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Lani: Um, they just took eli into surgery.

[Sniffles] I am so sorry, valerie.

[Sniffles] I’m so sorry.

[Sniffles] Mm-hmm. Okay, all right.

[Sniffles] I’ll see you soon.

[Phone beeps]


Abe: Aww, baby.

Lani: Hi.


[Suspenseful music]

Tr: Go ahead, make yourself comfortable.

Beth: I’m fine here. What do you want, tr?

Tr: Aw, relax. I’m not gonna bite.

Beth: You’ve been using. I can tell. You think I forgot how you beat me when you were high? No, coming here was a mistake.

Tr: Walking away from me would be a bigger one.

Maggie: Jake. Uh, maggie kiriakis here. I just got back from chicago and I was hoping that you could explain to me why there was a surprise dimera shareholder meeting yesterday, and how instead of victor joining the board, as we discussed, johnny dimera was installed in his place. So, um, please, call me. Call me.

[Knock at door]

[Exhales heavily]

Xander: [Clears throat]

Maggie: Oh, xander. What are you doing here?

Xander: Maggie, hello. I’m here because I wanted to, uh, tell you in person.

Maggie: Tell me what?

Xander: Sarah– she’s, uh, back in town.

Maggie: She is. Oh, well. I’m glad to hear that. I’m also surprised. When she was here a few weeks ago, uh, it was terribly hurtful as you well know. But, um… she was very clear that she didn’t want anything to do with any of us.

Xander: That’s because… that woman wasn’t sarah.

Maggie: What are you talking about? Of course it was.

Xander: No, maggie. That was ava vitali in a sarah mask. Courtesy of dr. Rolf. And it turns out that the woman who dumped me on my wedding day? Also not sarah. That was kristen dimera wearing the sarah mask.

Maggie: Oh, my god.

Xander: Sarah became a threat to kristen, so kristen kidnapped her. Made it look like she left town of her own accord so no one would look for her.

Maggie: So… so all this time? Where has sarah been?

Xander: Kristen’s been holding her captive on a deserted island. Luckily steve and kayla and abigail, they– they found her, brought her back.

Maggie: Oh, xander, I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

Xander: Yes, you can, ’cause it’s all true.

Maggie: [Gasps] Oh, my god. Oh, thank god, thank god! She’s safe. But, xander, wait– wait a minute. If this is true, then sarah– she never stopped loving you.

Xander: Maybe. But right now, she only has eyes for tony dimera.

Maggie: What? Tony dimera?

Anna: Well… aren’t you going to ask me how I slept last night?

Tony: How did you sleep last night, anna?

Anna: I didn’T. Not a wink. Because I was in the guest bedroom, wondering why my husband was not beside me.

Tony: Anna… you know exactly the reason why we had to sleep in separate bedrooms last night. It was either that or sarah pitch a fit and try to throw you out on the street. So, you know what? Enough with the outrage.

Anna: Well, tony, here’s why I’m outraged. You don’t have to let sarah do anything. This is your house. And mine. And yet you blithely indulge her delusion that she is… renee dumonde? And you let her call the shots? Oh, and then you play along with her fantasy that the two of you are madly in love.

Tony: Do you think I’m enjoying this? And there’s nothing blithe about what I’m doing here. You heard what kayla said. This was the right course of action.

Anna: Well, kayla is not a psychiatrist. And that woman is clearly out of her mind. We need marlena to talk some sense into that lunatic.

Sarah as renee: If you’re looking for marlena, she’s upstairs, although she is rather busy, dealing with a woman who’s literally tied to the bed.

[Tense music]

Abigail: Oh, well, hello, gwen.

Gwen: Abigail…hello.

Abigail: Why are you so surprised? Oh, surely you’ve heard that chad rescued me off that godforsaken island. Aren’t you gonna welcome me back?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

[Tense music]

Beth: Are you threatening me?

Tr: Me? No. It’s like I told you on the phone, I have an offer you can’t refuse. I’ma make you a star, baby.

Lani: I am so glad that you’re here.


Abe: How’s eli?

Lani: They just took him into surgery not too long ago. How is he? Do you have any news?

Kayla: Eli’s in the very best hands. The head of neurosurgery is performing the operation, and there is no one better. As soon as I have an update, I’ll let you know, all right?

