikolas: I’m so glad.

Esme: You’ve turned your back on me, too.

Josslyn: Really don’t mind waiting for Trina to be done. I mean, she’s had a lot to deal with since that night at the cabin.

Dante: Well, I think you’ve had the most to deal with since that night at the cabin. Trina’s your friend. She wants to help you.

Josslyn: Trina’s my best friend. And the person that you should be talking to is Spencer’s psycho girlfriend, Esme Prince. Have you brought her in yet?

Esme: You believe the horrible things people are saying about me.

Nikolas: Esme, I’m no stranger to unfair accusations. I don’t believe everything I hear.

Esme: Too bad Spence doesn’t share your discernment. He’s taking Trina’s word over mine.

Nikolas: It is hard to believe that Trina would betray Joss and Cam in that way.

Esme: Trina’s got everybody fooled. Believe me, she is no saint.

Nikolas: I don’t believe in labeling people saints or sinners. Everyone is capable of both. But I do trust my wife’s instincts, and Ava thinks very highly of Trina.

Esme: Right. Much more highly than she thinks of me.

Jordan: Trina, you don’t recall seeing anyone enter Josslyn and Cameron’s room at the cabin besides them?

Trina: No. But there was plenty of chances for her to do it.

Jordan: Her?

Trina: Esme Prince. She’s behind this.

Jordan: Both Josslyn and Cameron’s statements indicate that Spencer and Esme left earlier that evening. Did you see or hear anything that would lead you to believe it was Esme who set up the camera?

Trina: [ Exhales sharply ] Nothing concrete, but who else would have done it? There were big blocks of time when we were all in the cabin and Esme was unaccounted for. She had means, motive, and opportunity.

Jordan: Where were you when Spencer and Esme left?

Trina: I was in my room. Uh, I didn’t actually see them leave.

Jordan: How long were you in your room?

Trina: A few hours. I was feeling a bit…off.

Jordan: I know about the drinking game, and although I do not condone underage drinking, that’s not what I’m interested in right now.

Trina: [ Sighs ] Clearly, I’m a lightweight when it comes to drinking. I had one hot toddy, and it, like, put me out.

Jordan: You blacked out.

Trina: Yeah. Pretty much.

Jordan: Let me remind you, even though this is just an informal conversation, you can call a parent or legal advocate.

Trina: Thanks. But I don’t want to bother them. Besides, I have nothing to hide.

Marshall: I doubt any of this will come knocking at your — your new home, but your club, man, that’s a different story.

Curtis: What about The Savoy?

Marshall: Curtis, I’ve worked enough clubs as a musician to see how these mob types, they — they get their hooks into club owners, and then — then their clubs become their personal playground.

Curtis: There have been offers, and I have refused them.

Marshall: See? See? And those offers, they can quickly become demands.

Curtis: That’s not the case with Sonny.

Marshall: Where do you get the notion that Sonny corinthos is some sort of benevolent don? TJ wants to believe this, too.

Curtis: Years ago, TJ witnessed a shooting. Jordan and I were limited as to what we could do, and… Sonny was there to protect him.

Marshall: Whew. I never knew that.

Curtis: I wouldn’t call the man benevolent, but he is most certainly conscientious. He was there for TJ when it mattered most.

Marshall: Well, my issue with Sonny isn’t personal. I just don’t want the man to suddenly decide to call in his debts.

Curtis: You sure that’s all it is?

Phyllis: I couldn’t violate Nina’s privacy back in the day. But now I can tell you that Nina was my patient and in a coma. Nina gave birth, and her mother tricked me into giving her child away.

Harmony: That’s so tragic. Um, why are you telling me this?

Phyllis: To make you understand. Nina’s had so much loss in her life, yet she still has the capacity to love. That love extends to the grandson you two share. So talk to your daughter. Convince Willow and Michael that Nina is no threat to Wiley. You have a winning way about you. I remember how well you got along with Nina’s mother, Madeline.

Nina: Scotty, you and Aunt Liesl conspired without me knowing, and you put Willow on the stand.

Scott: Yeah, yeah, I know. To save you from jail! Now, I’m not going to apologize for that.

Nina: Well, I’m not going to apologize for resenting you for ignoring my wishes.

