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Eli: Good morning.

Lani: Good morning.

Eli: Where’s your coffee? You don’t do anything without your morning coffee.

Lani: Oh, I guess I forgot.

Eli: Are you upset with me that I was asleep before you got home last night?

Lani: No.

Eli: Baby, I– I knew that you were dropping the kids off with your dad. I mean, I just assumed that you would be staying over there to hang out for a while.

Lani: Actually, I didn’t– I didn’t stay there very long.

Eli: Then where’d you go?

Lani: I was with tr.

Allie: Ugh, god. Incoming at nine o’clock.

Chanel: It’s too early in the morning.

Tr: Good morning, ladies. Good to see you’re already used to movie hours. You know, people don’t realize that the most glamorous movie stars are already on the set at six in the morning.

Chanel: I’m sorry, we’re working.

Tr: So am I, as your personal courier service, delivering the latest version of the script. I think you’re gonna like the rewrites.

Chanel: I don’t care if you turned it into “gone with the wind,” I won’t have anything to do with johnny dimera.

Allie: Yeah, me neither. And he’s literally my brother.

Johnny: Will, you look great. Married life seems to be agreeing with you.

Will: Well, no one could ever say that about you.

Johnny: Oh. You heard chanel and I weren’t able to make it work, huh?

Will: Yeah, I heard a lot of things, and none of them very good.

Johnny: It’s not like you to pass judgment based on hearsay.

Will: Well, I don’t think of something my grandmother said as hearsay.

Johnny: Has kate been bad-mouthing me?

Will: No, grandma marlena told me what you’ve been up to. And she’s being very rational, trying to see your side of things, but, johnny, I– I just want to take that smirk on your face and shove it down your throat.

[Knocking on door]

Ben: Hey.

Marlena: Oh, ben. Hi, this isn’t really a very good time.

Ben: I know and I’m sorry, dr. Evans. I’m not here to ask for any help. I’m here because I need to tell you something, something upsetting.

Marlena: All right. Well, just tell me.

Ben: I know we all thought that after the exorcism that we had gotten rid of the devil.

Marlena: [Laughs] What? You think I’m still possessed?

Ben: No. No, no, no, no, no. Of course not, no. I do think that he’s out of you. But I don’t think that he’s gone. He’s here, in salem.

[Ominous music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Lani: Thank you.

Eli: So you and coates. How’d that happen?

Lani: It was a coincidence, kind of. I ran into him on my way to drop the kids off with my dad. And he asked me to have a drink with him at the pub. At first, I said no.

Eli: But then he got you to change your mind?

Lani: Yeah. And I’m actually glad I did. I mean, it– it ended up being not as intense as I–I thought it would be. And, um–

[Chuckles] He eats his fries with mayo too.

Eli: What more do we need to know, huh?

Lani: Okay, eli, this– this isn’t easy for me. So can you, like, ease up on the damn attitude?

Eli: [Sighs] I’m sorry.

Lani: I know you went through something like this.

Eli: Yeah, I did. And even though I didn’t know who my biological father was, I still wanted to know everything about him.

Lani: And this man, he’s the twins’ biological grandfather. I mean, just medically it matters. But then I think about my dad and then there’s everything that he did to paulina. I mean, just talking with him, with tr, it– it makes me feel guilty.

Eli: Well, it’s messy. And clearly there’s no right or easy way to go about it, so babe, whatever feels right to you.

Lani: It means a lot to me that you–that you see how hard this is for me. And that, you know, that you– if I do decide to get to know him, that you– that you trust me.

Eli: Of course I trust you. But I don’t trust him.

Lani: Meaning?

Eli: Meaning I’m investigating him. Babe, you have the right to know the truth about your father, whether he wants you to or not.

Tr: We already talked about this. I have signed contracts from the both of you.

Chanel: I am not doing that movie.

Allie: Me neither. And do you really want one of your major players of this epic going to the press and telling the truth about the director?

Chanel: Or me telling them the truth about you?

Tr: Hm?

