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[ Thomas sighing ]

Sheila: You’ve got to stay quiet, thomas, this has got to stay between us.

Thomas: I don’t think I should do it. What choice do you have? Your parents’ happiness is at stake here. Yours and steffy’S. Brooke is out of your lives. Don’t ruin all the progress that your family has made.

Thomas: Okay, look, I think we should meet in person.

Sheila: It’s too dangerous. We–we shouldn’t be seen together, thomas.

Thomas: It’s either that, or the alternative.

Sheila: Yeah. Well, I definitely don’t want you coming back here to my hotel because that is too dangerous. So why don’t you meet me in the alley behind il giardino?

Steffy: Thomas. What is going on?

Brooke: I let him off the hook, deacon.

Deacon: And now you regret it.

Brooke: I thought I was doing ridge a favor by setting him free, but now I don’t know, what– what was I thinking?

Deacon: You–you didn’t think you had any options. Look, he hasn’t exactly been a prince through this whole thing. You know, he not only overreacted with our little kiss, but made a beeline over to taylor–

Brooke: Yeah, but because he was tired of me defending you.

Deacon: He leaves you at your most vulnerable point, jumps ship to the other team, and now he’s– he’s living in steffy’s guest house? I mean, come on, talk about overreacting.

Brooke: I know. But I told him he could have a divorce, and I don’t know why I did that because I don’t want to lose him. Deacon, I don’T.

Hope: Mom? Dad. What’s going on? Is everything okay?

Deacon: Your mom’s having a rough day.

Hope: Oh, well, is there anything we can do?

Brooke: No, honey. I– I just can’t believe how I got here. I mean, how I put myself in this predicament, destroying my marriage. What have I done?

Brooke: What did you

say your name was?

Sheila: Sheila carter.

Brooke: Oh, yes, of course,

the new nurse at forrester,

you have excellent credentials.

Sheila: Really, I’m an

expert with kids.

You know, you’re the one

and only person that can look

at brooke and say to

myself, “she’s my friend.”

Brooke: I don’t like you.

I think you’re a clinging,

pitiful, dependent human being.

Sheila: You don’t mean it.

Brooke: Yes, I do.

I mean every word of it.

You’re crazy.

You haven’t changed.

You’re incapable of change.

You’re still that crazy,

psychotic lunatic.

And I don’t want you anywhere

near my family.

Do you hear me?

You can’t be here, sheila.

I’m not going to let you put

eric in this position.

You have to leave.

But you’re dangerous, sheila.

A sociopath, and steffy

and her family need to be

protected from you.

I am going to make

certain that you are out

of all of our lives.

Once and for all.

[ Knocking on door ]

Sheila: Finn! I– wasn’t expecting this, uh, surprise visit from my son, not that I am complaining. What a pleasant surprise that.

Finn: Oh, I had to come by and check up on you.

Sheila: Check up on me?

Finn: I want to believe that you aren’t creating any more problems.

Steffy: There is something up with you.

Thomas: What are you talking about? I am fine. You expect me to believe that?

Thomas: Steffy, I’m not really in the mood right now.

Steffy: You’ve been acting really strange lately.

Thomas: You know, you’ve been saying that since we were kids?

Steffy: What about your phone conversation just now?

Thomas: What about it?

Steffy: Sounded pretty intense.

Thomas: So now you’re eavesdropping.

Steffy: Something is going on thomas, and I’m starting to get worried. What is going on? Tell me. I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Hope: Mom, I hate seeing you like this.

Brooke: I don’t even know who I am anymore, and I look into the mirror and I don’t even recognize this woman looking back at me.

Hope: Well, then maybe we need to get someone in here who can actually help you.

Brooke: I am getting help, honey. I’m still going to my meetings and I’m seeing my therapist.

Liam: And you’ve stayed sober, which is huge.

Brooke: Yeah, but I still sent ridge away to live a life without me.

Hope: Well, ridge will come to his senses, but in the meantime, you have to stop making yourself sick over this.

Brooke: It’s too late, honey, I said goodbye to ridge. I made the worst decision of my life.

Deacon: Brooke, I don’t know if this helps, but when you and hope let me back into your life, it taught me that it’s never too late.