Scott: Yeah, but — [ Sighs ] See, the reason why I did that was ’cause I knew you wouldn’t approve of my strategy. And I can see why you feel like you were blindsided in — in court.

Nina: Well, that almost sounded like an apology.

Scott: Well, that’s about the best you’re gonna get from me because I’m not sorry for keeping you out of jail. So come on. Let’s — let’s put this behind us. You’re Liesl’s niece, and I’m her boyfriend.

Nina: What is taking her so long?!

Scott: Rush hour.

Nina: [ Groans ] Okay. I suppose I only have two options here. “A,” I could reschedule.

Scott: Yeah? Two?

Nina: Or, “B,” order a cocktail and… enjoy the company.

Scott: Trish. Two martinis. On me.

Alexis: Well, you don’t have to worry about me being alone because Harmony is gonna stay here for a little bit. Quelle surprise. It appears you have an opinion about that.

Molly: Well, inviting Harmony to live here is a big deal.

Alexis: Honey, she’s having a hard time. She’s just gonna stay here until she can afford a place of her own.

Molly: Where’s she been staying? Her car? What happened?

Alexis: None of your business. Again with the eyes. Alright. Listen. Why don’t you just use your words, get it all out, get it off your chest so I don’t have to stand here and be questioned like a little girl?

Jordan: The reason I called you in here is because we received a call on the tip line implicating you in what happened to Josslyn and Cameron. The caller claims to have seen you watching the video on your phone weeks ago, well before the video was released online.

Trina: [ Scoffs ] No, that’s — that’s impossible. I never had that video on my phone except when someone sent it to me. And even then, I deleted it right away. Wait. I-I can prove it. Check my phone.

Jordan: Trina, you are not required to hand over your phone.

Trina: It’s fine. I’m volunteering. I want you to know that this “tipster,” who I’m going to bet is Esme, is lying. I’m sorry. There’s like a thousand things in my bag.

Jordan: Can you describe your phone?

Trina: Black smartphone with a purple case.

Jordan: And you only have one?

Trina: Why would I need two? Here it is.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Jordan: I thought you only had one phone.

Trina: I do. It’s my study partner. Wondering why I missed lecture. This is my phone.

Jordan: Then who does this belong to?

Trina: I have no clue. Please. Believe me. I-I have no idea how that one got in my bag.

Scott: How’s the Colonel? You know, the Kentucky Fried brother of Cyrus?

Nina: Oh, that’s just great. Ava’s been talking. Did she also tell you that I’m considering suing for visitation of Wiley?

Scott: You mean petitioning for visitation because you still got to go to court, and it’s — it’s kind of a tough sell.

Nina: No, that’s not how Martin described it.

Scott: Yeah, well, he might have oversold it to you. You know, uh, billable hours.

Nina: Are you saying that a New York State law won’t guarantee that I have access to my own grandson?

Scott: You have a standing for a petition.

Nina: That’s just great. Martin’s not in Port Charles right now. He’s checking on his mother. So we’ve put a pin in my legal action.

Scott: Well, now… I’m available. Oh! Family rate.

Nina: I really don’t think it’d be a good idea for you to represent me again. Plus, I have a plan in the works, and it does not involve the inside of a courtroom.

Scott: Now, why is that? Why don’t you want to go down the legal road? Is it the same reason why you didn’t want me to put Willow on the stand?

Phyllis: Your friendship with Madeline reeves was such a surprise. Whew. She was an ice queen. So cold to anyone she considered to be “the help.”

Harmony: Are you sure you’re remembering correctly? Because I-I actually don’t remember a Madeline reeves.

Phyllis: Oh. Sure you do. The attractive blonde in the penthouse apartment? The two of you used to walk dogs together.

Harmony: Oh. Right. Yes. With the — with the toy poodle. Yeah. Um, I didn’t know she was Nina’s mother. Mm-hmm. I just knew her as Madeline. And we were not friends. We were — we were, like, cordial at best.

Phyllis: Hmm. That’s not how it looked to me. I remember you laughing and talking together. I was shocked that she could be that friendly to anyone.

Harmony: I see what’s going on here. Yeah. You didn’t — you didn’t call me of your own accord. Well, you can pass this message on to Nina. Point taken. It’s under consideration. Good day.

Curtis: Okay. Let’s put this to rest right now. Your issue with Sonny Corinthos, it has nothing to do with why you were hiding all those years?