Chanel: Yeah, it makes even more sense to me now that my mom was all “you go, girl” about the me too movement. Turns out, it was from her firsthand experience.

Tr: You know about that?

Chanel: Yeah. And I also know that you’re lani’s biological father. And she and I are real close. Imagine how she’d feel about you shoving her little sister around.

Tr: Look, I don’t want either of you doing anything you don’t want to do.

Allie: Then don’t make us.

Tr: It’s just not that easy. See, I am gonna try to make amends to your mother and to lani, but–

Chanel: But what?

Tr: But the director has final say in casting.

Johnny: Seems to me you’re rushing to judgment.

Will: Really? You want to give me your side of the story then? Why you found it necessary to announce the end of your marriage to a whole room full of people without even giving your bride a heads-up?

Johnny: Look, I’m sorry, could you–could you give me just a rough estimate of how long this sermon is gonna last? Because I actually have work to do.

Will: Oh, yeah, right, ’cause you’re mr. Corporate big shot now, running the show while your daddy’s in prison. How very, very dimera of you.

Johnny: And all of this righteous indignation feels very, very horton of you, but a little misplaced. Look, I might have embarrassed chanel a little–

Will: A little?

Johnny: But at least I didn’t knock her up then dump her for some dude. Hey, how is ari by the way? I’ve been–been missing that little tyke.

Will: Wow. You know, that man did a lot of despicable things. He caused a lot of suffering. But even he drew the line at torturing someone in his own family.

Johnny: Well, will, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, but you’re the one who’s on the attack. And to say that I’m torturing you is a little– what’s the–what’s the word I’m looking for? I–I don’t–

Will: Gay?

Johnny: Hyperbolic.

Will: Oh, I’m not talking about your sneering at me. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think about me. I’m talking about what you’re doing to grandma marlena.

Johnny: You just said she sees things from my side!

Will: I said she’s trying to! The fact that you’re her grandson and she’s gonna love you no matter what does not change the fact that what you are doing to her is unforgivable.

Marlena: So you think the devil has taken possession of somebody else? Who? I mean, tell me who it is.

Ben: Belle.

Shawn: So I have–I have all this vacation time piling up. I was thinking if you could get away, we can go and have a little mini vacation. We’ll go skiing in colorado or snorkeling in belize?

Belle: Mm. Can we do both?

Shawn: Mm-hmm.

Belle: Susan? What are you doing with my coat?

Limu emu

Lani: You do see, don’t you,that investigating tr behind my back means you don’t trust me.

Eli: Baby, it’s not behind your back. I just told you right now.

Lani: Yeah, but you made that decision on your own.

Eli: Maybe you’re right. Okay, I should’ve cleared that with you first. But I’ve already contacted billie reed at the isa, and we should hear back from her later today.

Lani: What’s that saying? Trust but verify? Maybe you’re thinking more clearly than I am. It’s probably a good idea. So check him out.

Eli: Baby, I really hope that he’s changed and that we don’t find anything. For your sake.

Tr: So listen, talk to johnny. Tell him what you told me, that it’s better for him and it’s better for the movie to recast the roles. If he agrees, then I will let you out of your contracts.

Chanel: What do you think?

Allie: Worth a try.

Tr: All right, thank you. And good luck. And just so you know, I live with what I did to your mother. I mean, it’s not an excuse, but I was on drugs then. I’m clean now. And I am–I hope that I can prove to your mother and to your sister I’m not the same man.

Allie: Wow.

Chanel: Yeah. That was a lot. But moving right along, which one of us is gonna go talk to johnny?

Johnny: Did grandma tell you that I am contractually obligated to make this film? She understands that. I don’t know why you can’T.

Will: Do you understand this? She’s losing patients left and right. She thinks the hospital board’s gonna ask her to step down if this movie gets made.

Johnny: Look, will, the producer is in town. The table read is tonight. It’s too late. This film is getting made, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Will: There is something we can do about it.

Johnny: We?

Will: Do a rewrite. Take the devil out of the story.