Brooke: Deacon, I– I still need to fill in the blanks. I need to put the pieces back together.

Sheila: Why do you always wonder if I’m up to no good?

Finn: I want to believe that you’re finally a changed woman. All the– all the things that you’ve been saying to taylor. Yeah, yeah, I know that you’ve been making visits to steffy’s mother.

Sheila: So taylor has filled you in, then, huh?

Finn: Yeah. And you know, you’re not supposed to just show up at her office.

Sheila: I know that, but we have a– a rather nice rapport, and she’s been very understanding about my desire to have a closer relationship with you and my grandson.

Finn: Yeah, taylor’s great. I’m lucky to be part of steffy and her family’s lives. You know, they’re my family now. And they mean the world to me.

Sheila: I’m your family too, finn. It’s just nice when we can all be in a room together. Show hayes what forgiveness and understanding really does look like, like to be a good example for my grandson.

Finn: Yeah, but steffy, she still has her walls up when it comes to you,

Sheila: Okay, well, I– I understand that. But her mother has been so welcoming. I’m hoping that I’m going to get to spend more time with you soon.

Finn: And a lot of that depends on you, whether or not you can stay on the straight and narrow, which I am counting on you doing. So please don’t let me down, mother.

Steffy: I know you, thomas. You can’t put anything past me.

Thomas: Oh, I know.

Steffy: So you would tell me if something were wrong, right?

Thomas: You don’t need to worry about me, steff.

Steffy: Why are you like, so intense right now? I don’t get it. Dad’s not staying at brooke’s, we don’t have to deal with the logans, mom and dad are getting closer. They’re reconnecting. You should be as happy as I am.

Thomas: Believe me, there is nothing I would like more, but it’s not that simple.

Steffy: I get that, not everything right now is rainbows and butterflies, but it feels as though our family is getting back on track, feels like a miracle.

Thomas: Yeah, it’s something like that. Look, I know that everything has been so hectic for dad lately. I’m doing the best that I can to make sure that he and our entire family are safe and happy.

Steffy: Good. Glad to hear it. Not that I was worried or anything that we weren’t on the same page. I know you’re as loyal to our family as anybody.

Thomas: Well, you should have no doubt about that. Now I do have to go. I’m meeting someone, so I’ll catch up with you later.

Sheila: Here you go.

Finn: Thank you.

Sheila: Uh-huh. Look, I understand that steffy has arguments for not trusting me.

Finn: Just all the– the history of you and the forres–

Sheila: Look– I am– I am, I am well aware and I am never going to forget the terrible mistakes that I’ve made, but that is behind us and everything that I do now, every decision I make, every move I make is so that I can get closer to you and my grandson,

Finn: Steffy and our son are the most important things to me. They’re my priority and they’re my life and my future. I have to do everything that I can to make sure that they feel protected.

Sheila: Oh, by keeping me at arm’s length?

Finn: Yes, for now. If– if you’re truly reformed and you’re living a good life, I’ll try to convince steffy to lighten up her opposition to you because I would really like to get to know you as my birth mother.

Sheila: I’ve disappointed you enough, son. And I promise you are never going to hear anything about me that would let you down again.

Hope: Okay, so now that dad has gone back to work, I need you to be completely open and honest with us.

Liam: Yeah, is deacon maybe adding to your anxiety because I kind of feel like he has that effect on people?

Brooke: No, gosh, no. Deacon isn’t to blame. I am.

Liam: Ye– okay, but hear me out here, and I’m going to say this as gently as possible. I think, I think if you want your best chance at reuniting with ridge, maybe time alone with deacon is not on the menu, especially considering how ridge feels about him?

Hope: And I’m sure, even though dad means well, because I know he feels partially responsible for what happened between the two of you that night, and I’m sure he’s just trying to be there for you and be supportive. I think liam has a point. It might be best to keep your distance right now.

Brooke: I know, I know, honey, I really, I understand. I didn’t invite deacon here. He just showed up. Same way he showed up that horrible nighT. But why couldn’t I control myself? I mean, who does that? Who betrays their own husband in their own home? I let another man sleep in our bed.