Lani: Okay. Thank you.

Kayla: We’re praying for him.

Abe: So are we.

Anna: Did you just say that marlena had someone tied up upstairs?

Tony: You know, renee, you’ve been through a lot. Do you think it’s possible tha–

Sarah as renee: That I’m hallucinating? Of course not. And I’ll assume that it is her influence that led you to suggest that anyway. Nor am I hallucinating, in the unfortunate case, that she is still here.

Anna: This is my home.

Tony: Uh, uh–

Sarah as renee: Not for long. Although my attorney did inform me that I will have to provide proof that I’m the rightful owner of this house before I can kick you out on your derriere. But obviously I’m a dimera.

Anna: [Chuckles] Oh, obviously.

Tony: Anna–

Sarah as renee: However, my driver’s license and passport seem to be long gone. And…our sweet tony here is much too gentlemanly to do the deed, so I will have my long-lost brother, chad, attest to my identity. In the meantime…

Tony: What’s this?

Sarah as renee: A contract. To retain my lawyer’s services so we can initiate the divorce from her. The woman whose very presence in this house makes my skin crawl. All you have to do is sign the dotted line.

Maggie: So sarah read renee dumonde’s diary. And now she thinks that she’s this woman who died 40 years ago?

Xander: Yeah, but only because of this damn drug that kristen injected her with. She’s completely delusional, maggie. She won’t listen to reason. I tried to show her a picture of the two of us together, and she didn’t recognize herself. And apparently, when she looks in the mirror, she sees this dumonde woman’s face staring back at her. And when she looks at tony’s face, she sees the love of her life.

Maggie: But–she– she must know that tony is married.

Xander: Oh, I mean, she knows. That’s why she’s hired a lawyer to get the two of them divorced, and anna evicted from the mansion.

Maggie: Well, I’m sure tony will have something to say about this.

Xander: Of course, but– no, tony’s been advised to treat sarah with kid gloves because of her mental state. And kayla tried to get sarah medical attention, but sarah refused.

Maggie: But there are treatments that can help her. I mean, they have– they helped abigail.

Xander: Yes, exactly. And that’s where you come in, maggie. That’s why kayla’s been trying to reach you.

Maggie: Yes, but I was out of town, you know that.

Xander: I know. And now you’re back, thank god, and we can help sarah together. All you have to do, as her next of kin, is sign right here, and sarah will get the treatment that she needs.

Maggie: Against her will?

Xander: Oh, maggie, it’s the only way, I mean… kayla attests here that sarah’s not competent to make her own medical decisions. Really, you’d only be giving your consent. That’s all you need to do.

Maggie: I have to sit.

[Tense music]

Xander: Maggie, I know how difficult this is. It’s an enormous amount to take in all in one go, believe me, I know. But if we want sarah back, this is the only way.

Maggie: [Sighs] No. No, xander. I won’t sign it.

Gwen: Everyone was so very worried about you. Myself included. And you’re–I’m very happy that you were rescued.

Abigail: Are you?

Gwen: Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?

Abigail: Oh, besides generally hating my guts?

[Scoffs] You know, I have been thinking. Thinking. Chad tried to get a name from ava of her accomplice in my kidnapping.

Gwen: No luck, I assume?

Abigail: No luck, no. But, one question– what possible reason could ava have for wanting me gone? You know, ava barely knows me. Or sarah, or kristen. So she didn’t want me gone. But you have all kinds of reasons for wanting sarah out of the picture. And then when you found out I was looking for her, you were desperate to stop me. So it is pretty damn clear to me, glaringly obvious actually, that you are the person who bashed me over the head at the airstrip.

It’s the most wonderful

time of the year,

Abe: Lani, sweetheart, why don’t you go home and get a shower, change? You’ll feel better.

Lani: Mm-mm. I am not going anywhere until I know that eli is okay.

Abe: Can you tell me what happened?

Lani: [Exhales heavily] Yeah.

Abe: Please, have a seat.

Lani: [Inhales and exhales] I was at the station, when shawn came in and said that there had been a shooting at the park. And he asked me to back him up. And um–

[Sniffles] And, uh, when we got there, eli was on the ground with a bullet in his head, dad. And–and there was a drug dealer just slumped over on the bench with eli’s gun in his hand, and a needle on the bench, and–

Abe: Drug bust gone bad.

