Y&R Short Recap Monday, March 14 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Nikki worried about Victor and Victoria’s relationship. The evidence Michael gathered against Victor arrived, and he took it to Victoria. Victoria defended Ashland and told Victor that she’d made Ashland her co-CEO. Victor implied that Ashland made Michael disappear. Ashland tried to gain Nikki’s support. Nikki told Ashland to prove he was telling the truth. Victoria read through the file Michael sent and questioned Ashland about the large sums of money being sent to the doctors from a small division of Locke Communications.

Allie revealed that she was Keemo’s daughter, and he’d never told her about Jack. Jack was able to convince Allie that he was her grandfather, and he told her about his history with Keemo. Allie’s parents had divorced, and it seemed that she and her mother had a strained relationship. Allie denied sending the texts, and Jack believed her. Jack wanted to get to know Allie, but she wasn’t interested. She saw no reason to connect with a man that her father disowned. Jack and Phyllis talked about his feelings. He was hurt about his son, but he wanted to focus on the present, and that meant Allie.

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