GH Short Recap Tuesday, March 8, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Spencer and Nikolas agree to make a fresh start and mend their relationship.

Victor persuades Ava and Nicolas to make their vow renewal a family event.

Laura lets Dante in on her plan to put Victor in jail. Sam and Drew give Dante the details of the plan. Sam thinks that the best way to let Victor find the tarot card that he thinks will activate Crew’s conditioning is to place the card in Peter’s personal effects.

Dante finds out that Peter’s personal effects have been delivered to Britt whom he named executor of his estate.

Esme tries to blame Trina for Cam and Joss’s video but Cam, Joss, and Trina know that Esme is responsible for the video and they are determined to figure out how she recorded the video.

Esme tells Spencer about the video but even he doesn’t believe that Trina would do that to Cam and Joss. Cam, Joss, and Trina get a link on their phone to a pornographic website and Joss fears the video has gone viral.

Esme waits for Spencer to get done with room-check at Spring Ridge and she asks Ryan if he needs her to call an orderly because he seems agitated.

Esme is surprised when Ryan says “what are you doing? ”


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