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Gwen: Please, you can’t tell the police.

Ava: Oh, that you’re the one that knocked out abigail at the airstrip?

Gwen: Shh!

Ava: Of course I can.

Gwen: Ava, we are in this together. We have been from the beginning.

Ava: No, I helped you out. But this mess is all yours. And yet I’m the one that they dragged down here to the station. Not to mention that this is all for nothing.

Gwen: What do you mean?

Ava: Isn’t it obvious? If chad brought abigail back from that godforsaken island, sarah can’t be far behind.

[Dramatic music]

Sarah as renee: Tom and alice horton. Long time, no see. You know, everyone keeps trying to convince me that I’m your granddaughter. But I’m not. I’m renee dumonde, and I’m here to take my life back, finally be with the man I love.

Xander: Sarah. It’s really you this time.

[Door slams]

Shin: Hmm.

Kate: Oh, mr. Shin. I didn’t know you were in salem.

Shin: Kate, please. Call me li. And I’m here for the shareholder meeting.

Kate: The shareholder meeting?

Shin: Gabi and jake have called meeting for this morning, along with ej’s son.

Kate: Johnny?

Shin: I’m getting the sense they didn’t tell you.

Kate: Uh, no, they didn’t tell me. And they’ve planned it for a time when tony and chad aren’t here and ej is in prison, which makes me think they think the time is ripe for a play.

Shin: Hmm, what is it you think they’re planning?

Kate: Well, I don’t know. But whatever it is, they’re not gonna get away with it.

Jake: Whoa. Dressed already, huh?

Gabi: The meeting is in half an hour. You expect to be instated as the ceo of dimera in your boxers?

Jake: Aw, come on. We still have time. Come on, come back to bed, just for a minute.

Gabi: I don’t want to wrinkle my dress.

Jake: All the more reason for you to take it off. I was thinking we could have a little pre-meeting celebration.

Gabi: No, we–we cannot have any distractions today. Everything is riding on today.

Jake: Fine. I’ll get dressed. But tonight we’re celebrating.

Gabi: Oh, I’ll be celebrating… getting rid of your lying, double-crossing ass.

Demon johnny: [Sighs] Time for all hell to break loose at dimera. I do love my job.

Johnny: You stop right there.

Demon johnny: You again.

Johnny: That’s right. It’s me, johnny angel, and I’m taking over.

Demon johnny: [Laughs] Do you really think you can fight the devil and win?

Johnny: You’re not as powerful as you think. In fact, you’re nothing without me.

Demon johnny: Oh, please. You’re nothing but a host body, a vessel for me to puppet.

Johnny: That’s what you think.

Demon johnny: Go away. I have work to do.

Johnny: Oh, I’m not going anywhere, and neither are you. I won’t let you hurt any more people I love.

Demon johnny: [Groans]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Demon johnny: [Grunts] I warned you what would happen if you fight me.

Johnny: My grandmother kicked you out. I will too.

Demon johnny: [Scoffs] Marlena and john drove me out with love. 35 years of loyalty and selflessness–ugh. But that is why I’m not worried about you. ‘Cause you don’t love anyone enough. Only yourself, johnny boy.

Johnny: That’S…not true.

Demon johnny: Only yourself. Now, go away!

[Phone rings] Hello?

Gabi: Everything okay?

Demon johnny: Why wouldn’t it be? Are we all ready for today?

Gabi: I am more than ready.

Demon johnny: You don’t think jake suspects you, does he?

Gabi: He doesn’t suspect a thing.

Demon johnny: Good. Let’s keep it that way. We need his vote to convene the meeting.

Gabi: Don’t worry. Jake is gonna get what he deserves. And I can’t wait to witness it.

Xander: Sarah. Jack told me everything.

Sarah as renee: Oh, my god. It can’t be you.

Xander: But it is. I– oh, my god, sarah. You have no idea what a relief it is to– just to see you again. All this time, I believed that you– that you threw me over on our wedding day and jumped into bed with rex. But it wasn’t you. It was never– it was never you. And I’m so terribly sorry for everything you must have gone through, getting kidnapped by kristen and trapped on a desert island for all this time.

Sarah as renee: And you were a part of the scheme.

Xander: Scheme?

Sarah as renee: Trying to make me think that I’m sarah horton.