Liam: Okay–

Brooke: I know, stop, no, don’t say it. I know nothing happened. I know that, it’s just something really dark. Took over me. Something sinister. There was nothing I could do about it. I let it win.

Thomas: You’re late. I’ve been waiting for you.

Finn: Yeah, well, my son showed up unannounced and i wasn’t about to rush him off. He’s the reason after all I set all this is motion.

Thomas: So you say.

Sheila: If brooke hadn’t vowed to keep me from finn and hayes, I never would have set her up. Your parents reconnecting, that was actually icing on the cake, although I do believe taylor deserves to be reunited with ridge. I know you want that too, thomas,

Thomas: Brooke has hurt my dad more times than I can count, but we need to talk about this.

Sheila: What more is there to talk about? We’re this close to eliminating brooke from your father’s life permanently. Your, you parents are almost a couple again.

Thomas: Almost a couple. My dad is living in the guest house.

Sheila: Yeah. You know, when they’re ready to take it to the next level. And that’s going to come sooner than later, it’s just going to make things more meaningful.

Thomas: My father’s torn. He loves my mother, but he loves brooke too.

Sheila: That’s because he’s under brooke’s spell. Don’t you think it’s time we break that cycle, thomas? Don’t be tempted to tell anyone about what happened at brooke’s

Thomas: I want what’s best for my father, but I don’t know how much longer I can keep this under wraps.

Deacon: Wow.

Steffy: Deacon.

Deacon: Steffy forrester. Been a while. You– you’re having lunch?

Steffy: I’m looking for thomas. Have you seen him? Go with simparica trio it’s triple protection made simple!

Brooke: I have to face up to what I did.

Hope: Mom, you have been. You’ve been taking accountability

Liam: Yeah, little too much. You asked me, I think you’re cutting yourself zero slack here.

Brooke: I destroyed the most important relationship I ever had, with a man that I love. Ridge has been so patient and so understanding, and all I did was hurt him. I took it too far, I took our marriage vows and I just… threw them to hell. What? Why? Because I just wanted to drink alcohol? Because I wanted to kiss deacon? No, I want ridge. That’s all I want, and I need to get him to understand. And I have to figure out a way to explain it all to him.

Steffy: Have you seen my brother?

Deacon: No, I just got here. You want a drink or something?

Steffy: No, thank you.

Deacon: Okie doke, suit yourself.

Bartender: Excuse me. I couldn’t help overhearing, but you’re steffy forrester, right? Yeah, I know who your brother is.

Steffy: Did you see him?

Bartender: Yeah, I– i can’t promise he’s still there, but I just saw him in the alley when I took the trash out.

Steffy: In the alley?

Bartender: Yeah, I don’t know what he’s doing back there, but…

Steffy: Thank you.

Bartender: Sure. Yeah.

Sheila: You can’t say anything, thomas. You need to keep our secret.

Thomas: Our secret? Don’t you mean your secret?

Sheila: No, this is our secret now.

Thomas: You’re the one who sabotaged brooke that night, sheila.

Sheila: Yes. So your parents could get back together.

Thomas: And so you could have a life with finn.

Sheila: And what’s so wrong with that? It’s a win-win. We both get what we want. Steffy and taylor get what they want, too.

Thomas: What you did was messed up, sheila.

Sheila: Oh, come on. You’re no saint.

Thomas: You’re right. I’m not. I’ve done some terrible things and I let my family down, and I don’t want to do that again.

Sheila: I know you don’t want to, but we both know perfectly well that’s exactly what is going to happen if you allow brooke back into your father’s life. Haven’t your parents suffered enough? And look at this– this moment that they have, and it’s right within their reach. So, where is the harm? Where is the harm in them experiencing a new beginning together? And finn, he wants me to have a bigger role in his life. And after all these years, I can start spending time with him. After all these years, thomas. We have been kept apart.

[ Sirens wailing ]

Sheila: It’s a new dawn, thomas. You think about it. You think about it very carefully, because this opportunity will never come again. This is a once in a lifetime gift. So, just go with it. Please, do– do this for me, do this for you, do this for your entire family. You be the hero.

Steffy: What the hell, thomas? If you think I’m not going to find out what’s going on, think again.

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