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At the offices of the Intruder, Shawn tells Alexis they need to talk about her friend Harmony and the company she keeps. Alexis confides to Shawn that she already knows about Harmony doing business with the forger. Shawn cautions Alexis on her involvement with Harmony and requests that she ask herself if she believes Harmony got the fake passport to help out her daughter or to help out herself. They discuss Harmony and the paper as well. Then Shawn asks if Alexis would like to give their relationship another try.  She says no and insists that Shawn deserves a fresh start in San Francisco.

At General Hospital, a journalist pressures Jordan to give him information on the investigation into who leaked the sex tape at PCU.  He wants to know since the Corinthos family are involved is Port Charles looking at a simple prank or something more sinister?

At Charlie’s, Nina surprises Phyllis, who tells her she wishes she had told her she was coming by and she would have canceled her plans. She asks Nina if she can have a rain check and quickly exits.  Harmony arrives and Nina smiles a twisted smile, it’s clear she has asked Harmony to meet her there.  

Michael surprises Willow at General Hospital. She acts very surprised to see him and worries that she has forgotten plans that they might have made. Michael tells her that they have no plans but that they do need to get home and start packing for Paris. Willow asks Michael who is keeping Wiley while they are gone.  He says Monica.  Willow suggests that Monica may be too tied up now that she is planning Jason’s memorial.  Michael says that Carly is also preoccupied.  Willow then asks if Michael would be OK leaving Wiley with Harmony.  Michael and Willow step into the elevators on the tenth floor. Before the elevator doors can close, the investigative reporter who was trying to get information from Jordan asks Michael if he has any comment on the situation with his sister.  Michael is caught off guard, he has not been made aware of any scandal (and certainly no sex tape) involving his sister. The reporter fills him in and insinuates that perhaps Josslyn leaked the video herself because of her athletic performance.  Michael punches the reporter in the face.  The situation is made worse because Jordan is standing just feet away and sees the whole thing.  She places Michael under arrest.  Michael apologizes to Willow for ruining their Paris trip. Willow steps into a patient room for privacy so that she can phone Carly. She is breathing heavily and it is clear she is in physical distress.  Carly answers but there’s no one on the other end.  Willow has collapsed on the floor of the hospital room.

Back at Spring Ridge, Esme continues her innocent act with Spencer.  She asks Spencer if Trina is out of his life for good.  Spencer says that it looks thay was and congratulations Esme on finally getting what she wanted.  Esme says that obviously Trina has been successful at convincing Spencer that she made the sex tape of Josslyn and Cameron.  Spencer asks her outright if that is the truth? Esme says that Spencer’s friends have turned him against her and Spencer replies that they didn’t have to, she did it all for them.  Esme tells Spencer that if he wants boring and basic, he should be with Trina and heads for the exit. Spencer tells Esme to wait, she hasn’t answered his question about whether or not she is responsible for the sex tape.  Esme tells Spencer that he doesn’t always get what he wants.

Dante and Sam discuss Carly demolishing their sting operation. Sam suggests that they involve Spinelli in their investigation.  Dante is reluctant, but Sam insists and says that it would be stupid to not use Spinelli’s knowledge because Dante’s ego can’t handle it.  Dante agrees that she is right. They share an intimate kiss and agree to go to Sam’s place for the evening.

Meanwhile, Drew and Carly discuss the operation-gone-wrong back at the footbridge.  Carly says that she actually thought that Drew might throw Johan over the bridge and that would be difficult to explain that to a jury.  Drew agrees that a tarot card making him do it, is not a good defense.  Carly says she could picture that explanation at trial and the confusion that would ensue. Drew seems touched and asks Carly if she would really come to his trial.  She says she absolutely would be there.  Drew and Carly discuss the seriousness of his conditioning. Carly says that the situation must be terrifying. Carly also admits that the worst mistakes she has ever made in her life were made because she went along with someone else’s choice when she didn’t agree.  Drew asks her if she needs a ride back to the Metro Court. Carly tells him the divorce with Sonny is finalized and that she is back at the house, also that she brought her car so she doesn’t need a ride. Drew tells her he will see her soon and they part ways.  Carly seems taken with Drew’s honestly and openness .

At Charlie’s, Nina tells Harmony she believes it was about time that they got to know each other.  After all, they have someone in common.  Harmony inquires as to whom that might be and Nina says that it is their grandson, Wiley. Nina immediately begins to lay out plans for Harmony to participate in her lawsuit to win visitation rights to Wiley.  She tells Harmony that if they seek their rights jointly, it will likely carry greater weight with the court, as they will be presenting a unified front.  Nina has to do more convincing, but in the end, Harmony seems to agree.  However, Phyllis returns to the bar. Phyllis steps up to the table where Nina and Harmony are seated.  Phyllis looks thrilled to see Harmony but she calls her by another name, Lorraine Miller.  Nina’s facial expression goes from happy to perplexed.

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