Xander: I, uh– what are you–

Sarah as renee: You get away from me.

Xander: Sarah, please, I don’t–

Sarah as renee: Stop calling me that.

Xander: I don’t understand. Don’t you know who I am?

Sarah as renee: [Scoffs] I do. I know exactly who you are.

[Dramatic music]

Wondering what actually goes

into your multivitamin?

Sarah as renee: [Scoffs] You think anyone could forget who you are, alexander? Someone as charismatic as you?

Xander: That’s right. That’s–that’s me. Alexandros, but I– I go by xander.

Sarah as renee: Oh, really? You think you can just change the name that you go by and people will forget that as charismatic as you are, you’re also a despicable, lying son of a bitch? So whatever it is you go by, I know you as alex. And I want a divorce.

Xander: A divorce? We–we’re not married. I mean, we’re supposed to be–

Sarah as renee: Oh, how i wish that was true. But I fell for your act, and I was foolish enough to marry you, which was the worst mistake I’ve ever made.

Xander: Is this– is this some kind of joke?

Sarah as renee: [Scoffs] Not to me, it’s not.

Xander: But I– I don’t understand.

Sarah as renee: Okay. Then let me make it simple for you. I am renee dumonde. And I intend to marry the love of my life, tony.

Xander: Tony…dimera?

Sarah as renee: Yes! As soon as he gets a divorce from that pathetic woman who somehow got her hooks into him, you know, the one without a brain? And then I’m going to divorce you. To that end, I am going to go speak to don craig.

Xander: Who?

Sarah as renee: An excellent lawyer. He’s the best in town. So if you’ll excuse me.

Xander: Sarah, wait.

Sarah as renee: Damn it, alex, I told you not to call me that.

[Uneasy music]

[Line rings] Yeah, hi, jack. Um… you want to go ahead and finish that story you were trying to tell me?

Gwen: Did chad say that sarah was back?

Ava: No. But abigail knows everything, and she’s back, so…

Gwen: [Exhales heavily]

[Sniffles] Okay. Right. First things first, they don’t have a case against you. They haven’t even filed charges. Right?

Ava: Not yet.

Gwen: Right, so turning me in is not gonna help you. It’s just gonna hurt me.

Ava: Okay, like I said, abigail has already told them that I was on the scene when she was attacked. So I can be charged as an accessory.

Gwen: Yes, but they don’t– they don’t have any proof, do they? Yes, she remembers being attacked from behind, which means that you couldn’t possibly have done it.

Ava: Yes, but I didn’t do anything to help stop it, did I? They just assume that I was in on it. Which I was.

Gwen: Look at me. You are ava vitali. Yes? You have beaten murder charges, murder raps. Are you really afraid of this?

Ava: I have tried to build a different life for myself here, gwen. I’m not throwing it away. And I’m not going to prison. Plus, I don’t have rafe on my side anymore.

Gwen: Maybe not, but I’ve still got your back, as long as you’ve still got mine.

Kate: So how many people are we expecting?

Shin: The overseas members are perennially in absentia. Ej is, as you noted, unavailable. And tony and chad have quite inappropriately taken the corporate jet somewhere on personal business.

Kate: Personal business? Abigail was kidnapped.

Shin: I’m not unsympathetic. But it seems there’s always A… crisis in the dimera family.

Kate: Okay, so as far as I know, tony and chad are on their way back. So we can just postpone the meeting.

Shin: Well, I have a flight to hong kong at noon. I’m afraid I can’t push this back.

Kate: So why did they call for this meeting anyway? What’s so pressing about their agenda?

Shin: I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to discuss.

Demon johnny: Jake will never know what hit him.

Gabi: Right, yes. We’ll see you there.

Demon johnny: Why are you acting weird? Is he standing right next to you?

Gabi: Yup. Bye, now. So you’re finally dressed.

Jake: Yeah. What was that about?

Gabi: Just going over our meeting plans with johnny.

Jake: Huh. You know, I…could have sworn I heard you say, “jake’s gonna get what he deserves.”

Gabi: You will. By the end of the day, you will be ceo of dimera enterprises.

Tony: Johnny. I thought I heard someone in here.

Demon johnny: Uncle tony. I was told you and uncle chad were–were out of town.

