GH Short Recap Thursday, March 24, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Alexis advises Harmony not to get involved in the Nina, Michael, Willow custody situation because it is too tense and it could hurt her relationship with Willow if she puts in a good word for Nina. Alexis also tells Harmony that she can move into her house until she can save up money for a security deposit.

Curtis gets upset with Jordan because she won’t help him look at Marshall’s sealed police record so later he asks Sonny for his help. Victor tells his bodyguard Johan that he already has someone in mind to take the fall for Luke’s death but Luke had to be killed because he was getting too close to finding out his plan.

Anna tells Drew and Laura that Kurt admitted that he tampered with Luke’s cable car causing his death. Drew tells Anna that Carly ruined their plan but they did find out about operation Demeter. Anna tries to find out about operation Demeter but the WSB has no record of any operation with that name.

Victor decides to tell Nikolas and Ava what he has been planning for the family all this time. Spencer and Esme argue again about the video but they don’t get anywhere because Esme insists she didn’t post the video and Spencer doesn’t believe her. So, Esme ends their relationship and she heads out the door with her things. On her way out the door Esme drops her phone and a pregnancy test.

Sonny and Nina dance at Charlie’s but during the dance Sonny thinks he is dancing with Carly.

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