Johnny: I’m sorry, the devil is the story.

Marlena: Belle? Oh, no. No, it can’t be.

Ben: Susan saw belle leaving the dimera mansion. And she saw a 666 on the back of her coat.

Marlena: [Sighs] Susan– susan has seen these things from the very beginning.

Ben: I know she has. She’s been right. Dr. Evans, ciara and I were both convinced that, after him being at the exorcism and because of a few other things, that it was johnny.

Marlena: Johnny?

Ben: But when susan went to go check it out, she found out that it wasn’t him.

Marlena: It was belle.

Susan: [Spluttering] Is this your jacket? Oh, my goodness, I’m so sorry. I–I thought it was mine. You see, sometimes I get a little addled.

Shawn: Is something wrong? Susan, what are you–what are you doing with belle’s coat?

Susan: [Sighs] I am looking for evidence. Acting commissioner brady, I hate to tell you this, but you could be in grave danger, hm. See, the devil–the devil, he’s back here in salem, and you are married to her. Right here! Rob did his best to manage his constipation

Beth: Excuse me, I’m looking for a detective grant.

Eli: That’s me.

Beth: I got a call yesterday from a friend of yours, billie reed? She said you’re checking into tr coates.

Eli: That’s right. Do you know him?

Beth: In every sense of the word. I’m his ex-girlfriend.

[Soft dramatic music]

[Phone line trilling]

[Phone ringing]

Lani: Hello?

Tr: Hey, lani. It’s tr. I was just calling to say how much it meant to me to talk to you last night.

Lani: Um, it was– it was nice, I guess.

Tr: Yeah, yeah. And I’m hoping I’m not pushing too hard, but I was thinking that I want to get to know your family too. Maybe we can have dinner sometime. You, eli, me, the kids.

Lani: Um, you know, let me– let me talk to eli about that. I’ll get back to you.

[Phone bleeps]

Tr: [Sighs] I need to see you.

[Phone bleeps]

Johnny: Take the devil out of the movie. Hey, that’s a great idea, will. And then after that, why don’t we go ahead and remake “the godfather,” just do it without the mafia. And then we can go ahead and do “the titanic,” just blue pencil the iceberg.

Will: You are a funny man.

Johnny: And you’re a moron, cinematically speaking, that is.

Will: You were ready to do my script about mom. The sami brady story won’t destroy sami brady. The dr. Marlena evans story will destroy her.

Johnny: Okay, first of all, I think you’re underestimating grandma. She’s not gonna be destroyed. Second of all, your original script was very nice. It was never gonna sell. And finally, if I take a hot property and water it down, my film career’s gonna be over. It’s my job to take a script and make it better, not neuter it.

Will: Okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how this could hurt your career. I didn’t realize how important it was for you to make yet another crappy devil movie. So yeah, screw grandma. The show must go on. He’d be proud.

Ben: So susan said that she’d go check it out. And when she did, she talked to johnny. She said she felt nothing. But when she left, she saw belle, she saw 666 on the back of her coat. And she said she felt the presence of the devil.

Marlena: Oh, belle. God help you.

Shawn: Hey, what– what are you talking about?

Susan: She had this coat on last night, and the number 666 was written on the back in black.

Shawn: No–no, susan, there were some soot or something on it, but there were no numbers.

Susan: Oh, shawn, I felt his presence just like marlena. And she was at the exorcism.

Belle: Hello. I am standing right here.

Susan: But you’re not belle.

Belle: I kind of think I am, susan.

Susan: And you’d lie about that.

Shawn: Okay, susan. Susan, you were right– you were right about marlena. All right, but when she was possessed, tons of people noticed that she was acting strangely. And belle, she and I live together. She’s the same woman she’s always been; I would notice.

Susan: Mm-mm, mm-mm. He tipped his hand with marlena. And he won’t do that again. He’s not gonna show himself until after.

Shawn: After what?

Susan: After he gets ciara’s baby. And you know what? I’m gonna stop him from doing that, and I am gonna stop you right now.