Tony: Yes, we were. And luckily we found abigail and we got back here early this morning. Isn’t that wonderful news?

Demon johnny: Yeah, wonderful.

Tony: Well, aren’t you going to ask me if abigail’s all right?

Demon johnny: Oh, of course. I just, uh– I assumed she was fine, since you’re back here.

Tony: I see. Oh, by the way, I’d like to speak to you about something that involves the household.

Demon johnny: Okay, well, can we do it a little later? I’m–I’m kind of in a hurry, uncle T.

Tony: Wh-why? You got a date with the devil?

Demon johnny: Excuse me?

Tony: [Chuckling] I mean your movie. I see the way you’re dressed. You must be having a meeting with your producer.

Demon johnny: [Laughs] Oh, yeah. Right, right, yes. Big meeting, so…

Tony: One more thing before you go. How’s it going? “Possessed: The marlena evans story,” that is.

Demon johnny: Great. Yeah, like I just told tr, I’m already working on the sequel, so… see you.

Tony: Yeah.

[Uneasy music]

As a struggling actor,

Kate: So what’s going on with gabi and jake? Why all the secrecy about this meeting?

Shin: I gather there’s a desire to make some changes to the corporate structure.

Kate: Mm-hmm. What kind of changes?

Shin: Like I said, I haven’t been briefed.

Kate: Mm, but I’m sure you know something.

Shin: [Chuckles] Why don’t we wait for the meeting? Ah, here they are now.

Gabi: Hello, kate, shin.

Kate: Gabi, why didn’t you tell me that you had called a shareholders’ meeting today?

Gabi: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because you had the audacity to oust jake from the company, and I was hoping I didn’t have to see your face.

Jake: Okay, we can get started as soon as johnny gets here, huh?

Kate: Well, I am going to call the house and see when chad and tony are due in. And perhaps they can join us remotely.

Demon johnny: They can’T.

Kate: How do you know?

Demon johnny: Well, I just, uh, came from home, and it seems they have been delayed due to a weather incident.

Kate: They’re still on the plane?

Demon johnny: From what I understand, they’re in a holding pattern over the bermuda triangle. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

Shin: As I was telling kate, I can’t postpone the meeting.

Gabi: Nor would we want to.

Demon johnny: Exactly. We can accomplish everything we need without the other members of my family present.

Kate: Yeah. Well, that’s what I’m afraid of.

Demon johnny: So let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

[Tense music]

Chad: Hey.

Tony: Oh, chad. How’s abigail?

Chad: Uh, relieved to be home.

Tony: Ah, that’s good.

Chad: Say, we’re, um– we’re–we’re both very grateful for your help in tracking her down. Jack and jennifer are–are too, obviously.

Tony: Yeah, well, I’m glad everything worked out. So I suppose they’re on their way to boston, knowing that their daughter’s safe?

Chad: Yep, on the, uh– on their way to the airport as we speak.

Tony: I see. Oh, I wanted to ask you, what did you find out from ava vitali at the police station? Did she give up the name of her accomplice?

Chad: Not yet. She’s, uh–she’s still being held for questioning. So far, she’s clamming up. I suggested that I–I might be able to get the da to offer her a deal if she gives up the person who assaulted abby.

Ava: Chad is never gonna let this go. So how are you gonna help me, short of confessing?

Gwen: Well, for one thing, I won’t tell a soul that you helped kristen dimera escape police custody.

Ava: [Laughs] We did that together.

Gwen: I’m just saying.

Ava: Just saying? You’re just saying? Or are you threatening me? ‘Cause if you dare breathe one word of that, I will tell everyone that not only did you bash abigail over the head at the airstrip, but you knew that sarah had been kidnapped and she was stranded on an island, and you did everything in your power to make sure she never came home.

Gwen: Only you won’t do that, will you? Because then I will let it be known that you set up your boyfriend, rafe, on trumped-up charges.

Ava: Oh. So we’re going there now, huh?

Gwen: How many hours did the da spend prosecuting that case? How do you think she’s gonna treat the person that she knows wasted her time, turned the pd upside down, and left her looking like a complete fool? How do you think rafe is going to react when he finds out what you did?

Ava: Honey, it would be a mistake to threaten me.