Lani: I don’t know. The dealer has been on our radar, but he wasn’t an active case for eli. Eli wasn’t even working a case. He–he was doing a background search on my biological father.

Beth: You’re gonna make me as star?

[Scoffs] Right. I’ve heard that one before.

Tr: [Chuckles] I have the perfect role for you in the perfect vehicle, “possessed: The marlena evans story.” Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Beth: Yeah, I saw something about it in the trades a while back.

Tr: Mm-hmm. One of my leads wants out.

Beth: Why?

Tr: Personal issues. Nothing to do with the film. But you would be ideal for the part.

Beth: A lead role, huh? Would I be playing marlena evans?

Tr: [Laughs] Your character is celeste perrault. Mm, she’s instrumental to the story. Psychic–whoo-ooo-ooo. Totally steals the show.

Beth: [Scoffs] Okay. But it’s not the celest perrault story. And if she comes off sounding like miss cleo–

Tr: You won’t let that happen. With talent like yours, you will… bring depth to the role, real soul. And I promise, you gonna make bank on this. Given recent events, word of mouth on this film is huge.

Beth: And I suppose you want me to…audition?

Tr: Not necessary. I already know what you can do.

Beth: But you want something from me, right?

Tr: Just…the courtesy… of keeping our private history private.

Beth: Oh. You’re a little too late for that. I already gave every little detail about you to that detective.

Tr: Yes, but… he’s in no position to repeat your story.

Sarah as renee: Let me find you a pen.

Anna: Come here. Since you are so intent on humoring her, maybe you were going to go ahead and hire this attorney and go through with the divorce?

Tony: Of course not.

Sarah as renee: [Gasps] Here we go.

Anna: Should I have harold bring in some popcorn for this show?

Sarah as renee: Here you are, my darling. Soon, you will be nothing but an unpleasant memory. Isn’t that right, tony?

Xander: You won’t sign it? Don’t you want sarah to get help?

Maggie: Well, of course I do. But I’m not gonna subject my daughter to being hospitalized against her will. I need to talk to her! I have to see her.

Xander: She’s at the dimera mansion. Let’s go, I’ll take you.

Maggie: Well, are you sure you should come with me?

Xander: Why wouldn’t I?

Maggie: You and gwen are engaged.

Xander: Yes?

Maggie: And you love her?

Xander: I do. And I also love sarah. I mean, if I had known, if I’d had any idea what was going on all those months ago, then–

Maggie: Then you’d still be together. What are you gonna do?

Xander: Right now, all I can think about is making sure sarah gets the help she needs.

Gwen: You think that I was ava’s accomplice?

[Chuckles] Oh, wow. That is ridiculous. ‘Cause I–I hardly even know ava vitali, and I don’t know kristen dimera at all.

Abigail: Do you think I’m grasping at straws?

Gwen: Well, that seems to be sort of a pattern with you, doesn’t it? ‘Cause the last time you were convinced that I was masquerading around as sarah, well, you turned out to look like an utter fool.

Abigail: But I wasn’t wrong that “sarah” happened to be someone in a mask. I was just wrong about the person who was wearing it.

Gwen: Yes, well this is all really very fascinating, but I do have somewhere I have to be–

Abigail: Mm. I am just getting to the very fascinating part. Okay, so turns out we have two different people masquerading as sarah who break up with xander on two different occasions. The first one is kristen. She’s covering up the fact that sarah has been kidnapped. Now, the second time… well, yeah, you know, I don’t really know of anyone who would have benefited from that very strange, complicated charade… besides you.

Abe: Eli was checking on ray’s background?

Lani: Ray– tr told paulina that he went to prison years ago for stealing from his clients to support his drug habit. But he got clean and he hasn’t used or raised his hand to a woman since.

Abe: So they all say.

Lani: That is exactly why eli wanted to verify his story. So he–he tracked down tr’s ex-girlfriend, a woman named beth. She was at the station this morning when I got there, and said that she had just talked to eli.

Abe: And what did she tell him?

Lani: I never even got the chance to find out. Right as we were about to get into it, shawn alerted me about the shooting. We didn’t even know that eli was at the park until we got there. I don’t–I don’t even know why he was there, dad. And…I wonder if I ever will.