Allergies don’t have to be


Belle: Susan, you’re wrong, I swear it.

Susan: I–I am afraid of you. Yes, yes, I am. And, you know, you can turn me into a cat or even worse, kristen dimera, but I– I am not backing down.

Shawn: Look, susan, susan, don’t you see that this isn’t working? All right, she’s not afraid of that cross because this is belle.

Susan: Okay. You’re right. It’s not working.

[Laughs nervously] You know, so I’m gonna go. I’m gonna go, but just so you know, this is a strategic retreat. Mm-hmm. I’m gonna go head over to dr. Marlena’s, who is my friend and my ally. And just let me make this clear. I will not give up. You will be vanquished.

Belle: The problem is that she’s been right all along.

Shawn: Yeah, but she’s wrong this time.

Belle: No, I don’t think anything’s happened to me, but something has happened. It’s not over, is it?

Allie: Ugh. I’ll talk to johnny. He’s my brother.

Chanel: No, I’ll do it. I kind of enjoy getting in his face these days. You okay here?

Allie: Yeah, sure. Go. Give him hell.

[Both chuckle] Man, will, if you looks could kill.

Chanel: Oh, this is will?

Allie: Oh, yeah, sorry. Uh, will, this is chanel. Chanel, will.

Will: Hi, I’ve heard a lot about you.

Chanel: And vice versa. All right, I’m sorry, but I got to go.

Allie: Okay.

Chanel: Wish me luck.

Allie: Yeah. Stop short at homicide. She’s going to see johnny and let’s just say it wasn’t an amicable separation.

Will: Yeah, I just talked to him myself. And, I mean, allie, I love him, he’s my brother, but I wanted to– I wanted to deck him.

Allie: Yeah, welcome to my world.

Will: What?

Allie: I really thought that I was gonna be able to get over this and that it was all gonna be for the best, but I don’t think I’m ever gonna be able to forgive him. I can’t even forgive my own brother.

Will: Allie, I don’t–I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Allie: I’m really glad you’re here. I couldn’t do this over the phone.

Will: What? What is it?

Allie: Well, the reason that tripp and I broke up is because johnny told him that I slept with chanel.

Beth: So I was in chicago for an audition today. Figured it’d be easier to come talk to you in person.

Eli: Well, I appreciate that. You’re an actress?

Beth: Yes. I’m surprised you don’t recognize me from all of my blockbuster films.

Eli: So you live in la. Is that where you met coates?

Beth: Yeah, we met last year. We dated for six months. But it is over now because–

Eli: Listen, I’m sorry, but full disclosure, coates is my wife, lani’s, biological father.

Beth: Oh.

Eli: Yeah, lani and I know– or he’s admitted that he used to be an abuser and an addict. He abused lani’s mother, and that’s why they’re no longer together. And he swears up and down that he’s kicked all his bad habits while he was in prison and he hasn’t abused another woman since.

Beth: Ah, so now he’s here in salem?

Eli: Mm-hmm. And he wants to get to know lani and our twins. So I think you can see that I want to make sure that he’s telling me the absolute truth.

Beth: Oh, that is so not true. Not one freakin’ word.

Tr: Did you bring the stuff?

Frank: Right here. Very high quality china white. Veritable stairway to paradise.

Trelegy for copd.

Tr: And, uh, did you bring the works?

Frank: And as an introductory offer, they’re on the house.

Tr: Yeah? ‘Cause this gonna be my home base for a while. So you gonna be around when I want more?

Frank: You got my number. I live right around the corner, so text me and I can be here in literally two seconds.

Tr: That sounds perfect.

Beth: I didn’t know he was an addict when we first met. But it didn’t take me long to figure out he was using.

Eli: Using what?

Beth: Heroin. Yeah. He tried to hide it. But I could always tell. He’d shoot up and then– then he’d take out his frustrations on me. But he was such a gentleman. Wouldn’t bruise my face when he knew I had an audition coming up.

Eli: Did you ever report it?