Gwen: I’m just pointing out, ava, that you and I have secrets, don’t we? I did what I did to keep sarah away from xander, and I know everything you did to punish rafe for hurting you.

Ava: And you can’t prove a thing.

Gwen: Are you sure about that? I didn’t think so. So I would suggest that you keep your mouth shut, and I will do the same.

[Tense music]

Xander: So you’re saying that this drug made her so delusional that sarah thinks she’s– she’s a completely different person? Well, maybe they’re not trying hard enough, jack. But I bloody will. I’m not gonna give up until I bring her back to reality. Mate, I’ve gotta go. I’ll, uh–I’ll talk to you later. Thanks for all the help. Sarah!

Sarah as renee: Renee. Renee! And I asked you to leave me alone.

Xander: You are aware that this renee dumonde person you claim to be is dead and was murdered by a serial killer?

Sarah as renee: What’s your angle here, alex? And how did you get involved in this scheme?

Xander: Scheme? There is no scheme. I’m–and I’m not alex. I’m xander. You need to listen to me. This woman that you think you are, she’s been dead for years.

Sarah as renee: Okay, yeah. Well, loads of people in this town have been dead before, and then miracle of miracles, they were brought back to life by my very own father. So add me to that list.

Xander: Do you understand how insane this all sounds?

Sarah as renee: All I care about is getting a divorce from you and getting my tony away from that wretched woman who tricked him into marrying her. And why are you looking at me like that?

Xander: I just wish I could get through to you. I wish you could remember how much we love each other.

Sarah as renee: Oh, please. You have a heart of stone. You’re incapable of love. All you wanted was my inheritance. That’s why you tricked me into marrying you.

Xander: Hey, I-I never tricked you into anything.

Sarah as renee: Get away from me.

Xander: I’m xander cook, not alex, and I– all I ever wanted was to make you happy.

Sarah as renee: The only person that can make me happy is tony. My heart belongs to him, and it always will.

Xander: Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, please, just– I need to show you something. Can I? Can I–can I show you something? Will you just–look. Look at this. That’s us. Happy. Together. In love. Looking forward to our future together. Tell me you don’t remember this. You tell me you don’t remember us. Oh, man that is wrinkly.

[Dramatic music]

Gwen: [Sighs] If I were a praying woman… is this my punishment for all the revenge I tried to get, for all the misery and suffering that I’ve gone through? Even if ava doesn’t rat me out and sarah does come home… god, could it get any worse?

Ned: Oh, things can always get worse. Remember me?

Tony: I hope you find out who was behind this nightmare.

Chad: Oh, I will. And they’ll pay for what they put abby through.

Tony: I should hope so.

Chad: Mm, speaking of wives, I ran into yours upstairs, and she seems pretty upset about this whole sarah-renee situation.

Tony: “Upset” is not the word I would use.

Chad: Well, look, it’s gonna be rough for a little while. I mean, it took abby months to recover. And with the proper treatment plan…

Tony: Well, sarah refused help. Then she took off from the hospital after she noticed that steve and kayla weren’t looking.

Chad: Well, that’s not good.

Tony: No, it’s not. Did I tell you that she’s moving in?

Chad: Moving in here?

Tony: She insisted.

Chad: You said yes?

Tony: Well, yeah, because kayla thought it would be best if she was here. That way, she’d be safe, and possibly we can convince her to get treated.

Chad: No wonder anna’s head exploded.

Tony: Ugh, sarah barged in here, screaming invectives and–and threatening anna with– with eviction.


Chad: I’m sorry I missed it. Where’s sarah now?

Tony: She’s, uh, out there hiring a divorce lawyer for me.

Chad: [Laughing] Oh, god.

Tony: Why, do you think that’s funny?

Chad: No.

[Clears throat] No, it’s just– it’s all just such a mess.

Tony: [Sighs] You know, renee, she was such a passionate woman. But it seems that sarah is now channeling the same dimera determination.

Chad: Lucky you.

Tony: Yes, unfortunately, though, I seem to be indulging in her delusions as a way to avoid an all-out war.

Chad: And how does anne feel about that strategy?

Tony: [Grunts]

Chad: I’m sorry.

Tony: Me too.

Chad: Look, w– we have no idea what other drugs kristen was feeding sarah on that island. But she’s here now, and maybe being in a– in a familiar place will jog her memory.