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Curtis: Excuse me. I got to take this. Do what you gotta do, son.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Curtis: Well, I’m glad you decided to call me. I could definitely use your help.

Jordan: I haven’t changed my mind about Marshall’s sealed records. This is about something else entirely.

Curtis: What is it?

Jordan: Well, since we recently discussed ethics, I need your advice.

Curtis: My advice about what?

Jordan: Well, you know how a member of law enforcement should not contact the family of a suspect being questioned? What about contacting a family friend?

Curtis: Uh, well, that depends on the suspect in the situation.

Jordan: Suppose the P.O.I. Is the daughter of a longtime friend and former partner of said law-enforcement officer. Maybe there’s some ethical space to contact a family friend, someone who’s close to the mother of the suspect?

Curtis: You’re talking about Trina. Jordan, what’s going on?

Jordan: This is hypothetical. I’m just wondering if I should contact a family friend to let them know that a young lady is being questioned at the station right now and has refused legal counsel.

Curtis: Hypothetically, that friend of the family would be grateful. Thanks, Jordan. Uh, something’s come up with Trina. We’ll continue this conversation later?

Marshall: Of course. Everything alright?

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

Marshall: Take care of your family, son. ‘Cause I’m definitely gonna take care of mine.

Portia: This is really nice. I mean, we’ve always been wonderful co-parents, but I’m just glad that we’re still friends. And I really appreciate you wishing me and Curtis well. [ Chuckles ] Are you really good with us moving in together?

Taggert: And moving on? I mean, Portia — you, me, Trina, we’re family. Why wouldn’t I be okay with my family being happy?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Portia: Oh! Were your ears burning? Trina’s where?

Nikolas: Ava and I are grateful that you encouraged Spencer to reconcile with us.

Esme: But her gratitude stops short of letting me sleep under her roof. She’ll forgive Spence because he’s your son, but not me.

Nikolas: That’s unfair.

Esme: Ava doesn’t know what it’s like to be abandoned. I mean, not the way that Spence and I do. And you… Spence told me how you grew up — first in Greece, then out on Spoon Island, isolated, not even knowing your mother until you were 16.

Nikolas: Those were lonely days.

Esme: I thought my lonely days were over when I met Spence. I was an orphan. After my parents died, it was just me and my nanny. Then she took another position, and I was sent away to school. Spence understood because he felt that pain himself. He became my family. Now he has his family back, and I no longer have him. I have no one.

Nikolas: I’m sorry. This has been so hard on you, Esme. But I can’t appear to take sides.

Esme: Then I guess I’ll have to leave Port Charles. I’m out of places to stay or people that care about me. Everyone hates me here.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Nikolas: I’m sorry. Esme, sit tight. We’ll figure something out. Hi. I’m at the restaurant.

Esme: Wonder where they’re rushing off to. To Trina, the saint.

Alexis: I mean, any more issues you can tell me. Just, you know, do it now because she’s gonna be here any minute.

Molly: Harmony’s coming for dinner?

Alexis: Is that a problem?

TJ: Alexis, w-we don’t know Harmony well enough to have any issues with her, but Shawn was concerned and he wanted us to keep an eye out on her.

Alexis: Really?

Molly: Mom. Okay. Shawn cares about you. You know he does. But he doesn’t really trust Harmony, and he’s concerned that she still has some secrets.

Alexis: Who doesn’t? And whatever secrets Harmony may have does not concern you, you, or Shawn.

[ Door opens ]

[ Harmony clears throat ]

[ Door closes ]

Harmony: [ Chuckles ] Guess my keys work. Hi.

Nina: There are no messages. She hasn’t — she hasn’t responded to my texts!

Scott: I’m — I’m sure she’ll be along.

Nina: You don’t seem concerned or the least bit worried. Wait a second. Did Liesl set me up and she made me sit with you while I was waiting for her?

Scott: I can’t confirm that. Or deny it.

Nina: Oh, okay. That’s it. I am out of here. I cannot believe that you manipulated me again.

Scott: Wait a minute. I thought we were over this Willow thing.

Nina: Well, you thought wrong. We’re not.

Scott: Ohh. Come on. You know what? I-I’m gonna give it to you straight. The reason why you didn’t want me to put Willow on the stand is the same reason why you don’t want to drag Michael into court over Wiley. Because you have it bad for Sonny.

