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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

TR asked Beth not to say anything about their past in exchange for a part in the movie. She decided to take the deal. He gave her a script. He said this could be her big break. She said he always get his way. TR said it was luck. She said it wasn’t luck that Eli got shot since he was the one she told about TR. She was glad Eli took the secret to his grave. Chanel told Paulina that Johnny had the final say on getting her and Allie out of the movie. She said it shouldn’t be hard Ray to find someone to play Celeste. Beth showed up and said she would be playing Celeste. Chanel was glad she was playing the part. Beth wondered if she should be worried about working with Paulina’s ex- husband. Chanel told her she shouldn’t be worried because he was a great director. Beth wanted to talk to Chanel about the role. Chanel said they could talk. Lani and Abe were worried about Eli. Kayla told them Eli was out of surgery. Valerie showed up just as Kayla said the bullet was removed without complications. She said he was in stable condition. She said the next 24 to 48 hours were critical. They wanted to know if they could see him. Kayla said two at a time.

Eli thought about TR. Eli called out Ray’s name. Kayla brought Lani and Valerie to see him. He tried to talk, but he wasn’t able to. Lani told him to relax. She said they were going to be there for him. He kept thinking about Ray and ended up having a seizure. Shawn brought Julie to the hospital. They ran into Abe. Abe asked Shawn why Eli was in the park. Shawn said he was questioning a woman about TR when he suddenly left the meeting. Shawn left to check on some leads. Abe called Paulina to tell her about Eli. He said they were all at the hospital. Paulina told him that she would be right at the hospital. TR said he wished he still had some of his stash instead of wasting it on Frank, but he had to keep a clear head. He looked on his tablet to see if they was news about Eli being dead. He found out Eli was alive. TR went to the hospital. He asked about Eli. Abe wanted to know who he was. TR said he was Lani’s father. Julie and Abe were shocked. Paulina introduced TR to everyone. TR told Abe that he appreciated him looking out for his daughter. Abe said he didn’t need to thank him. He said he would always look out for her. Abe asked him to leave. TR said he wasn’t the same person Paulina told said he was. TR said he wanted a chance to know his daughter. Kayla told everyone that Eli had a seizure. She said they got it under control. She said he was in coma. She didn’t know when he would get out of the coma. Chanel told Beth about the role. Chanel said told her that TR used to date her mother and they had a child. She said TR did bad things to her mother in the past. She said her mother wasn’t sure she could trust him. Chanel said men like him never changed. Beth was about to tell her something when her phone rang. Shawn wanted her to come to the station. Beth went to the police station. He told her about the shooting. He told her Eli was alive. He said she was the last one to see Eli. He asked why she wanted to see him. She said Eli said he had to take care of something and never came back. Shawn wanted to know what she talked to Eli about.

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