Tony: Well, I just hope that she gets back to her old self soon.

Xander: Well? Does it look familiar to you?

Sarah as renee: Not at all.

Xander: But this is you. This is you and me. It’s a picture of us together. I–it’s one of my favorites.

Sarah as renee: Yeah, well, I’ve never seen it before. That woman in the picture with the short hair, that’s sarah horton. I’m renee dumonde. Or dimera, if you prefer.

Shin: I would like to call this meeting of the dimera shareholders to order. Who would like to speak first?

Jake: I will.

Shin: Chair recognizes jake dimera.

Jake: Thank you, mr. Shin. We have two motions that we would like to present to the shareholders. The first, we would like to elect victor kiriakis to the board of directors.

Kate: What?

Gabi: You have a problem with that?

Kate: I have nothing but respect for victor, but he’s competition. Why would we invite him into the fold?

Gabi: You know what they say: “Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.”

Kate: What I say is, that is a tired, old cliché that means absolutely nothing.

Demon johnny: The goal is to extend the olive branch, lull vic into a sense of security, and then move in for the kill. Steal titan right out from under him.

Kate: Oh, yeah, because it would be that easy, wouldn’t it?

[Laughs] Since when have the three of you been working together?

Demon johnny: Well, we have common interests.

Shin: Jake, you said you had two motions?

Jake: Yes, thank you. The second motion is, we would like to remove chad as ceo of dimera enterprises.

Kate: And replace him with whom?

Jake: Me.

Kate: No. I won’t allow that. That won’t be happening.

Gabi: Excuse me, kate. Before you waste your breath railing against jake’s motion, I have two small amendments I’d like to offer.

Your mission:

Gwen: Ned grainger.

Ned: Thanks for remembering.

Gwen: Where the bloody hell did you come from? Have you been stalking me?

Ned: As a matter of fact, I have.

Gwen: Why?

Ned: Why? I did you a solid, lady. Then chad and tony dimera tracked me all the way down to key west.

Gwen: And then you told them where to find abigail.

Ned: Yeah. But I kept your name out of it.

Gwen: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Ned: You don’t think I did that for free, do you? Now’s the time for you to pay the price.

Xander: So you truly don’t recognize yourself in this picture?

Sarah as renee: No. Because that’s not me.

Xander: But when you– when you look in the mirror, this isn’t the face you see?

Sarah as renee: No, I see my face.

Xander: You mean renee’s?

Sarah as renee: My face. Damn it, alex. Here you go, tormenting me again.

Xander: According to jack, renee dumonde would be about, mm, 65 years old is she were still alive.

Sarah as renee: Okay, well, what do you want me to say? I’ve aged very well. It’s in the genes. We dimeras live practically forever.

Xander: I don’t believe this.

Sarah as renee: Yeah, neither do I. You’re all trying to make me think that I’m out of my mind, but you’re the ones that need serious help.

Xander: What did kayla say about your condition at the hospital?

Sarah as renee: Oh, my god. As if I care what kayla says or you, for that matter. You’re all trying to make me think that I’ve lost it, which I unforgivably cruel. So get out of my sight, alex. I’m gonna go home to the man I love, tony.

Xander: Please. Please wait.

[Eerie music]

Chad: If you want, I could– I could ask abby to talk to sarah. She might be able to get through to her.

Tony: Yes. She’s been through a similar experience.

Chad: Unfortunately she has. But anything we can do to help.

Tony: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Chad: It’s the least we can do. Have you told the rest of the family yet?

Tony: Well, I tried to warn johnny, but he was in a hurry. He seemed to be having a meeting with his movie producer.

Chad: Right. Well, I should, uh– I should get into the office. Hopefully I didn’t miss too much while we were gone.

Jake: Gabi, what’s going on? I don’t remember discussing any amendments.

Kate: So this is very interesting.

Jake: What’s this about?

Gabi: Well, if you remember, you were the one that amended our last plan when you went to mr. Shin about ousting ej from the company without even talking to me first.

Jake: You said you trusted me.

Gabi: I did. Do you trust me?

Jake: Of course I do.

Kate: That’s a mistake.

Jake: Okay, why? Why do this now?