Nina: I really don’t think that that’s any of your business.

Scott: W-what is it about Sonny? Is — is it the slicked-back hair? What is his real appeal?

Nina: Scott, there’s more to Sonny than you know. He’s not — he’s not immune to pain and loss.

Scott: [ Sighs ] Yeah, he has a very chaotic life, so he’s had a lot of losses. But you’re not answering my question. Can you deny that you’re not in love with Sonny? I thought so. So I have a little piece of advice for you. I suggest you get off this ride, go through the gift shop, and never, ever look back!

Josslyn: Dante. What is going on? I mean, why is Trina in the interrogation room?

Dante: We have to talk to everyone who was at the cabin that night. Trina, Spencer, Esme. Everyone’s included in that.

Josslyn: Yeah, but the interview started in the commissioner’s office, so why are we moving to the interrogation room? I mean, I thought that this was just routine.

Jordan: Dante.

Dante: I gotta get back to work. Are you sure you want to hang here?

Josslyn: Yeah. I-I told Trina I’d wait. So I’m gonna wait.

Dante: Okay. Purple case, like the tipster described.

Jordan: Trina claims this isn’t her phone. She’s got another one.

Dante: So this is ours to examine?

Jordan: There’s no password protection.

Dante: That’s a little too convenient.

Jordan: Indeed.

Dante: I’ll get this down to forensics.

Jordan: Okay.

Taggert: Where’s my daughter?! Jordan! I thought we were friends.

Harmony: Um, I think I’ve caused enough problems for tonight. Thank you so much for a lovely dinner, but I’m gonna go and let you guys have your last night here together alone.

Molly: No. Absolutely not. Look. TJ and I will go. My mother’s upset with us.

Alexis: No. I’m not upset with you. I’m upset with Shawn, who overstepped and put you in an awkward position… which you fully embraced.

Harmony: I’m — I’m — I’m just gonna go.

Alexis: Stay right there.

Molly: Look, Shawn and my mother go way back, and he’s very protective of her, as are we.

TJ: Right. And, Alexis, I understand your outrage, and I wish Shawn did not ask us to play watchdog. Any concerns he had, he should have shared directly with you.

Alexis: Oh, he did. I just don’t get if he trusts me with his business why doesn’t he trust me with my own life?

Harmony: Well, I, for one, am happy that Shawn asked molly and TJ to spy on me.

Harmony: Alexis has been a good, supportive friend, so I get Shawn’s impulse. I mean, I wouldn’t want to let anyone hurt her, either. And you guys should know that Shawn put me on notice directly. So I’m not surprised that he asked Molly and TJ to look out for you. And you should be appreciative that you have friends who care and love you.

TJ: That is…a gracious way of looking at it, Harmony.

Harmony: Or it’s a ploy to get some pie. ‘Cause I’d really like some. It’s been a day.

[ Laughter ]

Molly: We’re on it.

Alexis: So, what else happened today besides my ex recruiting my daughter and her partner to spy on you?

Harmony: Try, um, Nina reeves enlisting a former colleague of mine to help her secure visitation with Wiley.

Nina: I know Sonny is no angel, okay? But neither is my Aunt Liesl. I mean, there are a lot of people who think that she is a menace, Scott. She’s done horrible things.

Scott: No, she’s not a menace anymore.

Nina: Okay. M-my point is… that… you’ve defied all the naysayers by finding happiness in the most unlikely partner, right? Why can’t I?

Nikolas: Sorry. That was my mother. She can’t make dinner. And since it appears the guest of honor isn’t bothering to show, I think the celebration is officially a bust.

Esme: I thought you and Spence were getting closer. I was so optimistic.

Nikolas: So was I. I don’t get it.

Esme: I mean, that’s Spence. It’s why I’ve had to stay on him about things, especially mending his relationship with you. I’m sorry I won’t be around to keep doing that.

Nikolas: I’ve noticed you put in that effort, and I’ve appreciated it, Esme. And I also appreciate how you’ve been there for Spencer when I wasn’t.

Esme: Well, I still believe that you two will, uh, work things out. Might take time. That’s all. In the meantime, I need to figure out my next step, starting with a place to stay.

