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At Crimson, Maxie noticed that Brook Lynn had brought her songbook with her and asked if Brook Lynn had been working on new material. Brook Lynn said that Chase had thought other people might want to see her songs. Maxie realized that Chase had been a huge influence on this decision. Brook Lynn said that she was glad to have Chase as a friend, but Maxie asked if Brook Lynn wanted more than just a friendship. Brook Lynn closes her eyes and recalls her kiss with Chase at the hospital. Brook Lynn managed to change the subject to an upcoming launch party that Deception had planned. Brook Lynn and Maxie started the meeting without Sasha. Shortly after, Lucy arrived to tell them that Sasha and Brando had gotten married. Lucy and Brook Lynn both felt that the marriage may have been rushed. But, Maxie said she trusted Sasha and Brando’s decision.

The three of them then discuss what type of launch party to throw. Maxie suggested they do an original song from Brook Lynn’s songbook catalog. Lucy agreed but was worried about Brook Lynn perhaps making an attempt at another lip-synced performance. Brook Lynn said she was at peace with being a songwriter and never performing as a singer. After Lucy, Maxie, and Brook Lynn pick out what they believe will be a perfect song, Brook Lynn informed them that it was a duet and asked who would sing the male part. At that exact moment, Chase knocks and enters.

Earlier at the hospital, Chase visited Finn again, and Finn disclosed to Chase that Jake had an alibi for the night of the break-in at Elizabeth’s house. Chase asked if Finn and Elizabeth had decided to rethink the pause in their relationship. Finn felt that Elizabeth was still struggling with Franco, since it had only been a year since Franco had been killed. Finn added that he wasn’t giving up on his relationship with Elizabeth without a fight. Chase wants his brother to fight for his relationship with Elizabeth. Finn took Chase’s words and turned them around on his brother’s relationship with Brook Lynn. Chase tried to imply that he and Brook Lynn had never been more than friends that had gone through a difficult time together. Finn asked Chase if Chase was really okay with staying friends with Brook Lynn. Chase says yes and that he is ready to move on with his own life.

After Chase left, Elizabeth dropped by Finn’s office and Finn started to ramble about his feelings, but Elizabeth stopped him. “Kiss me,” she said. Finn rushed to Elizabeth and kissed her.

At the Metro Court, Curtis and Portia signed the final paperwork on their new beach home in front of Lucy, who brought over mimosas for Curtis and Portia to celebrate. Lucy handed the happy couple the first set of keys to their new home. When Lucy left, Portia admitted that she still wished Trina lived with her and that she missed the two of them living under the same roof.

Epiphany confided to Marshall that she had decided to take the MCAT exam to become a doctor. Marshall was delighted and told Epiphany that Curtis and Portia weren’t the only ones who had something to celebrate. Curtis stopped by Marshall and Epiphany’s table and shared the news that Curtis and Portia had just closed on their new home. Epiphany hugged Curtis then left to extend her congratulations to Portia. Portia said that she would be happy to mentor Epiphany for her MCAT exam. Epiphany agreed to accept Portia’s help.

Sonny greeted Selina at his penthouse for an unscheduled meeting. Sonny was surprised to see Selina because everything had been going well since they agreed to their new partnership.  Sonny asks Selina to get right to the point. Selina said she wanted use of the Port Charles harbor and that Sonny would get a percentage from her due to the fact that the harbor was Sonny’s territory. Sonny said he would agree to the deal so long as Selina agreed to play by his rules. Selina agreed to all of Sonny’s demands and told him that she would make sure there would be no disruptions on her end. After Selina left, Dante arrived to talk with Sonny about Michael’s arrest. Because Michael had refused to give any details of the arrest to Sonny, Dante informed Sonny that there was a video of Josslyn with Cameron and that the video had caused an Intruder reporter to goad Michael into a punch. Sonny demanded to know the reporter’s name and where he could be found, but Dante refused to answer and told Sonny to stay out of it.

Dante was shocked that Michael hadn’t told Sonny about what had happened to Josslyn or about the tape. Dante wanted to know what had really been going on with Sonny, because Michael had refused to divulge any information about his arrest with Sonny while in jail. Sonny tried to explain that he wanted Nina to be able to visit with Wiley because she was the child’s grandmother. Dante told Sonny that things were not that simple, they just don’t work that way and reminded Sonny where Michael got his quick temper and his near refusal to forgive.

Sonny regretted that Michael was angry at him and said he hated disagreeing with Michael. Dante told Sonny that Michael didn’t like being angry at Sonny, either. Dante warned Sonny that a reconciliation couldn’t happen overnight and that Sonny would have to do most of the work. Dante asked if Sonny thought there might be a future between him and Nina. Sonny said he had made no plans with Nina, and he denied making a choice between Nina and his family. Dante tells Sonny it was going to be impossible for Sonny to have both Nina and Michael in his life.

At the hospital, Brad and Britt discussed possible job positions. Britt handed Brad a list of job options, and he quickly noticed that none of them were lab positions. Britt told Brad that because of his history that the hospital could not give him anything close to his former job. Britt offered him a compromise as a clinical patient advocate, where Brad could explain lab results to patients. Britt informed Brad that he had the job as long as it was approved by her co-chief of staff. The two hugged. Selina enters the room.  She learns of Brad’s potential new job offer and thanks Brit but says the offer will be unnecessary. After some tense moments, Brad told Selina that Britt had offered him a job at the hospital. Selina reminded Brad that she had made an understanding with him: Brad would work for her in exchange for a rent-free apartment. Selina does tell Brit that since her nephew insists on her being in his life, she would like to get to know her better and invites her to lunch. Brit says she can not go because of her duties at the hospital. Selina suggests another time. As she leaves, she informs Brit that her assistant would contact Brit about setting up a lunch date at a time which would be agreeable for both of them. Brit asked Brad if she should be worried that Selina would try to poison her when they eventually meet for lunch. Brad tells Brit not to allow Selina to take her to a second location.

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