Gabi: Just thought it would be more efficient this way. Mr. Shin, may I?

Shin: Go ahead, gabi.

Gabi: Instead of adding victor kiriakis to the board, I suggest we elect johnny dimera.

Jake: What?

Gabi: And instead of having jake as ceo, I propose you elect me instead.

Demon johnny: I second that motion.

Jake: What the hell is this?

[Tense music]

Trelegy for copd.

Jake: What are you doing, gabi? What’s going on?

Gabi: There’s been a change of plans.

Kate: I told you not to trust her.

Shin: I’m gonna call this to a vote.

Jake: We’re not ready yet.

Gabi: We’re ready.

Kate: You know, as much as I would like jake to get what he deserves, I am not gonna let you, gabi, take chad’s rightful place at dimera.

Gabi: You can’t do that, kate. Neither of you can.

Demon johnny: She’s right. You can’T.

Jake: What the hell?

Kate: How could you do this to tony and chad? They’ve been so good to you.

Demon johnny: Well, guess I’m just a chip off the old block after all.

Kate: Mm, well, I won’t be voting for this travesty. And obviously I don’t think jake will be either.

Gabi: Oh, but I will. And johnny will vote his shares.

Demon johnny: And my– my father’S.

Kate: Yeah. Well, mr. Shin is on jake’s side, right? He’s always been your favorite.

Jake: Wow. Never thought it’d be you who’d come to my defense.

Kate: Well, I’m doing what’s right for the company. And right now, with mr. Shin’s vote, my vote, and yours, it will be a tie. Unless someone walks in that door and breaks the tie, it’ll be a stalemate, which means the status quo stands.

[Tense music]

Gwen: How do you propose to make me pay?

Ned: I’m gonna make it easy for you. I want $1 million for my troubles.

Gwen: $1 million?

Ned: Or else I sing to the authorities and your boyfriend.

Gwen: Please. Please, please don’t say anything.

Ned: I won’t, long as I get my money.

Gwen: Okay. I will get you money, but you need to do something for me first.

Ned: You’re in no position to be making demands.

Gwen: Do you want the cash? Because I don’t have any. Ava vitali, on the other hand, she’s got access to the vitali fortune.

Ned: I’m listening.

Gwen: Problem is, is that she’s cooling her heels at the salem pd at the moment.

Ned: Okay.

Gwen: So if you can get her out of this mess, I promise I will get you your payday.

Xander: We were gonna get married. You were my everything, sarah, and…I thought that–

Sarah as renee: Don’t touch me.

Xander: Fine. But at least let me take you to see your mother. She’s worried sick about you.

Sarah as renee: My mother? I haven’t spoken to emily in years.

Xander: I’m talking about maggie.

Sarah as renee: Maggie horton?

Xander: Well, it’s kiriakis now, and she loves you very much.

Sarah as renee: Again, she loves sarah. And I don’t know why you keep going on about sarah horton. But what I do know is that you, alex marshall, make me sick.

Xander: I’m not alex marshall! I don’t even know who that is!

Sarah as renee: Okay, well, then let me fill you in. Alex marshall is scum, and I exposed him as such at a huge celebratory bash at the dimera mansion a while back. And it was ever so satisfying. And you know what would satisfy me now? Is never laying eyes on you again, you two-faced bastard.

[Somber music]

Gwen: Xander? Are you all right?

Xander: I, uh– I just saw sarah.

Kate: So, li, you’re voting for jake, right? You know it’s the right thing for the company.

[Unsettling music]

Li? Mr. Shin?

Demon johnny: What’s your answer, mr. Shin?

Shin: I vote… I vote aye, which means the motion is passed.

Kate: What? Are you serious?

Gabi: Excellent decision.

Demon johnny: Yes, wise move, mr. Shin.

Jake: I don’t get it. Why the hell would you choose them?

Shin: Ej’s in prison. Chad and tony have abandoned their posts. It’s time for a change.

Demon johnny: Indeed, it is.

Jake: What the hell is happening? How could you betray me like this?

Gabi: Don’t get all self-righteous. You betrayed me first.

Jake: How did I betray you?

Gabi: When you went to the board to have stefan’s shares transferred over from my name to yours.

Jake: I-I didn’t do that!

Gabi: Yes, you did. Johnny showed me the paperwork.

