Y&R Short Recap Monday, March 21 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Billy recorded the first episode of his podcast, and it was about how Delia’s death affected him and how love helped him move forward. Jill called Devon and urged him to agree to the merger. Devon was hesitant because he didn’t want business to get in the way of his relationship with Lily. Lily and Devon promised they’d quit their jobs if it ever interfered with their sibling bond. Devon tentatively agreed to the Hamilton Winters/Chancellor Industries merger. Amanda and Billy learned that the merger was happening. Phyllis and Amanda hung out after Phyllis came back from LA. Phyllis said she and Jack weren’t in a romantic mindset. Allie wondered whether Jack could be trusted and if she should let him into her life, after her father disowned him. Someone watched Allie sleep. Allie jolted awake, and the person was gone. The mysterious texter told Jack he gave up on Allie too early. Jack told Traci about Allie and said he was still hopeful she’d want to connect with him. Jack was with Phyllis when he got another text. The texter implied that they’d help him with Allie.

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