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Diane phones Carly, she tells her she is at the Port Charles Police Department and that Michael has been arrested for assaulting a reporter making disrespectful comments about Josslyn. Jordan enters the holding room and tells Michael he will be transferred to his holding cell soon.  Michael asks Jordan if she is doing anything to find out who leaked the video of Josslyn and Cameron. Jordan says that Michael is well aware of department policy and that she can’t comment on an impending investigation. Diane points out that by saying that she just admitted that there is an investigation.  Carly arrives and asks Diane what is going on.  Diane tells her that Michael will be spending the night in lockup if she can’t work her magic.  Diane then leaves to try to work something out with the District Attorney’s office.

Sonny sees Shawn at the Metro Court and Shawn asks him if it is true that he hired Alexis. Shawn tells him that it is true and that he is expanding his media interests. He informs Sonny that he is moving to San Francisco.  Sonny tells him to enjoy the fresh start, not everyone gets one. Shawn tells Sonny that he was sorry to hear about the divorce.

Smoltz goes to Alexis and says he has a story she will definitely want to be the first to print. However, he has barely gotten out the explanation of the article when Carly walks in and tells Alexis she should think twice about running that article. Carly tells Smoltz she will sue him for every dime he will ever make if he runs that story.  Alexis asks to speak to Carly in private. Carly asks Alexis if she is seriously thinking about running the story and Alexis says yes. Carly looks shocked but then Alexis explains her line of thinking. Alexis says that if she runs the story first, she can frame the narrative and be more sensitive to the story than another publication would be. Alexis says she doesn’t even have to mention Josslyn or Cameron’s name if they don’t want her to. However, she thinks this is the perfect way for Josslyn and Cameron to be able to speak out in public for the first time and really explain to the public what this invasion of privacy has been like and the damage that has been done to their college careers and their reputations. Alexis agrees that if Josslyn and Cameron want her to table the story she will, but she feels that would be a huge mistake.  Carly agrees to call Josslyn and ask how she wants to proceed.

Nina says she forgot Harmony ever went by the name Lorraine Miller after Phyllis mentions it.  Harmony and Phyllis used to work in the same clinic although not in close proximity to each other. After Harmony’s abrupt exit from the bar, Nina admits to Phyllis that she had invited Harmony to talk about suing for visitation rights with Wiley. Nina begs Phyllis to try to convince Harmony to join her in the lawsuit. Phyllis says that she doesn’t feel comfortable getting involved in a child custody lawsuit.  She does, however, make a compromise.  She tells Nina that she will speak to Harmony and tell her about the good, kind, decent Nina that she knows and then Harmony will be free to make her own decision on the matter.  Nina is thrilled, she hugs Phyllis and then heads outside where she sits down on the bench out front and lovingly reviews photos of Wiley on her mobile phone.

T.J. finds Willow passed out on the floor of a patient room.  T.J. asks her if she remembers anything and when she says she doesn’t. T.J. asks if there is anyone he can call and Willow asks him to call Harmony.  T.J. takes Willow downstairs to Epiphany to be checked out.

Harmony arrives at GH and asks Epiphany to please move Harmony up on the list to be seen by a doctor. Epiphany ends up treating Willow herself because the hospital is so busy, but then she is dressed down by Dr. Nelson for going outside of the chain of command. When Epiphany returns to Willow’s room, she confides in Willow that she is sick of doctors not trusting her judgment when most of them haven’t been doctors that long at all and Epiphany has been a nurse all her life.  Willow says Epiphany needs a job that gives her more of a say in the care of a patient.  Epiphany is later seen reviewing upcoming dates for the MCAT on her computer screen.

Back at the Port Charles Police Department, Sonny arrives and asks Michael how he managed to get arrested. After first telling him that the situation doesn’t concern him. Michael eventually explains that he punched a reporter pressing him for comments regarding the video of Josslyn and Cameron.  Sonny is completely unaware of the video and asks Michael to bring him up to date.  Michael says that it is not his place to bring Sonny up to date and that he seriously doubts Josslyn would even want him to do that. Michael tells Sonny that he is not part of Josslyn’s family anymore. Sonny says that Josslyn will always be his daughter whether or not he and Carly are together.  Sonny and Michael get into a shouting match over how Sonny and Carly’s marriage came to an end and Michael’s belief that Sonny broke apart their family.  Sonny says he is sorry for causing Michael any pain and that he hopes someday he will understand. Sonny is visibly shaken as he leaves the P.C.P.D.  It is obvious the divorce and the family breakdown (particularly the separation from his kids) is really beginning to get to him.

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