Y&R Short Recap Thursday, March 24, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Nate makes two big changes in his life. Nate buys back the penthouse that Neil left him from Chelsea who is happy to start this new chapter in her life. Nate also agrees to be Devon’s COO of the entertainment division of Chancellor Winters once the merger of Chancellor Industries and Hamilton Winters becomes official.

Devon and Lily agree to a consolidation of the two companies with each of them having autonomy over their respective divisions.

Lily is very happy with the way people have reacted to the first episode of Billy’s podcast and encourages him to record more episodes.

Phyllis advises Jack to go to Los Angeles and invite Allie out for coffee. Jack calls Allie that he will be in LA in a few days on business and would like to have coffee with her.

Taylor Jenson, the woman who bought Kermode house, persuades Allie that she shouldn’t push away her family because she might regret it later in life. Allie takes Taylor’s advice and calls Jack and tells him she will go to coffee with him when he goes to Los Angeles. Taylor is revealed to be Jack’s, anonymous texter when she texts Jack to tell him that she is doing her best to help him have a relationship with Allie.

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