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At the P.C.P.D., Michael is released on bail.  Willow arrives to pick him up. Willow tells Michael that she is sorry that she was not there when he was booked. Michael tells her that she is there now for his release, so everything is alright.  Willow tells Michael about fainting in the patient room at General Hospital.  Willow explains that Epiphany took good care of her.  Michael says that he wishes that someone could have been there with her. 

Spencer arrives home.  Esme tells him she is just leaving. Laura says that Esme should join them for dinne,r and then Esme and Spencer can hash through their feelings.  Nikolas explains that Victor will be joining them at the Metro Court.  Laura looks shocked that Nikolas has invited Victor to their family dinner for Spencer’s release from Spring Ridge. Laura remembers a meeting that she has to attend before going to Spencer’s dinner party.  Laura and Nikolas agree to meet at the Metro Court.  Nikolas also leaves to allow Spencer and Esme time to talk.  Spencer and Esme speak, but they end up fighting again. Esme turns to go but drops her purse on the way out.  Spencer picks it up and a pregnancy test falls out.

Victor tells Johan that they need to act as they have done nothing wrong.  Victor tells Johan that if a crime was committed during his meeting with Drew at the footbridge, it was when Drew attacked Johan and nearly threw him off the side. Victor is concerned about mentioning Operation Demeter.  

Drew and Sam welcome Anna back to Port Charles.  Anna tells Drew and Sam that she found proof in Austria that Luke’s death was no accident. Anna explains to Drew and Sam that she found someone who had knowledge of what happened in Austria, but the man she was attempting to question took his own life in front of both her and Felicia. Laura arrives at Sam’s apartment and Sam, Drew and Anna fill her in on the latest information regarding the cable car accident in Austria.  They tell Laura that Luke’s death was deliberate. 

Curtis asks Jordan what she knows about his father’s history.  Jordan asks Curtis if he has uncovered information that would lead Curtis to believe that Marshall is hiding something.  Curtis asks Jordan to view Marshall’s sealed arrest record and to then let him know anything she may see that he should know about.  Jordan refuses to do so.

At Charlie’s, Nina finds Sonny tending bar, filling in for Phyllis. Sonny tells Nina that he got nowhere with Michael in his conversation about her visitation rights with Wiley.  Nina says that it is fine that it was most likely a long shot. Nina finds old 45 records on the bar and Sonny explains that Phyllis was thinking about getting a jukebox but that they had concluded that it just would not fit.  Nina starts looking through the records and finds a song that she and Sonny had danced to in Nixon Falls.  Sonny plays the song on his phone and they dance to it again.  However, the two of them are interrupted by Curtis, who tells Sonny he needs to speak with him.

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