Nikolas: I’ve been in your shoes. Unsure where to call home, surrounded by people without good intentions.

Esme: I’m strong. I’ll get through it.

Nikolas: You could. But you won’t have to. I can’t let you worry where you’re gonna lay your head at night.

Esme: Does this mean what I think it does?

Trina: You have to believe me. I-I don’t know where that second phone came from.

Portia: Baby, we know that it wasn’t yours.

Taggert: Why would you turn anything over without a warrant? Why would you talk to the cops without an attorney, baby?! If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times!

Portia: Marcus! That’s enough. What’s done is done. It —

Trina: I don’t think it was a big deal. Because I didn’t do anything wrong! I was with Jordan. Commissioner Ashford.

Taggert: Okay. Um, I understand. But remember, moving forward, there’s no such thing as casual talk with a cop. Anything you say can be used against you.

Trina:I just wanted to help Joss and Cam!

Portia: I understand that, and that’s very admirable of you, but now it’s time for you to help yourself.

Trina: What do I do?

Portia: You talk to no one, no one else, until our lawyer gets here. And your father and I are gonna get to the bottom of this.

Taggert: Yeah. Starting right now.

Portia: We’re gonna figure this out, and everything’s gonna be alright. Are you holding on okay?

Trina: [ Crying ] I just hate that I made you guys so upset. I’m so sorry for all of this.

Portia: Oh, sweetheart. We’re only upset because we know how unfair this is to you. You don’t need to be sorry. And I promise you this. Whoever did do this to you… they will be.

Scott: You cannot save Sonny.

Nina: Sonny doesn’t need to be saved, Scott. He just needs a partner who understands him. Someone who accepts him. Someone who will support him.

Scott: You don’t think Carly did that? They went through many storms together, but in the end… he ended up letting her down. So what makes you think he’s not gonna do that to you?

Nina: I don’t know. He might. But I want to try.

Scott: [ Sighs ] There it is.

Nina: Okay. I’m calling it a night.

Scott: Okay. Let me say this real quick, then. You can’t have Wiley and Sonny. You got to make a choice. Who do you want — kid or the gangster? Who’s more important to you?

Alexis: I really understand you not wanting to pressure Willow with everything that’s going on. And I really appreciate you overlooking all the stuff about the secrets and the kids and all of that.

Harmony: Oh…

Alexis: I hope you know that whatever you say to me is held in confidence.

Harmony: I do feel safe with you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go see if I can get some of that pie.

Alexis: Ohh!

Harmony: Oh, my goodness. Shoot. I’m so sorry.

Alexis: Alright. It’s alright.

Molly: It’s pie time whew. Okay. I’ll get it.

TJ: -Whoa.

Harmony: -I’m s–

Molly: What’s going on?

Harmony: -Got a spill. Sorry. -Oh.

Alexis: It’s just a little spill.

Marshall: Thank you… gracious lady.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Marshall: Alright.

Phyllis: Marshall. I don’t want to pry, but I get the feeling you’ve lived a lot of life. I just want you to know anytime you need a friendly ear…

Marshall: You’re an insightful lady, Phyllis. And, yeah, you’re right. My life’s had twists and turns, mostly without my family, without my people. [ Chuckles ] Life, it’s tough. It’s just tough without connections.

Phyllis: Well, you don’t have to go through life alone. Sometimes you choose your family, too.

Marshall: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: You just never know. You might come across someone for a reason. That happened with me and my friends Sonny and Nina. They’ve become family. They’ve been there for me like nobody else. They’re actually why I’m in Port Charles.

Marshall: You’re talking about Sonny Corinthos?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. This is his place. He bought it and gave me this job after I lost Lenny and The Tan-O. I can never repay his support and generosity. Nina’s, too. But I vow to always be there for them.

Marshall: I feel the same way about protecting my family. I wasn’t here for them, but I’m here now, and I’ll fight for them, no matter the cost.

Jordan: The tipster said the evidence was on a phone inside of Trina’s bag.

Curtis: That sounds a little too neat.

Jordan: I don’t disagree, but it’s enough detail to create reasonable suspicion of a crime. Trina shouldn’t have handed that phone over.

[ Door opens ]

Taggert: How could you?! We were partners!

Curtis: Whoa. Taggert. Easy. Jordan’s just doing our job.