Beth: My god. That shooting that they were talking about when I was at the station? That was your son-in-law?

Tr: I’m afraid so.

Beth: But that just happened. How could you know that? Unless… did you have something to do with that?

Gwen: Ooh, your clever little reporter brain is just working so hard to pin this on me, isn’t it? It’s not that I’m surprised. But it’s really obvious that it was kristen who was ava’s accomplice.

Abigail: I know for a fact that it wasn’t kristen. Because the pilot told me that she was there waiting for him when he brought me to the island.

Gwen: Well, there you go. Maybe it was the pilot. Maybe he’s the one who conked you over the head, abigail. Or maybe it was the–the guy that posed as ava’s lawyer and spirited her out of the police station.

Abigail: How do you even know about that?

Gwen: How do I–it’s all over the news. But, look, the bottom line is– is I don’t care what you think of me, because I had nothing to do with your kidnapping. And now that you’re back from your tropical interlude, what really does it matter?

Abigail: What does it matter? Sarah has lost months of her life. She’s drugged out of her mind. She’s a mess. Just like I was, after you slipped the drug into my drink.

Gwen: Which you almost injected me with. So sarah being “drugged out of her mind,” that is completely on you…

Abigail: [Scoffs] In my–

Gwen: Sister. I’m not finished yet, sister. If you hadn’t left that syringe lying around, she’d be perfectly fine.

Abigail: My heart does go out to sarah. But in the end, I made a full recovery. And I have every confidence that she will do the same.

[Doorbell rings]

Anna: Saved by the bell.

Maggie: Oh, sarah!

Sarah as renee: Maggie horton. Wow, you’ve aged.

[ Mid-tempo music playing ]

Abe: Sweetheart. You’ll get the whole story when eli comes out of surgery. You heard what kayla said. He’s in good hands. He’s young. He’s strong. And he has everything in the world to live for.

Lani: I know.

[Sniffles] But–

Abe: But what, sweetheart?

Lani: [Sniffles] He di– he didn’t have a pulse, dad, when I got to him. He– he was gone. He was gone, and I– I had to give him cpr, get his heart beating until the e– until the emts got there.

Abe: Lani… you saved his life.

Lani: But what if I didn’t?


Abe: [Sighs]

Tr: I had nothing to do with eli’s shooting. Seems a deadbeat drug dealer shot him and then od’D.

Beth: So the one person I told my story to ends up shot and killed right after I met with him?

Tr: He’s a cop. It’s a dangerous job. Coincidences happen, beth. And if you don’t believe me, wait until you read this movie script.

Beth: That’s fiction.

Tr: And it’s based on real life. And I’m waiting to hear your answer.

Beth: A psychic, huh?

Tr: Look, I got people beating down my door to be part of this project. So this is a limited time opportunity, sweetheart. You want the job or not?

Gwen: You are just salivating for that to happen, aren’t you? You want your cousin sarah to go back to her old, wonderful self, because you are cheerleading for xander to throw me over for her.

Abigail: Xander loved sarah before he ever even laid eyes on you. He never would have dated you, let alone propose to you, if he hadn’t believed that sarah broke his heart.

Gwen: There it is.

Abigail: You know it’s true.

Gwen: You know what else I know is true? You being so determined to find sarah for maggie’s sake is not about that at all, is it? No. It’s about you wanting to get your revenge on me.

Sarah as renee: I’m sorry, that was…so rude. I’ve–I’ve just– I’ve been trapped on that island for so many years. The last time I saw you, you were chasing after a toddler, who was throwing quite a tantrum as I recall. Alex, what are you doing here? I thought I told you I never wanted to see you again. Oh, please don’t tell me that you let this gold-digger drag you here with the ridiculous story that I’m your daughter. Obviously I’m not, as you can see for yourself.

Maggie: I–

Sarah as renee: And I heard that it turns out, neil curtis is sarah’s biological father. How is he?

Anna: He’s dead.

Sarah as renee: Oh. That’s quite a shame. I rather liked him. He’s a handsome devil, am I right? Of course, he doesn’t hold a candle to you, my darling. Well, since you’re all here, you’re just in time!

Maggie: For what?