Jake: Then johnny must have forged it, just like he must have stolen maggie’s phone and sent me a text from it for me to meet her at her house.

Gabi: [Sighs] So how do you explain that I heard you tell maggie all you cared about was the ceo job?

Jake: What?

Gabi: Yeah. You said you didn’t care if I got the top position at titan, as long as you got what you wanted.

Jake: Okay, I-I-I– no, no, no, I never met with maggie.

Gabi: I was there. I heard every single word.

Jake: I don’t know what you heard, but it never happened!

Gabi: You’re a liar. You’re a liar and a loser. And my first move as ceo is gonna be to call security and have your ass thrown out of here.

Jake: What in god’s name? None of this makes any sense!

Demon johnny: Makes sense to me. Uh, gabi, why don’t you go ahead? Go ahead and get settled into your new office, and I would be happy to take care of jake here. Migraine attacks?

Sarah as renee: Sweetheart, I’m home. Cheers, daddy.

Tony: Um, can I get you something?

Sarah as renee: Well, I’d love a hug. Oh! And a divorce from that airhead wife.

Tony: I was thinking maybe you’d like a glass of water.

Sarah as renee: Oh. No, thank you. By the way, I did try to find don craig. And as much as I hate to admit it, anna was right. No one has seen or heard from in in 35 years. But I did schedule you an appointment with a very good lawyer, one who will also be handling my divorce from alex marshall, who I did have the misfortune of running into this afternoon.

Tony: You ran into alex?

Sarah as renee: I also spoke to that lawyer about drawing up eviction papers for anna.

Tony: No. Look, you can’t evict her.

Sarah as renee: Of course I can. And it’s imperative that I do. I will not have that woman spending another night in bed with the man I love.

Gwen: So sarah never really dumped you?

Xander: No. It wasn’t her on the day of the wedding. Nor was it she who came back and dumped me a second time.

Gwen: I see. So she’s– she’s been held captive on a deserted island this whole time, then?

Xander: It’s unbelievable, right?

Gwen: Mm. And now that she’s back, does this mean that she wants to pick up where the two of you left off?

Xander: Actually, no.

Gwen: Really? Why not?

Xander: Look, why don’t we, um, head up to the room and I’ll try to explain? It’s, uh, kind of a long story.

Ned: Hello, ms. Vitali.

Ava: I didn’t call a lawyer.

Ned: Are you sure? Because you look like you could use one.

Ava: Wait. Ned?

Ned: Ned who? I’m saul goodman, attorney at law.

Ava: [Chuckles] Okay, what the hell is going on here?

Ned: Your friend ms. Rizczech sent me to negotiate a deal with the da.

Ava: She hired you to be my lawyer?

Ned: We have an appointment with ms. Trask shortly, after which you’re gonna walk out of this police station a free woman, free to go wherever you want, by plane, perhaps?

Ava: Oh, so you’re gonna bust me out of here.

Ned: Maybe. But first I must warn you, my fees are quite steep. Your friend gwen says that you’re good for it. So can I count on you for payment?

Ava: You’re hired.

Chad: What the hell are you doing in my office?

Gabi: You can’t read? This is my office now.

Chad: I’m sorry, what?

Gabi: Gabi dimera, ceo. You’re out, and I’m in.

Demon johnny: [Chuckles] Whoo, not the way you saw today going, was it, pal?

Jake: Okay, I don’t know how you pulled it off, but I know you were behind this.

Demon johnny: ‘Cause I stole a phone, forged a text, blah, blah, blah.

Jake: Yeah, that was just the start of it.

Demon johnny: Oh, really? What else did I do, morph into you, meet with maggie so gabi could overhear?

Jake: I don’t know how you did it, but I know it was you who turned gabi against me.

Demon johnny: Look, blame me all you want, but you’re the one who just threw everything away: Your job, your future, your smokin’-hot girlfriend.

Jake: Okay, don’t you even think about getting close to gabi.

Demon johnny: Or you’ll do what? You’re powerless. You’re impotent, both figuratively and literally. Now, get out before I throw you out.

Jake: No.

Demon johnny: No? Guess I’m gonna have to call security.

Jake: Don’t even think about it, pal.

Demon johnny: Get your hand off of me.

[Unsettling music]

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