Y&R Short Recap Thursday, March 3, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chance meets with his therapist for the first time and tells him he feels he can’t connect with Dominic because of what happened to him in Spain. Chance and Abby let Devon take Dominic to his place for the night.

Ashland tells Victoria that Victor had some concerns about him being named Co-CEO of Newman Locke. Ashland starts having shortness of breath which keeps Victoria from signing the contract to name Ashland Co-CEO. Ashland calls someone on the phone and orders the person to kill anyone who is talking to Michael Baldwin.

Victoria is angry with Victor for questioning her decision about Ashland and not letting him run the company of which he is co-owner.

Sally wonders who will run Newman Locke if Victoria gets distracted by her marital troubles. Adam admits to Sally that he had not thought about that possability.

Victoria comes out of her office angry when Nick arrives and assumes that Victor told her about Ashland’s scheme. Nick tells Victoria that he just learned the information about Ashland, and he had no idea Victor was going to tell her everything. Victoria is confused and wonders what Victor was supposed to tell her about Ashland.

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