Sarah as renee: Oh, well, tony has hired a divorce attorney– the same one that I’m using to divorce alex here– so he can extricate himself from an ill-advised marriage. Then tony and I are free to get married, and live our happily-ever-after that we’ve been denied for so long.

Maggie: [Sighs] Give me that pen. Do you have the papers?

Xander: Yeah.

Tony: What’s this?

Maggie: Oh, I’m gonna make sure that sarah gets all the tests and treatment that she needs.

Sarah as renee: What? No! You can’t do that.

Maggie: Oh…yes I can. And I’m about to.

Is now a good time

for a flare-up?

Abigail: As hard as it may be to believe, not everything is about you, gwen. I want sarah to get well because she’s my cousin, and I love her.

Gwen: More than your sister?

Abigail: She never tried to kill me before.

Gwen: Hmm. Right, if you’re so concerned about family, why didn’t you even bother to tell maggie that her precious daughter is back?

Abigail: Because she’s out of town.

Gwen: No, not according to xander. In fact, he’s with her right now.

Sarah as renee: You can’t do this–I won’t let you.

Tony: But what’s the harm in having a check-up? If the tests prove nothing’s wrong–

Sarah as renee: Nothing is wrong. Nothing at all. And I’m not gonna let you or any of you destroy my chance at happiness.

Maggie: Sarah!

Sarah as renee: That is it. I’m out of here. Don’t you dare try to stop me.

Anna: Good riddance.

Sarah as renee: Oh, kayla, thank god.

Xander: I called kayla before we left. Told her we might need some assistance.

Kayla: Did you sign the consent, maggie?

Maggie: Please, kayla, help my daughter.

Sarah as renee: For the love of god, I am not your daughter. And I do not need any help. Get out of my way.

Kayla: We are here to help you, sarah.

Sarah as renee: Treating me like a criminal. Last chance. Out of my way.

It would be best if you came willingly.

Sarah as renee: Or what? You’ll cuff me? Unbelievable! Tony, don’t just stand there. Do something. Help me.

Tony: I’m afraid my hands are tied.

Anna: Hmm. Lot of that going around today.

Kayla: We’ll take good care of her, I promise.

Let’s go.

Sarah as renee: Get off of me. This is all your fault, you bastard.

Xander: Sarah–

Sarah as renee: Stop calling me sarah! No! Stop it!

Kayla: Maggie, if you want to come to the hospital? Okay? It’s gonna be okay.

Sarah as renee: No!

Kayla: Sarah, it’s okay.

Maggie: [Whimpers]

Beth: [Sighs] So you’re bribing me with a movie role.

Tr: If you don’t believe in your own talents, well, that’s an issue between you and your shrink.

Beth: And if I say no? Is what happened to that detective gonna happen to me?

Tr: You want me to say it again, beth? I had nothing to do with that shooting. But…smart girl like you? I think you know that it would be in both of our best interests if you signed on for the role.

Lani: Every time eli and I walk out that door, we know that there is a chance something will happen to us. So that’s why every time we leave in the morning, we always make sure that we say “I love you.” I’m not even sure if I remember if that was the last thing that I said to him.

Abe: Eli knows how much you love him, sweetheart.

Lani: We didn’t even sleep in the same bed last night. I got home late, and I– I didn’t want to wake him and the kids were with you. And what if that was the last chance for us to be a family together?

Nicorette knows, quitting

smoking is freaking hard.

Lani: I know I should try to be positive, optimistic–

Abe: You can feel whatever you want to feel.

Lani: I think another reason why it’s so hard, I guess, is being here, back in this hospital, where eli and– where we lost our son.

Abe: This is also the hospital where your twins were born.

Lani: Yeah. I guess I should think about that, right?


Abe: You should, yes.

Lani: And he is the most amazing daddy to them.

Abe: He is.

Lani: [Laughs]

Abe: I’ve seen that.

Lani: It’s just–

[Sniffles] Dad, he was shot in the head, and he was– he wasn’t breathing for god knows how long. Like, I don’T…

[Sobs] God, please just let him live. Please.


Beth: Selling out isn’t exactly unheard of in this business, is it? The things I’ve done to get a foot or any body part through the door. A man gladly takes what I have to offer, and then slams the door in my face. Or puts a fist to it, if that man is you.