Taggert: And where the hell do you get off questioning her without an attorney?!

Jordan: I asked, and she declined. It wasn’t official.

Taggert: Oh. Yea– really?! But it is now, right?

Jordan: I had no choice, Taggert. I have to investigate.

[ Knock on door ]

Dante: A word?

Jordan: Yeah.

Taggert: What the hell?!

Curtis: Look, uh, you have every right to be upset, okay? Just go easy on Jordan.

Taggert: My kid is in a police interrogation room. My daughter is being framed. Trina?! Really?! Come on, man. We know she wouldn’t do this!

Curtis: And that’s weighing on Jordan, which is probably why she, uh, reached out to me to loop you and Portia in. Taggert, no one wants to see Trina get railroaded.

Jordan: Taggert.

[ Door closes ]

Taggert: I have a feeling I’m not gonna like what you have to say.

Jordan: You won’t. And trust me, I don’t like having to say it, either.

Portia: Jordan. Tell Trina not to worry.

Jordan: Trina, please come with me.

Portia: Where, exactly?

Jordan: Booking.

Nina: Scott, you’re out of time and I’m out of patience. So… ohh! Thank you for the drink. And, no, thank you, for the unsolicited advice.

Scott: Well — well — h-hang on here. I hope you listened to everything I said, because if Wiley is what you want, I will do everything in my power to get that kid for you. But if it’s Sonny, then you’re on your own. And God help you.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Nina: [ Gasps ] Hey. Phyllis. How’d it go?

Phyllis: I did what you asked and spoke with Harmony.

Nina: And?

Phyllis: It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.

Nina: [ Sighs ]

Alexis: It’s not coming out. I probably — I should probably use some seltzer.

Harmony: No, no. No need. I’ve got everything right here.

Alexis: Oh. You found the carpet cleaner.

Harmony: Yeah.

Alexis: How’d you know that was in the basement?

Harmony: I don’t know. I guess just, like, years of being a caregiver gives you a sense of where people keep things. I hope you don’t mind. Here. I got it.

Alexis: Uh, no. It’s your home, too. For now.

Nikolas: It’s not five-star accommodations, but I’ll rent the room above Kelly’s for you to stay short-term.

Esme: Kelly’s. I, um, didn’t know there was lodging there.

Nikolas: There is.

Esme: Thank you. I’ll be all alone, but at least I won’t be on the streets.

Nikolas: You won’t be alone. I’ll stop in and check on you. Whatever the state of your relationship with Spencer, you won’t be abandoned.

Esme: Thank you, thank you, thank you! You saved my life.

Portia: Commissioner Ashford! You tell me what you’re trying to book my daughter for.

Jordan: The phone Trina handed over directly links her to the illegal possession and dissemination of unlawfully taped, sexually explicit images.

[ Taggert scoffs ]

Josslyn: That’s — that’s impossible! You have the wrong person!

Trina: It wasn’t me, Joss! It was Esme! Esme Prince!

Taggert: Trina, Trina, Trina. Shh!

Trina: She set me up!

Taggert: Trina! Not another word until we get an attorney here.

Josslyn: No! No. Trina’s right. And it was Esme. It was Esme prince! She set this whole thing up! Why aren’t you investigating Esme? I told Detective Lopez in my statement that it was her.

Dante: Okay, okay. Josslyn, this is not the time or the place. You got to calm down, or you got to leave.

Portia: Listen to me, honey. It’s gonna be okay. I don’t want you to worry. It’s gonna be fine. It’s gonna be okay.

Jordan: Detective.

Portia: No. Jordan. Don’t do this. You know her! Really?

Dante: [ Sighs ] Trina Robinson, you’re under arrest.

Portia: It’s gonna be okay.

Dante: You have the right to remain silent. Should you give up that right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as I’ve explained them to you?

Trina: Yes.

Portia: [ Crying ]

On the next “General Hospital” —

Sam: What are you doing her?

Jordan (to Laura): There’s another piece of the puzzle I need to make you aware of.

Harmony to Alexis: Have you made any decisions I need to know about?

Ava (to Trina): This is a terrible miscarriage of justice.

Esme (to Nikolas): What did I do to deserve your kindness?

Sonny (to Carly): If somebody pulls out a knife…

Carly (to Sonny) You pull out a gun.

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