GH Short Recap Thursday, March 3, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Anna and Diesel decide that they are not exactly friends, but they are not enemies anymore because they have found common ground.

Maxie makes a date with Austin because she wants to find out if her feelings for him are real or she just had feelings for him because he helped her when she was in a crisis.

Britt tries to persuade Nina not to go to court to get visitation rights with Wiley because she may end up making an enemy of Sonny and Michael. Britt also reminds Nina that Wiley may be emotionally hurt by the court battle. Nina tells Britt that Willow has left her no choice but to go to court.

Cameron talks to Stella and reminds her of the envelope that a waitress at Kelly’s threw away in the commotion that happened when she had her stroke. Stella remembers giving Cameron the envelope to put in the mail for her but she doesn’t remember that Curtis and Jordan’s divorce papers were in the envelope.

Jordan puts on a brave face when Curtis and Portia tell her they are buying a house and moving in together but when she walks outside of the Savoy she starts to cry.

Betsy tells Dante, Elizabeth, Finn, and Sam that she isn’t responsible for all of the strange incidents that have been happening to Elizabeth because she has been under surveillance by the psychiatric hospital since Thanksgiving and was just recently released from the hospital. Elizabeth notices a sketch of Franco that she has never seen before that was drawn by Jake. The sketch of Franco is right next to the portrait of her that Franco painted.

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