Beth: [Sighs] He threatened to ruin my acting career, such as it is.

Eli: I’m sorry that you had to go through that.

Beth: Maybe, but mainly you’re just sorry I didn’t report it. But hey, don’t worry, you don’t have to just take my word for it. Last time, I ended up in the hospital. They took photos. And let’s just say that time, I didn’t have an audition coming up. Detective, keep him away from your wife and kids. He is the devil incarnate.

Shawn: I should–I should probably give your mom a call, give her a heads-up. Belle, I’m sorry, but I just–

Belle: No, you don’t need to apologize. Listen, the last time you thought someone was possessed by the devil, they picked you up and threw you across the room. You have to take it seriously. I–I think I’m gonna go talk to johnny.

Shawn: Johnny?

Belle: Well, susan said that she felt the devil’s presence there yesterday. And if it wasn’t me, then I need to find out who else was there besides me and chad, right? I mean, it’s worth a shot.

Shawn: No, you’re right. I mean, it makes sense. If the devil is still in salem, I mean, it makes sense that he’d be camping out at chez dimera.

[Knocking on door]

Susan: Oh! I need your help. I need your help. Okay, I have something very terrible to tell you.

Marlena: About belle. I know. Ben was here. He told me all–

Susan: Okay, well, then– then he told you about her coat and how I felt the devil’s presence when I was with her?

Marlena: Yes, he told me that too.

Susan: Okay, but I didn’t feel it just now.

[Phone ringing]

Marlena: Uh, sorry. Excuse me a second. Shawn? I’m here with susan right now.

Shawn: Has she told you?

Marlena: Yeah, about belle. Is belle still there with you?

Shawn: No, she went to the dimera mansion to talk to johnny, try to figure out what happened last night.

Marlena: Okay, well, I’m gonna go over and talk to both of them. And please, please don’t worry.

Shawn: Yeah. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. Listen, you take care of yourself, okay?

Marlena: Yeah. I will. You too. Well, I guess you– I guess you heard that. That was shawn.

Susan: You’re gonna go over to belle to see belle and talk to her, but I just– I need you to be careful, dr. Marlena evans.

Marlena: I will. I will. I’ll be very careful. Look, susan, you are not fighting the devil by yourself. We’re all here right beside you, and, oh, my, we’re so grateful for all you’ve done to take care of us.

Susan: But he wants the baby. And we can’t let him have the baby.

Marlena: No. No. We won’T. I promise.

Chanel: Horton and I aren’t gonna be in your movie, and coates said if you agreed to recast us then he’d let us out of our contracts.

Johnny: Why should I?

Chanel: Because if you don’t, we’ll make life a living hell for you, then your producers, then you again. On top of which you’ll be the new poster boys for the me too movement.

Johnny: Chanel, you seem upset.

Chanel: Oh, you little creep!

Johnny: You know, I can’t help but wonder where all this passion is coming from. I got to think you just can’t quit me, can you?

It’s the most wonderful

time of the year,

Eli: Well, listen, I can’t thank you enough for coming here, ms. Howard.

Beth: Hey, you know my deepest secrets. Call me beth.

Eli: Thank you, beth. Um, are you in a hurry?

Beth: Hm. I have drinks with spielberg this evening. Just kidding. No, I’m not in a hurry.

Eli: Okay, I’d just like to take an official statement from you, but if you have somewhere else to go.

Beth: No, don’t worry about it. God knows I have all the time in the world. Plus, I would do anything to keep that man from harming one other woman.

Eli: Yeah, uh, I’ll be back. Excuse me. Ms. Howard, what you did took a lot of courage. You should be proud of yourself.

Will: So johnny told tripp that you slept with chanel? And tripp believed him?

Allie: Well, yeah, especially after I confirmed it was true. Yeah, I did the deed, I slept with chanel.

Will: Well, are you, um, waiting for me to be shocked? ‘Cause that’d be a little hypocritical, don’t you think?

Allie: God, I missed you.

Will: Yeah, right back at you.