Tr: Are we having a #metoo moment?

Beth: [Scoffs] I was holding out hope that things were getting better. But I see slimy jerks like you still run the world.

[Sighs] And the biggest role I’ve had is woman #4 in a b movie.

Tr: My film will change all that. Make you the star you always wanted to be.

Beth: Yeah, well, maybe being as star isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Is it?

Tr: Are you saying no?

Beth: [Sighs]

Sarah as renee: How could you do this to me? I saved your life on that island. I kept kristen from putting drugs into your food. And this is how you repay me?

Maggie: We’re–we’re just trying to help you, sarah.

Sarah as renee: Renee, you bitch. For the millionth time, it is renee.

Gwen: Right, so why don’t you just go run along now and go tell maggie that her precious daughter is back, instead of popping out of bushes and harassing me.

Abigail: You had something to do with all of this, gwen, and I am going to prove it.

Xander: Something to do with what, abigail? What are you so determined to prove? It’s my 3:10, no-exit-in-sight,

Gwen: Abigail here has accused me of being involved in her kidnapping, even though she has no evidence whatsoever.

Abigail: Well, she sure as–

Xander: Hey, you’re in no position to be throwing stones.

Abigail: I knew that she was gonna do something.

Xander: I just came back from seeing sarah forced to be taken to the mental ward. She’s a pitiful shell of her former self, all because of some dangerous drug you left lying around?

Abigail: I’m–I’m so– I didn’t–it wasn’t intentional. I didn’t mean for sarah to get any–

Xander: Oh, now, you wanted gwen to be your victim. And then you couldn’t be bothered to clean up after yourself. What’s happening to sarah is your fault, abigail. So, no, you don’t get to stand on your moral high ground this time. Why are you still here? I can’t believe you’re related to that sanctimonious–

Gwen: Yeah, I know. She was on a roll before you got here.

[Sighs] Thank you. Thank you for defending me.

Xander: Of course. You’re the woman I– I love you.

Gwen: Are you all right? I mean, I–I know– I can’t imagine you seeing sarah like that. That must have been very difficult for you.

Xander: Well, I’m just, you know, glad that she’s getting the treatment that she needs. And I’m hopeful that she’ll be on the road to recovery soon.

Kayla: You are gonna feel better soon.

Sarah as renee: I was feeling just fine until you showed up. And you.

Maggie: Kayla, could you please give us a moment alone?

Kayla: Of course.

Sarah as renee: Get out.

[Eerie music]

Maggie: [Sniffles] Oh, sweetie, I know how difficult this is. But you–you have no idea how much I’ve missed you.

Sarah as renee: Well, I didn’t miss you at all because I hate you, maggie horton!

Maggie: [Gasps]

Anna: Well, thank goodness maggie and xander got here when they did. And now that woman will be locked away in a padded cell, and never darken our doorway again. So where would you like to have lunch?

Tony: Lunch? Anna, we just witnessed a mentally ill woman being dragged out of here against her will. Have you no compassion? And she poses absolutely no threat to you at all. And yet you were too selfish to even show her a modicum of kindness.

Anna: Selfish? Did you even hear how she talked to me? And the tone she used? Was I supposed to just grin and bear it?

Tony: Anna– I understand… how you must despise renee dumonde. But this woman I loved once, and I’ll never forgive myself the way she was murdered. And all this stuff just comes back and reminds me of how horrible it all was. So I’m sorry, I find you, frankly, to be cruel to poor sarah.

Anna: Poor sarah?

Tony: Yes. And as for lunch, I’ve lost my appetite. So I won’t be joining you.

[Uneasy music]

Tr: All this hand-wringing. You ain’t fooling me, beth. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t buying what I was selling.

Beth: Your daughter deserves to know the truth about you.

Tr: But you’re not gonna tell her, are you?

Beth: No, I’m not. And I hate myself for it.

Tr: I knew you would see things my way. And you’ll have it in writing, beth. I’ll have the papers drawn up asap.

Lani: It seems like he has been in surgery forever. Do you know how long it’s been?

Abe: Uh, you know, I haven’t checked the time for a while. But we should hear some news soon.

Lani: Okay.

Kayla: Eli is out of surgery.

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