Y&R Short Recap Friday, March 4, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Jack and Phyllis arrive at Keemo’s house and it is empty but it looks like someone has been packing up Keemo’s things. Jack finds a large stack of letters that Keemo wrote to him but never mailed. Jack reads through some of the letters and discovers that Keemo finally forgave him for keeping his mother’s illness a secret from him. Keemo didn’t want to risk having a relationship with Jack because he feared his anger towards him would return. Keemo took his grandfather’s name as a way to honor his mother and make peace with his past. Phyllis also finds a picture of two women and a little girl with the words Vietnam 2012 written on the back of it.

Victoria demands that Nick, Nikki, and Victor tell her what they are keeping from her. Victor tells Victoria that they are worried about her and that she should hold off on Ashland being given a new title until they make sure he is feeling better. Victoria demands that all three of them stop questioning her decisions and leave her and Ashland alone.

Nick sees Victoria and Ashland at Crimson Lights later in the day and almost tells Victoria the truth about Ashland, but Sharon stops him saying it will only make his relationship with Victoria worse. Ashland tells Nate that he has been feeling lightheaded and tired and he is on his way to see his oncologist.

Nate sees Victor and Nikki later and Victor asks him if he thinks Ashland looks heathy. Nate tells Victor that Ashland seemed under the weather.

Ashland gets a text message from someone, and after reading the message he tells Victoria he has to tell her something about her father.

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