Allie: The thing with chanel, and I don’t want to make this seem like it’s all johnny’s fault because, you know, I did what I did with my own free will, but he was involved. See, it was the night that he publicly ended things with her at the wedding reception.

Will: Okay.

Allie: But I was attracted to her before that. I mean, actually we kissed a couple of times and, I don’t know, I didn’t feel bad about that.

[Sighs] I love tripp, but chanel– god, I don’t know, will, I’m just so confused.

Chanel: So what if I’m not over you? Because, unlike you, I am a human being. I loved you enough to marry you, and if I can’t just turn that off like a light switch, then it is nothing for you to gloat about.

Johnny: You know, I think I need to do a rewrite, a huge scene for celeste. I mean, I never knew until now you had all this untapped passion. I’ll start with a long shot– don’t even think about it! You know what? I don’t need this drama. So you got a deal. You drop your lawsuit, I’ll let you and your girlfriend out of my movie.

Belle: I need to talk to you.

Johnny: Auntie belle. I would think it’s fairly obvious that I’m in the middle of something.

Belle: I need to talk to you.

Chanel: And I need a break, so he’s all yours. We’ll pick this up when she’s gone.

Belle: Susan just accused me of being the devil.

Johnny: Oh, grandmother, what a big mouth you have.

Belle: This isn’t funny. Listen, when I was here last night, did you see 666 written on the back of my coat?

Johnny: Is–is that what grandma said?

Belle: Yes. She said that– that she felt lucifer’s presence here in this house, that he was here.

Johnny: But he was exorcised. We were there. We saw it.

Belle: Susan also said that it could’ve gone into s–

Johnny: Into someone else? Well, that doesn’t seem very nice, does it?

Belle: No. No, it doesn’T. As you said, you–you were in the middle of something, so I’m gonna let you get back to chanel and, um, if you think of anything, you just call me.

Johnny: You know, now that I think of it, there was something off about last night. Maybe you and I should put our heads together and see what we can figure out.

Frank: This is more than we agreed on.

Tr: I’m a big tipper.

Frank: Well, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Eli: Mr. Coates.

Tr: Funny running into you here.

Eli: Hilarious.

Tr: Yeah, I–I was just talking to lani. I was, um–I was thinking maybe we could get together some time.

Eli: Nah, that’s not happening.

Tr: Well, I know you’re busy, but I’m flexible.

Eli: Not for long you won’t be.

Tr: I’m sorry?

Eli: I was just headed to the inn to have a talk with you about a conversation that I just had at the station with a beth howard. Ring a bell? This is the sound of nature breathing.

Lani: Oh. I’m–I’m sorry. I was looking for detective grant.

Beth: Oh, sorry, you just missed him.

Tr: Beth who?

Eli: Save it. She’s at the police station right now. She just finished telling me that everything that you’ve been telling lani and paulina is a load of crap. You’re still using, and you used beth as a punching bag last year.

Tr: [Scoffs] She’s lying.

[Laughs] I didn’t use her in my last movie and she didn’t take it well. You remember glenn close in “fatal attraction?”

Eli: You know, that hollywood crap doesn’t work on me. What do we have here?

Tr: I have no idea. Somebody must’ve dropped it.

Eli: Yeah. Someone named coates.

Will: Okay, so at the risk of sounding like a pedantic older brother, confused isn’t the worst thing to be. And figuring out who you are can be a life’s work. Unless you’re like mom, and you’re born with all the answers.

[Both laugh]

Allie: You know what? I have a baby. I’m a mother. I can vote. I’m supposed to be a grown-up, and I don’t even know this very basic thing about me. And now I’m just wondering, am I gay? Am I?

Chanel: Has she left? I left allie alone and I– johnny!

[Dramatic music]

Susan: Ben! Oh, hey. I think everything’s gonna be all right. I spoke with dr. Marlena evans.

Ben: So did I.

Susan: Oh, well, if anyone can figure out what the devil is up to, she can.

[Doorbell rings]

[Dramatic music]

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